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I am rich.
I have rice cooking.
I have fresh vegetables cooking along in the rice.
I am rich.
I have 2 pounds of fresh mixed meatloaf baking in the oven.
meat for the whole week.
I am rich.
I don't have to fear tomorrow.
I am rich.
I have friends.
Thank you.
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old dreams
It is a dream that always comes back. It should be a nightmare but strangely it isn't.
We were on a school trip to the mountains. Yeah, most schools went to an entrainment park or to the beach, we went to the mountains. Which was more fun actually cause we did all the fun stuff we choose with nothing but a couple of teachers along. No theme park with guided tours or a crowded and supervised sea trip could beat that for nine and ten year olds. Nothing compares to setting up your own tent and not care about dirty clothes or manners or wake-up and dinner times.
After a week of adventure and fun we got to go home again. Getting on the bus we were all excited still but soon most of the kids (and certainly the teachers) fell asleep. Some of us, like me, started to write up some reports and mails (should have done that on the camp itself but ... camp is fun and letter writing isn't ... ).
I suppose the driver fell asleep as well. Cause suddenly the hum of the engine and the music of the radio
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Memories Shadows in grey, spo
Shadows in grey, spots of light
frozen forms, memories are
images suspended in time.
your life in storybook form
with missing scenes, unfocused
The forests, the seas all green
And grey, restless moving
yet unchanging beauty.
Time is moving, passing, drifting
Another year gone, a new day started
Every emotion fresh, not new
it all returns replays
and fades to grey.   
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rhyme time-out shout
It will never dry up that well
even with the sun shining fell
Ever when the water runs low
there is some subterranean flow
drip-feeding the reservoir of water
keeping the level above care and bother
So I don't worry myself senseless
even when I write words rhyme less
Because I remember that down below
the verses linger, waiting to grow
forming beautiful themes all fresh,
painting with words rippling like flesh.  
But for the moment I am dry
however hard I try
no wonderful words come tumbling
out of my hands now fumbling
searching for combinations unspoken
but finding all verses are broken.
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Roaring whisper
Time will tell.
But time is mute.
It passes by silently
slowly moving like a mighty river
Time will tell.
Yet time flies by
soundlessly rushing
hurrying along trying to catch itself
Time will tell.
Deafeningly silent
it accelerates and slows
staying close and out of reach
Time will tell.
It's roaring unheard
like an army marching by
stomping footsteps on the clouds
Time will tell.
but we won't hear.
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hart van ijs
Inspired by
:iconsjon:sjon 1 4
Blending in
Wasting time
spilling yer life
Love's run dry
joy long lost.
You feel your life
slipping away.
Your very self blending
in the background.
Deserted by friends
that used to stand by.
Betrayed by people
that used to be nice.
Still surrounded
yet feeling invisible
cause nobody notices
you lose yer grip.
Untill you realise
passive waiting won't work
Only screaming will make
them notice.
But you're tired of
screaming and kicking.
You long for comfort
in a world that lost it.
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Too many voices
The world is coming down
upon your head.
Elders looking with a frown
saying you are mad
With the parent's silly preaching
about heaven, hell and sin
while you try to block out the screeching
from that whining cousin.
And the teachers all aloof
telling lessons like tireless mules
ceaselessly repeating as to proof
the truths in empty words and rules.
They are all glaring at you,
no where there's a smiling face.
Just glaring and babbling to
untill it all becomes a haze.
The world is coming down
upon your head
Pressure building till it's grown
so you scream out mad.
:iconsjon:sjon 1 2
We are all in little boats
you and me
and all
bopping along
on the stream of life
Small boats bound together
by strings of love
and ropes of kin
Shallow boats that take water
when waves of life hit broadside.
Currents and squall will often
stretch the ropes
and strain the ties
to breaking point
and beyond
When the storms of life
hit full on
we\'re alone
fighting to survive
to not drown and disappear
into the depths of our fear
it\'s the primeval struggle
against untamed forces
that rears its head
to save our mental skin
and bring us back
to where
we find ropes again
and unexpected friends
that shine a guiding light
it\'s a mighty struggle
to pull us back
from the brink of sanity
no wonder then
that some of us
don\'t have the strength
to pull it trough
a few still are saved
by boundless love
and dedication
of a self less friend
or desperate brother
or sheer luck
of being cast
on hapless shore
and yet
what\'s life
the waves of angst
or without the
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strip away the shell
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flowing love takes root
Puppy eyed, pleading smile,
cheeking up his leg
Holding on his knee a while
hugging up to beg.
Following him home,offering yourself.
Putting yourself at his feet
making your best gift indeed.
You look and smiles to yourself.
Patting her tail gently
scratching her ear tenderly.
The content smile, for her ecstatic face
Her purrs vibrating trough your knee
Your patting accepted all in grace,
is filling your heat, overflowing with glee.
I never had a plushy lemur
Asking is all I can do
Can I keep you?
I\'m looking up all demure,
smiling, and answer free
You, can keep me!
:iconsjon:sjon 1 1
she screams impotent sounds
The pain that tears trough heart and soul
It keeps building, rising like the tide
Untill it breaches through the dams
Bursting the seams of the fragile fabric
which love once wove in nicer days.
The tearing out of a hart once loved
the bleeding trough wounds unseen
it causes screaming in words unheard.
The howls when rage replaces
the love that once filled her life.
Breaking down upon her knees
she screams, impotent sounds
that will not stop the wounds form bleeding
till she\'s emptied out her life.
Casting out the pain that just want out.
:iconsjon:sjon 1 1
Silence is all
It\'s better to be silent
then to say the wrong things.
Because I did say the wrong words.
And now I must be silent,
leaving them said cause I cannot unsay them.
Cannot amend the wrong they carried
without me laying that load in them.
Just a few words misplaced
can cause more damage than
whole books try to repair
It\'s strange how most scathing words,
the most heated hating comment
is easily brushed aside.
While a gentile remark,
misunderstood by a single word
cuts both ways, and more.
Leaving wounded souls
sundered by a chasm
that takes years to heal.
It\'s better to be silent
then to say the wrong things.
Because I did say the wrong words
So I should be silent but I cannot
leave the words hanging uncountered.
I must break my silence before the wound
I caused breaks a heart I still love.
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love letters
I came to know you for a friend.
I came to love you beyond friendships bounds.
I came to long for you like lovers wont.
But then you stopped coming and I died a little.
But then I kept on hooping and looking.
But then you started coming again.
And now I am happy again
And now I feel loved again
And now I won\'t leave you ever.
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Remember not your loss
.You dream of things that could have been.
the nightmares of what you have not yet seen
The fear for things unknown
that stays untill you\'ve grown.
.The light you miss
and all the bliss
that\'s lost from life.
.Dreams of silly girl
and boy that swirl
and live on as man and wife.
.And then the nightmares merge
with happy dreams. Light and dark converge
to beak in rainbow colours blue to red, all bold.
When you remember not your loss but what you hold.
.Wake up from dark and dreams
and forget the pain and screams.
Just save a little bit from obliteration.
.In the shining light of day
all sorrow slowly goes away.
The past shadow will be just inspiration.
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Differently Done Deviant
Differently Done Deviant
Weaving With Words
Tender Tapestries Telling
Short Sad Stories
Etching Elusive Emotions
on Soft Skinned Surfaces
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Eight years between posts. . . . I think I have to pick up some better frequency   
I am rich.
I have rice cooking.
I have fresh vegetables cooking along in the rice.

I am rich.
I have 2 pounds of fresh mixed meatloaf baking in the oven.
meat for the whole week.

I am rich.
I don't have to fear tomorrow.

I am rich.
I have friends.
Thank you.
Duh, I am still alive.
Well, alive enough to post once every two years . . .  
2016 , and getting to the finish.
yes, 2015 came and went without seeing me here. 
and I don't see much extra free time coming up soon ... *sigh*
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