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Sorry I haven't posted art for a months I think.
I promise to update my DA page and upload more art. :)

In the mean time, I got new exciting project form Valiant and I am very lucky to be part
of their big project. :) I will be doing Unity #8 up issue 11. Here's the link of the book…
and some preview art here -->…
but I promise to post it here on DA.

Ciao for now. Need to finish some pages coz deadline is scary as hell already. :P
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In celebration of the new Superman movie this June 12 which is I wont be able to see it until Friday, heres my contribution on Adventures of Superman that was release yesterday. You can check the preview here…

Please get a copy as this was my first ever Superman book that I've done. I did enjoyed making this book and I hope you guys enjoy reading it as well!
The amazing colors was done by :iconboysoltero:
Check it out guys!
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My first ever Superman book will be out on July 2013... I hope you guys dig it!
Here's more info about the book -->
Written by MATT KINDT
Art and cover by STEPHEN SEGOVIA
Comics' finest talents have assembled to bring you all-new, non-continuity short stories featuring The Man of Steel himself: SUPERMAN! In this month's issue, Matt Kindt (Mind MGMT, JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA), joins forces with X-Treme X-Men artist Stephen Segovia to bring you a day in the life of the world's greatest Super Hero!

You can check out the cover art here -->…
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Its gonna be out this month guys! :) i cant wait for it!
Please grab a copy! Make it 2 for your friends, family and enemies! :D…
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Will be working on X treme X men #1!
Written by Greg Pak!

This will surely rock the world of x book!

Hope you grab a copy when its out!
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To those who grab a copy of Thor deviant saga #1 and 2, THANKS A LOT GUYS!!!!

And to those who haven't get a copy, its Ok because Thor will strike lightning at you.... :D

kidding... hehe

but still, thank you!

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Hey Guys! I am doing Thor now.. I hope you dig them once its out on the comic shelves on November 2011!
Thanx in advance!
Here's more info -->…
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Its been a while! I cant even remember my last post in this site. I've been so busy finishing up some pages for Surfer and Ultimates Vs
so I have to lock my self at the drawing table coz deadline run so fast! So sorry if I don't have  much time for posting some art here.

Right now I still can't believe that am doing Ultimates vs Ultimates Avengers with :iconleinilyu:!
His been my inspiration scene I started working for comics and he is  my great mentor.. :)
I am very fortunate to work with Mark Millar, :iconleinilyu: :iconsunnygho: :icontagasanpablo: :iconjasonpaz: :iconknockmesilly:  and the rest of the team ultimates!
So I hope you guys dig our collaboration on that book.
Go grab a copy and you will surely love it!

Anyway will be posting more art now and I hope I don't missed anything.
Thanx guys! Got to work now!

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Draw or Die....
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These are my super electro magnetic first evah  interview on CBR and Newsarama for Wolverine Hunger.… from CBR and… from Newsarama
I hope this is not the end for those independent comic books :( --->…