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Animated Circular Icon Launcher 1.2

By sjoti
Credit to for the icons!

Quick guide on how to edit the skins:

Right click and select edit settings to see all the available options. There you will also find the actions you can change so that the Icons will work when you click on them!

If you want to update the skin to the most recent version without screwing up your icons etc, copy all the icon pictures and actions from the user variables, and replace those with the new skin. 

To change: 
    - Seperate certain variables to make updating easy.
    - Make the animation speed variable.


18/2/2016 - 1.2
Changed a lot in the background of the skin which should improve overall experience.
This update includes:
    - Center Icon is no longer necessary, but still an option. 
    - Mouse over that starts the skin is now fixed, and the resizing of the center icons won't cause any trouble anymore.
    - Extra loading bar that prevents the skin from acting weird when you hover over it without actually wanting to open anything.
    - Loads faster after the short (around .3 seconds) load time to compensate.
    - The area that the skin takes in is now smaller when not hovering over the icon. This means that you can actually click things behind the expanded circle when it is not expanded.
    - Colors of loading circle are now changeable in the usersettings.
    - Less prone to lag.
    - Less buggy and less weird stuff in general!

17/2/2016 1.0
    - less buggy text + easy custom text
    - Make the icons and actions when you click them easy to change
    - Custom colors

16/2/2016 - 0.8
    - Changed the animation to make it more fluent and a little bit quicker. 
    - Now works without clicking, just hover your mouse over/away from the circles!
    - Started doing some math, now the Icons align like they should
    - Added text in the center
© 2016 - 2021 sjoti
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GoYiTsU's avatar

This works on windows 7?

I installed it and i don't see it =(


does not work. i double click on the CircleLauncher.ini but noting oppens. The hell am I supposed to do to open it??

nevermind it was hidden on my desktop

The animation is very fluid and quick for me with the eight default icons. However, whenever I edit the icons with my own paths and images the animation is extremely laggy like its running at low fps. Is there a fix to this?

I have found that what makes the biggest difference with the smoothness of the animation is the size of the icons you use. I would recommend keeping each PNG under 15KB. Also, you can try using compression to help get them even smaller. Hope this helps.

Hello! So i have been working on it all day, and found a few ways to optimize it! One way is to find the resource folder that holds all the icon pictures, and if you are using your own delete all the icons you are not using however, there a few pictures in there you SHOULD NOT delete. Another way however at the cost of a nice animation of the icons fading in one at a time, you can right click on the circle and click edit, in the edit you search for a line saying (Fader - 100) or (Fader - 150) or (Fader - 200) ... etc, you can change all of them to 100 and all your icons will appear at the same time but saves on time and makes it less laggy! I hope this helps even though this is a few months late :)

Gracias, me resolviste con la modificacion en el fader.


To all interested of you, who need more than 8 apps:

simply add the skin twice or more. To do that you have to copy and paste the skin folder (by default in C:\Users\YourName\Documents\Rainmeter\Skins \Circular Icon Launcher) and rename it, e.g. Circular Icon Launcher Tools, and the next maybe Circular Icon Launcher Games, and so on.

And if you like, give the circles a thematic icon in its center. Maybe a joystick for games and a hammer for tools ... be creatively :nod:

To adjust these center icons and all the according app icons and app pathes, you have to edit it in the user_settings.ini file (hope the name is correct, I can't check it currently) - to find in ...\Circular Icon Launcher\Resources\... In this folder you also have to put all your icons, best in PNG format. Google the web for tons of nice icons!


@InfraGrayscale, hey I'm also interested in Circular Icon Launcher.

I changed in CircleLauncher.ini in Block [MeasureCircleWait] the value of "IfCondition...>9" to ...> 1

IMO it's a bit quicker now.

Im wondering what values i might change to speed up the animation and how to change how long the icon circles stay if your mouse leaves the circle. Thanks! skin looks great

Ok skin but after some time it slowly opens circle
is there a way to add a second ring around the first, so i can have more programs on the same launcher?
FabioSan1's avatar
Hey sjoti , nice skin :)
I'm customizing it, but I was wondering if there was a way to make more fluid the animation when icons show up :/ Actually is a bit "laggy", like low fps :/
how can you edit the icons? guide is broken
is it somehow possible to remove the circle that shows up while idle, but keep the background behind the apps?
Can you post a new guide to show how to edit the skin the old one is broken
MegaMasher825's avatar
It would be really cool if we could make more than one menu simultaneously. Not sure if thats possible but i would really like that feature.
i like it,but the first time i saw it, i thought: i have none of this programs, because i'm 11 years old.i wanted to change the icons, but the icons are very weird named in the .ini file. i was trying 2 hours to do this, but i can't. i saw a good photo that was already in the folder, but i don't know the name of it. in the .ini file have every .png file a number. but i can't find the number of the browser image. so my question is, can somebody help me to change my icons?????

(P.S. sorry for my bad english i'm from Belgium so i hope you can read it)
Hey just had a quick question.
How would I make my own png files glow when I hover over them 
Nov4res's avatar
Thanks mate ! Very nice work :) I tune it a little and now it's perfect <3
Is there any way to fix how the last icon on the left is always blurry but when I hover my mouse on it it goes back to normal?
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