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EVO Custom Cursors for Windows

Here's the EVO custom Cursor Pack

What's in the Box?!
- 25 custom Windows Cursors (animated)
- original .png Files
- preview Image

Inspired by Apples latest MacOS Sierra Cursor Icons! No copyright infrigment intended!

by DavidAmirman Thank you!

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Script doesn't work.

chalofito's avatar

thanx mate for all work🤗

cool and btw how do i change the grab cursor?

I usually don't like MAC Os cursors but this one is neat, nice work!

You have to comment something on the script download link so it activates for some reason. 10/10

The script link doesn't work, update it fucking idiot.

You're a pretty foul specimen of humankind. Who do you think you are speaking to anyone like that?

thats good, its like the capitain one

kkhwbw's avatar

thanks a lot!

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How to use zoom in zoom out cursors?

there is no intall.inf file how can i install this??

Screenshot (102)

You have to insert cursors 1 b 1 in the menu when you change your cursor

the link to the script does not work

Hi ! There is a zoom-out cursor and a zoom-in cursor in the pack, but the install script does not install them.

Is there a way to replace the default zoom cursor in Windows 10?

Thx !

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My same question, no replies..

Good cursor thx

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