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Commissions status: CLOSED (June 2021)

An artist who draws from games (WoW fanart mostly), medieval fantasy stuff and other things.

FA: - 2nd most complete gallery where ill post more "spicy" work that cant be posted here.

Favourite Visual Artist
MANY to name them all!
Favourite Movies
The Godfather, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Rescue private Ryan to name a few
Favourite TV Shows
not watching much TV lately
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Queen, Jamiroquai, Los Autenticos Decadentes, etc...
Favourite Games
Warcraft series, Battlezone, Torchlight series
Favourite Gaming Platform
PC, Nintendo
Since June 14th id been suffering from some health problems in my intestines and below, which added to my lumbago (im in constant pain in the base of my back since like 4 years ago, from when i wake up till i go to sleep every day) had been a cause of some mental stress issues. (So far seems like its nothing super serious aside from slooooowly eating away my sanity). Luckily, after 3 months of holding out and visiting several doctors, specialists and medical exams, the source of my problem seems to had been found and id began a treatment this last Friday . It should last around 2 least for now...and with luck it will solve it. So ive decided to NOT be taking commissions this second half of the year as usual and try to focus on my recovery. If all goes well, ill be back in shape for the 1st half of the next year and will be opening comms again then (around end of March /beginnings of April 2022). I apologize to those who were interested and THANK YOU for your support
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Closing commissions for now. Will complete the ones in queue. Thanks to all who commissioned or were interested! ^_^ Will try to open at a later date during the year. Remaining commissions: 0
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Please remember to read carefully if interested! COMMISSION INFO CURRENTLY FULL. NOT TAKING ANY NEW COMMISSIONS - Slots available: 0 - Send me a note with "Commission" as the subject. Be specific in what you want for your commission (references, poses, colors, also any pertinent description can help). All my works will be in the same size and resolution as the ones shown in my gallery (full color & shading). I reserve the right to decline making particular commissions. Maximum of 3 corrections per commission during sketch phase, once the ink and coloring began: nope (further corrections will cost an additional fee). Payment method: Paypal only. No refunds. You've seen my gallery, you know what to expect. So please, be SURE you want a commission from me. Commission types: > Bust shot = 25 USD (1 char only) > Thigh high/Waist up = 30 USD (+10 per additional character - 2 max) > Full Body = 40 USD (+10 per additional character - 2 max) >
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Thanks for enjoying the picture...

Be sure to favorite it if you can, and yeah...

Will play World of Warcraft again in 9.1.5 and changing up my Goblin Female Twin Characters...

So yeah, and they will look better and what not...

Working on their parents too and will doing the reveal soon man.

Would be really interesting to see on what my character would look like in your certain style...

I am a big fan of your art and I would like to reward you for the future the characters of She-Ra: Princess of Power, with your style they would be fantastic! I hope you take it into account if you lack inspiration.

Thank you.

And for the fave! :)

Hey man!

Just want to let you know as well...

My Blood Elf Male Hunter will be Beast Mastery, the Vulpera Female Hunter will be Survival, and then the Mag'har Orc Female will be Marksmanship...

So yeah and haven't heard from you in a while...

Hope you are doing ok and probably gonna play WoW again at high level with 9.1.5 patch when it comes out...

Hey Val!

Glad to hear bout it, mostly for the Mag'har Orc! XP

Here still drawing and surviving some rough days.

Take care of yourself too man! ^^/

Glad to know you are still around!

Yeah so I am good on Hunters now so I don't need to Dual Spec at all since I got all my races for the Hunters and got to chose ones I really wanted...

Now can have a lot of pets for use as well...

Blood Elf Male Beast Mastery Hunter will usually main a Lynx, but he will have other Blood Elf related pets...

Vulpera Female Survival Hunter will hopefully get a Saurolisk soon and other beasts as well...

So yeah...

And finally my Mah'gar Female Orc Marksmanship Hunter will probably just have a Wolf pet and some other ones too...

I will look into the gallery and sorry for not being active much...

Might get into the Metal Gear Solid Games in my Collection...

No need to apologize man! :)