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This is Jair Ohmsford from "The Wishsong of Shannara" by Terry Brooks. He is the son of Wil Ohmnsford and like his sister Brin he has the magical wishsong however Jair can only create illusions with his song. He is mostly human but is part elf too, not much but like his father he still has pretty visible elven features like pointy ears for example. I don't know too much about his appearance otherwise, just that he is short and slender and has blond hair and blue eyes. I think I managed to cover most of his distinguishing feature in this drawing. ;)

I'm rereading the Shannara trilogy and I think Jair is my favourite character in the series so that's why I decided to draw him. I have seen very little fan art of Terry Brooks's books and I never see any pictures of Jair so I thought I could make a little contribution. :) It was fun drawing him, I actually enjoyed doing his clothes which I usually find difficult because I have no imagination when it comes to designing clothes and folds can be hard to draw realistic sometimes.

It was made with mechanical pencils and a 4H pencil for the shadows.
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A great piece that I used in my Spoiler Free Review of The Wishsong of Shannara. Keep up the great work.…