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You May Kiss The Bride

Here's a silly little comic I made yesterday during my morning scribbles...and then into the afternoon to avoid doing actual homework!

For those of you who care: 

Valani is the goddess of one of the three moons, patron of the abused and abandonned. She was cast out of the godly House of Day because she had the gall to suggest that, perhaps, those who lived in the Houses of Night, Nature, and Civilization were, possibly, just as important as those in the House of Day. Her father Coron, the sun god, does not take criticism well. So instead of just sending her to her room he decided that he would marry her off to the head of the House of Night, the god of darkness, Dranga. 

Dranga was so okay with this. He'd been pining for Valani since the moment of her creation. Unfortunately he's also a very kind, empathetic god. Regardless of her stoic persona, he could see how badly being cast out by her father hurt, and how uncomfortable she was with their union. It could be a marriage of friends, he figured. Of two people who respect each other and support one another. That could be enough. 

He forgot, though, that when Valani commits to something, she commits herself whole heartedly. She would never enter a union like theirs without the intention of being everything a good wife should be. 

I figure the conversation after the ceremony went something like this: forehead? Really?
Dranga: I didn’t know if you would be okay with kissing in public! Or…at all. Maybe.
Valani: At all? I realize it isn’t required, but it is fairly standard for creating children, you realize.
Dranga: *glowing red, possibly turning most of the night sky an odd pink color* I…uh…I don’t know. I figured…maybe we’d just…make them out of … clouds. Or clay or something.

Don't worry. Valani very quickly learns to deeply adore her dork of a husband, they have a beautiful son, and together they raise the House of Night to equal prominence with the House of Day, much to Coron's everlasting frustration. 

And to clarify one more time: Their son was not made from clouds. ;) 
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