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DAID by sjslack DAID :iconsjslack:sjslack 2 0 Smooth Operator by sjslack Smooth Operator :iconsjslack:sjslack 1 0 Who, me? by sjslack Who, me? :iconsjslack:sjslack 0 1
Medusa and the Blind Man
There was a man – a wandering soul
Who walked contented alone
Eyes clouded with experience
But grievances, he had none
"For I'm as free as one can be
And calmly I pace my miles.
No horrors on earth anymore to see
And all vain hope beguiled."
When – as in myth – this man once brace
Walked upon the gorgon's lair,
With fierce eyes, no mask disguised
Her many writhing hair
But he – eyes dim – held out a hand
And beckoned closer monster fair
And she, for he, at once confused
Took flight and left him there.
And so the man did find a stone
To sit and rest a time
With salted meat and water skin
Then swore he heard a sigh
For Gorgon watched – though from afar
But made no sense of living man
Thus curious, she did descend,
And hoarsely she began.
"Where came you from with mortal flesh,
And blood that cannot freeze,
Having calloused hands and roaming clothes
With rips upon your knees!
You look at me and do not still
Not strike me where I stand,
But sit with untiring c
:iconsjslack:sjslack 51 7
Do not see too closely,
The garb it hides behind,
For all you know, 'tis mostly
A wretched, holey kind.
And if you seek to grasp it,
(this thing which I have woven),
Even the strength of mindful men,
Will not tear it open.
See now how the colours change,
Here and there new sights appear,
So just sit back for there's no need,
To own it yet, my dear.
:iconsjslack:sjslack 1 0
Here's one for the history
Just don't mention politics
And certainly don't breathe a word of
Or anything else of sizeable
Which may or may not allow
Poetry to be misinterpreted by
Of context in the future.
Move along now, surely there's nothing to
:iconsjslack:sjslack 2 2
Love is the sweetest addiction,
At the end you get what you deserve,
A lie’s still a lie by omission,
It’s a bullet you don’t want to swerve.
And the smell and the taste that lie hot on my senses,
Well there’s no other drug that comes close
And I’ll break down my walls and smash all my pretences
But it’s still just your love that I crave the most
It’s the most bitter nectar, it’s the cleanest of smoke
And it eats you alive piece by piece
And you’re so consumed by the words that they spoke
That you’re screaming inside for release
And I smile and I wait to come down from the high
'till I'm left with a feeling of guilt,
The words I should say just compose of 'goodbye',
But I doubt that I ever will.
:iconsjslack:sjslack 2 1
Wars of Warwick by sjslack Wars of Warwick :iconsjslack:sjslack 0 1 Clear choice by sjslack Clear choice :iconsjslack:sjslack 0 0 Hannbath by sjslack Hannbath :iconsjslack:sjslack 1 1
Four am
I understand them. Empty whiskey bottles. Empty bottles of port that will be neglected for a few days. The bin men don’t come until Tuesday anyway. A warm haze that descends and clenches in a pincer-like grip until words ooze out of you. Blood like dark blue ink trailing across a page. You get. Get Angry! Because you can’t write quick enough, and this is the best thing. The best thing! An important thing.
And it defines you.
I understand the empty bottles of wine ad cider. That four in the morning feeling. It’s not sleep, but you’re close, and in that moment you’re at your most truthful. But still you notice the grammar. Snort at your own discomfort and go back to amend. Go! Then run off as though from the school bullies. But it’s 4am and you’re absolutely fine in the quiet of your own room. There could be snoring but you don’t notice, as warm as you are. Whiskey. Brandy. Vodka. Special thoughts. Truthful thoughts, unlike so many others.
The mask
:iconsjslack:sjslack 2 1
All that I can feel
Is the accuracy of a different hand
A ‘wonky’ piece of writing
That goes outside the lines
It’s simply the sight of a spring Sunday
On the clock, as my eyes stare at whiteness
And my ears
Listen to opinions that shan’t be silenced.
It’s different
This feeling to an hour ago,
When things were so ‘up in the air’
Moving through the circles without a care
When mind didn’t even begin to dare
Defy destiny and do the things of friends
And do to defy and if not, make amends
Opportunity and chaos intermingle
Between the clear blue lines of a neatly –
Fated page of script
In their hand.
Fail with me, my love, my dear, my heart
Narrowness , black and white removes all
Other particles of faith and choice
Pick me, before we fall.
Pick a photo – shop, let us edit
The original, so transient in our time
We memorise what – who we adore
And tip-ex all the rest.
:iconsjslack:sjslack 0 0
I used to be
You only hear a whisper
When I’m shouting you
And there’s now not a single mask
That you can see full through
And I’m dancing in the gutter
With the raindrops on my skin
But I’ve never been so happy
Since I let the learning in
As the filth swirls around my feet
My head is clean and wise
And I know now myself to be
My own perfect disguise
And the sharpened hunger of regret
Means that I am real
And with some pain I then let go
Of things those dreamers feel
Life should never be this hard
Or so they like to say
But the challenge makes me smile
So I cry ‘come what may’
Though my triumph is lost on you
I still look back to see
And look with bitter tenderness
At the me I used to be
:iconsjslack:sjslack 1 1
Peripheral Vision
And I'm just in your peripheral vision
so you might need to turn your head
and it's turned into my personal mission
to question all the words that you've said.
And you can pretend to not hear me
even though my lips are right near your ear
and you can just pretend to not feel me
even though I'm only standing right here.
And there's something that you want to ask me
when you have that whiskey on your breath
and you wonder and you wish to not be
so honestly scared to death.
But I'm just in your peripheral vision
'cause you don't dare to compromise
and you've already made that decision
'cause you're simply scared of lies.
But all I can ever be is truthful
even when you turn away
but if you're determined to be that careful
there's little more that I can say.
:iconsjslack:sjslack 0 0
TWLOHA_13.11.08 by sjslack TWLOHA_13.11.08 :iconsjslack:sjslack 2 0
She turned her face to me
Men watch entranced as the wheel is spun around,
See leaves age, wither, die, become reborn,
Breath is held and none dare to utter a sound,
And in a moment, men's souls are saved or torn.
And oh, how she is cursed by all she touches
Then praised and glorified in the next half smile,
None try to escape, to run from her clutches
For she is gracious, despite her sometime trials.
No other smile brings as much joy to men's hearts,
No other soft gesture brings them to their knees,
To her, all men fools, happy to play their part,
In exchange for a soothing of just one plea.
      Yet I rue the day she turned her face to me
      Since now my heart, can no longer my heart be.
:iconsjslack:sjslack 1 0

Random Favourites

Mute Matinee
I forgot how to speak. Her tongue,
weak as a newborn lamb, struggled under the
syllables, the consonants, the vowels, for me.
I wanted to tell her so many things, but each time,
I opened my mouth to confess, I could not.
I formed the letters with her, aping as much as I prayed,
hoping for the next time, the next heartbeat,
I could tell her, I was dying to tell her, everything.
In the beginning I recited the best. I waxed,
I waned, I was the perfect liar.
Everything could be
explained. Doubts were for fickle, insecure
plebeians. I was emperor, king on high,
of her lies. I lied, until even I, began
to believe it. And when it happened,
I was just as surprised as she was.
Silent. I woke up silent as the tomb.
I could form no more lies. I could no longer
form any word of any king. When she finally left,
I stood still inside our room. The clock ticked.
I didn't remember what it signified, this teller of
the most basic thing---the when.
I could no longer interpret the bald langu
:iconstonehart:stonehart 2 2
Sarene and Kanderil by SimonPovey Sarene and Kanderil :iconsimonpovey:SimonPovey 47 10 Dragonspirit by rockgem Dragonspirit :iconrockgem:rockgem 100 76 Mourning the loss of a Legend by bronze-dragonrider Mourning the loss of a Legend :iconbronze-dragonrider:bronze-dragonrider 65 24 I remember you always. by stonehart I remember you always. :iconstonehart:stonehart 1 0 Fall From Grace - Book Cover by Enalon Fall From Grace - Book Cover :iconenalon:Enalon 3 0 Secret 10765 by DeviantArtSecret Secret 10765 :icondeviantartsecret:DeviantArtSecret 101 8 What Eyes Have Seen by stonehart What Eyes Have Seen :iconstonehart:stonehart 1 0
We Walk Together
We walk together,
There is no need for words,
Not here.
Butterflies land on yellow spring flowers,
Dancing away as we near.
Who has tread this path before us,
I wonder.
Old and wild,
This path has been left behind.
We know its secrets,
But as to who has walked we are blind.
Shadows race before us and at our heels,
Phantoms of what we are and what we have been.
Lupine smiles and god-aware eyes,
One that sees darkness and the other for lies.
A spectral flash of white purged with silver,
And one burden of blood to fall on the sacrifice's shoulder.
Untamed and carrying such responsibility,
We let them room free to dally and tarry.
Apparitions of warriors and mages flank your lines,
Where Illusions of fang and feather fallow behind.
We walk together,
There is no need for words,
Not here.
We are who we have always been,
Content in our mortality.
I fear for you when your brown eyes shift away,
But mine are too dark to betray the thought.
We walk together.
Not touching.
:iconstonehart:stonehart 4 0
Our Lighthouse by stonehart Our Lighthouse :iconstonehart:stonehart 4 0 Tea, My Anti-Drug by 2138 Tea, My Anti-Drug :icon2138:2138 485 100 Secret. 8301 by DeviantArtSecret Secret. 8301 :icondeviantartsecret:DeviantArtSecret 523 71 How I Shade by SilverDragalos How I Shade :iconsilverdragalos:SilverDragalos 1 1 Flaming Feathers by SilverDragalos Flaming Feathers :iconsilverdragalos:SilverDragalos 17 5 Wish by SilverDragalos Wish :iconsilverdragalos:SilverDragalos 13 2 Pernese Dragon Head Study by KaiserFlames Pernese Dragon Head Study :iconkaiserflames:KaiserFlames 317 55


joy spring by equivoque joy spring :iconequivoque:equivoque 369 91


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I guess since I never update these blogs anymore, I should at least leave up something to do with my main project.

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If you would like to write on a flexible basis for Inspired-Quill, whether you're interested in articles, journalism (news) or being a literature critic, we would love to hear from you! Please note that all of these positions are voluntary, and are thus unpaid. Inspired-Quill is not a profit-making website, and the writers and administrators keep it functioning through an enthusiasm for the subject matter.


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