EvolutionOS Custom Cursors for Windows

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Here's the EVO custom Cursor Pack

What's in the Box?!
- 25 custom Windows Cursors (animated)
- original .png Files
- preview Image

Inspired by Apples latest MacOS Sierra Cursor Icons! No copyright infrigment intended!

by DavidAmirman Thank you!
© 2016 - 2020 SK-STUDIOS-DESIGN
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Awsome pack! <3

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this is awesome man. Make more cursors as you makes such creatively.

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Hi there,

Could anyone help me in installing this cursor? It's really nice work but I cannot install it yet.

  1. When I came to slash I cannot download the Script - "The file does not exist."

  2. When I apply the script posted by AloneThing123 below, popup windows said "The INF file you select does not support this method of installation." - I have attached the screenshot.

So how can I fix this? Thank you very much!

Screenshot 1
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or you can try a different coding type like "ANSI" or different

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You can download the file again and try again.

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Getting the same error :(

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you cann try this code and try again:


EvolutionOS cursor Installer

[Version] signature="$CHICAGO$" [DefaultInstall]
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is there a white version?

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good work, but Script not downloading

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To install the cursor, download the file. You have to create an account to download in Deviantart.

1- Extract the zip file that you downloaded from here.

2- Open the extracted folder.

3- Right click, "New", "Text document".

4- Open the text document that you created.

5- Paste this to the text document (Notepad will open.):

[Version] signature="$CHICAGO$" [DefaultInstall] CopyFiles = Scheme.Cur, AddReg    = Scheme.Reg [DestinationDirs] Scheme.Cur = 10,"%CUR_DIR%" Scheme.Txt = 10,"%CUR_DIR%" [Scheme.Reg] HKCU,"Control Panel\Cursors\Schemes","%SCHEME_NAME%",,"%10%\%CUR_DIR%\%pointer%,%10%\%CUR_DIR%\%help%,%10%\%CUR_DIR%\%work%,%10%\%CUR_DIR%\%busy%,%10%\%CUR_DIR%\%Cross%,%10%\%CUR_DIR%\%Text%,%10%\%CUR_DIR%\%Hand%,%10%\%CUR_DIR%\%Unavailiable%,%10%\%CUR_DIR%\%Vert%,%10%\%CUR_DIR%\%Horz%,%10%\%CUR_DIR%\%Dgn1%,%10%\%CUR_DIR%\%Dgn2%,%10%\%CUR_DIR%\%move%,%10%\%CUR_DIR%\%alternate%,%10%\%CUR_DIR%\%link%" ; -- Common Information [Scheme.Cur] "default.cur" "help.cur" "progress.ani" "busy.ani" "crosshair.cur" "select.cur" "draft.cur" "not-allowed.cur" "row-resize.cur" "col-resize.cur" "diag-resize1.cur" "diag-resize2.cur" "move.cur" "alternative.cur" "link.cur" [Strings] CUR_DIR         = "Cursors\EvolutionOS" SCHEME_NAME     = "EvolutionOS" pointer = "default.cur" help = "help.cur" work = "progress.ani" busy = "busy.ani" cross = "crosshair.cur" text = "select.cur" hand = "draft.cur" unavailiable = "not-allowed.cur" vert = "row-resize.cur" horz = "col-resize.cur" dgn1 = "diag-resize2.cur" dgn2 = "diag-resize1.cur" move = "move.cur" alternate = "alternative.cur" link = "link.cur"

6- Click the "File" button at the top, and click "Save as".

7-Save the text document in the folder.

Settings to saving the text document:

Name: install.inf

Files: All Files

Coding: UTF-8

Saving place: The extracted cursor folder

8- Right click the "install", click "Install". 2 page will pop up. Click "Browse", and find the extracted cursor folder. Click "default". It will install automatically.

9-Right click the desktop, and "Personazilation". Click "Themes." and click "Mouse cursor/Pointer". Apply the "EvolutionOS" cursor and enjoy!

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install script not downloading here too

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install script ain't downloading.

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one of my fav cursor for windows.

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perfect cursorr...

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Perfect way to add more custom peices to the dated Windows themes! Thanks

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Ya no sale amigo :(

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Cannot download the installation script, any alternative link?

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can't download install script, it says not found

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