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My Bio
I am a published author who loves to paint, draw and create. I have never claimed to be a great artist, but I like what I do. I'm always looking to improve, but I will admit that between writing, family and other things I do to survive, I rarely get much chance to work on art projects.

To date, I have ten titles available for sale all over the world. You can get them on Amazon:

In my journey of improvement, I started a webcomic called Dinosaur Space Bar. Over the years, I've seen improvement in not only skill, but also my ability to stick with a schedule. Since, I have tried a couple of other web comics, but DSB is the main one I keep up on for now. Check it out: dinosaurspacebar.smackjeeves.c…

The future is open to anyone willing to try. I'll keep working and posting until I am dead, because this is what I love!

Thanks for checking me out!

-S.J. Moyer

Current Residence: Pennsylvania
Favourite genre of music: Industrial, death metal, punk, gritty blues

Favourite Visual Artist
Favourite Movies
Love and Human Remains
Favourite TV Shows
Eureka, Dr. Who, Metalocalypse, Home Movies, Harvey Birdman, Coupling (UK), Red Dwarf
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
So many... Skinny Puppy, Seventh Angel, Misfits, Cure, Celldweller...
Favourite Books
wow... where to begin...?
Favourite Writers
Card, Clark, Wells, Poe, Heller, Verne
Favourite Games
monopoly, uno
Favourite Gaming Platform
a table
Tools of the Trade
anything I get my hands on
Other Interests
Books, music, writing, etc...

Dumping Photos

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It's been a while since I've posted anything, so I'm catching up on some photos that I've been taking.  Loving the new camera.  Still sorting out all the features.  Feeling pretty good about what I've learned and I can't wait to see what else I can do. On a more personal note, going through some tough times.  Not just the quarantine stuff, but seems my marriage is done.  Trying to keep busy and remain hopeful.  I have goals for myself and I'm not giving up.   I managed to get some things accomplished in this turmoil.  Another book published, another book started, another in the editing phase, and I started work on my book of poetry that I exp
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So I try every year to improve myself in small ways to eventually see a huge change in me.  I am not the same person I was five years ago.  In five more years, I will yet be a changed person again.  Some core things remain, like my values and love for creativity and my open heart and mind.  But even those evolve with time.  I know I am more relaxed over all than I was before, and I feel that is due to the small changed in my mind through the years.  This comes from learning from my experiences. This year, I have some lofty goals, some mid range and then some simple ones.  There are the basic ones involving financial security for myself and s
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My Inktober2019

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So, every year I felt like the opportunity passed me by, and this year I've decided that will not happen again.  So I've been doing my own ink drawings.  From what I gather, the idea is to improve your skills.  I have a lot of room for improvement.  So, I decided that I would draw faces for the month.  I am terrible at faces.  And I erase a lot when I sketch.  This has been a fun and challenging project, but I'm pleased with the outcome.  Even if I'm kinda rubbish at it sometimes.   But, Art I will do!  Keep challenging yourself, right?  And I will.
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Thank you for watching me!

Thank you so much for the watch!! I really appreciate it.
Thanks a lot for watching me :dummy:
Thanks for support!
Thanks for the watch!

Please visit my other sites with completely different erotic portfolios. If you aren't watching those, you're missing half of my work!




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Thanks - and hope to see you on both deviantART and tumblr!

~ Kurt
thanks for the watch :)