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Woo! Been a long time writing on DA. With twitter and facebook and pininterest and tumblr and... Oof! Anyway I've had some changes in my life. Namely, living together with my boyfriend. Now the next step is illustrating even more. I've done a few things lately, but none of them I can show XD

Also want to be more active online. But that's something I try to promise myself every journal entry ;)
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I graduated ( a month ago) ;D but just thought I'd let everyone on Deviantart know ;)

Now to look for a nice job...In the meanwhile I've been doing some freelance illustration work. I'm available for commissions, my prices are fair and reasonable, for more information you can check out my website.
  • Reading: (should be reading) Rebel Angels
The collegeyear of 2009/2010 was definitely one that had some very needed progress in it. I earned some nice marks for various projects. Did some pseudo freelance work and I finally launched my portfolio at In September I'll be  starting my 6 month graduation intern ship. The end is in sight! I've also been drawing so much more than in previous years. I hope to keep up the pace and more importantly improve ^^;

So now, for the most important thing: VACATION!

I'm not going anywhere (yet), but yeah I'm glad with every guiltfree free day! (fellow procrastinators , you know what I mean ;)
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Deadlines, deadlines and more deadlines! But let´s not do and speak of them today! I've been whining all about them on twitter anyway (tweet tweet I'm doing it too ;)

Got a new deskchair that makes me sit extremely straight, so hopefully my back will stop killing me in the future :D

Will need to buy some prezzies for tomorrow though, I'm not really celebrating Sinterklaas, but my housemate deserves some nice things.
Abunai is done, I wasn't there this year. Not because I didn't want to.

But because after my short vacation in Egypt, I got ill. Too bad, because I really wanted to experience Abunai as a visitor instead of an organizer! The Lovely Mangakasan has taken over in the Illustration department of Abunai. She's now responsible for upholding the "It must be pretty!!!" motto (no pressure! 8) Thankfully I'm now almost recovered and ready to go do what I'm supposed to be doing. Which is draw, draw and draw! I can hear the penpoints of my tabletpen screaming in agony already.

Well, College is calling and the pencil is mightier then the keyboard (for now)!
7 days to go before the deadline of doo.. err I mean Abunai. That's the deadline to get the poster done. Never had so much trouble with a poster as this one, I've changed the concept 4 times now. Expectations are always high, and my own expectations seem to be the highest.

I'll just do my best, I cannot do much more then that! :)