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Blue :icondkfenger:dkfenger 77 45
Mature content
Trunked 1 :icondkfenger:dkfenger 70 59
Mature content
Button 13 - Normality Denied :icondkfenger:dkfenger 23 25
Mature content
Kacie's New Job - Part 2 :iconcheesium:cheesium 69 18
Trust Machines - Mail Order
Trust Machines - Mail Order
Imagine, if you will, a large leather-bound portfolio.  Inside it, carefully inserted into protective sleeves, are picture after picture of foreign women on heavy, glossy photo-stock.  Some cute, some posed sexily, some barely smiling.  Each picture represents a real girl, in the most literal of senses.  They were turned into pictures of themselves for a year or more by a Venn Machine, and mailed to another country to find husbands.
After paging through the portfolio for a while, a question preyed on my mind.  “What’s it like to be a picture like this for months?”
The middle-aged woman who was minding the store smiled as she answered.  “A lot of people ask that.  Our agency makes every employee spend a week in the catalog when they start, so we all know what it feels like.  I can arrange for a first-hand experience, if you’d like.  There’s a reason we set up shop close to Venn M
:icondkfenger:dkfenger 38 10
Mature content
Kacie's New Job :iconcheesium:cheesium 99 18
Trust Machines - Winter Social
Trust Machines - Winter Social
The sign over the mall entrance said "South Hawkley High School Winter Social Dance".  Underneath those letters was a deliberately cruder splash of red lettering: "Get Venned".
The line was out the door.  Inside the mall, it snaked back and forth through a series of velvet ropes, ending up next to a pair of plain looking cubicles.  The interlocking circle icons on them marked them as Venn Machines.  At the head of the line, a tall, curvy blonde was yelling at the girl who was trying to keep it all organized.
"Kari, I don't care about the rules, I shouldn't have to go through the stupid machine.  I'm already wearing two people."
The head of the Social Committee sighed, and rubbed her temples tiredly. "You're the one who made the rules, Allie.  Who are you wearing, anyway?"
"Sarah and Danny."
"But I thought Sarah was your friend."
"They asked to go as my slip and my dress.  Practically begged."
"Really?  Weird.  
:icondkfenger:dkfenger 28 11
Mature content
Swordplay :iconcheesium:cheesium 111 17
Mature content
The Experiment - Four :iconcheesium:cheesium 42 12
Mature content
The Whatever It Was - Part 2 :iconcheesium:cheesium 50 12
Shannon's Touch 4
Shannon's Touch
Part 4 – The Auction
by JMD
Are we there yet?
Terri's hands tightened noticeably on the steering wheel.  "No!" she spat out.  "And if you ask me again, I'm going to drive down to Patriot's Park and turn you into a fire hydrant on the dog walk trail."
Shannon took a few moments to let that sink in.  Okay, she said carefully, obviously something's bothering you.
"Oh, you think?"
So, what is it?
"Oh, I don't know," Terri answered, dripping sarcasm.  "Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I've got my best friend in a shoe box."  She risked taking her eyes off the busy city street long enough to glance down at the box sitting on the passenger's seat next to her.  "It's either that or the fact that I'm on my way downtown to sell her."
Is that all? Shannon asked through their psychic link.
"Hydrant," Terri warned.
Oh, give it a rest, Shannon countered.
:iconjmd1961:JMD1961 59 24
Tales of The Wand, Pt. 1
Tales Of The Wand
#1 – The Wand Arrives
by JMD & Alexandria
"Cut it out, Chris," Lisa said, swatting behind her to remove her husband's playful hands from her butt. "If you don't stop, I'm never going to finish these dishes."
"Leave 'em," he told her, putting his arms around her waist and pulling her away from the sink.
Again, she broke his hold. "I can't," she insisted, turning to face him. "Not if we're going to take that ride up to the country tomorrow." She pushed him away, trying to guide him out of the kitchen. "Now, go. Why don't you go and open up that package you got in the mail today?"
Instantly, Chris's mood changed, as his face fell. Seeing her husband's distress, Lisa put her hand on his cheek. "Chris?" she asked in a soft tone. "What is it, sweetheart?"
He took a moment before answering. "It's the package," he explained. "I looked at the return address. It's from the lawyer handling my grandpa's estate."
"Oh," Lisa nodded. Chris's grandfather had died a few months ba
:iconjmd1961:JMD1961 44 6
Tales Of The Wand, Pt. 2
Tales Of The Wand
#2 – The Wand's Story
by JMD & Alexandria
"Wand?" Lisa repeated. She looked into the box to see a thin stick-like baton lying on top of some tissue paper. It did have the look of a magician's wand, even having a tiny star on the tip. "You mean," she asked, looking back up at her husband, "like a magic wand?"
Chris looked into his wife's curious face and smiled. "Well, I don't think it's a real magic wand," he told her, "but it was sure like magic to me."
"What do you mean?" she asked, taking the baton from the box.
"Well, when I was little," he explained, putting the box back inside the bigger one, "when I'd go to stay at Grandpa's, he'd use the wand to do magic tricks for me." He held out his hand for the wand.
"Really?" Lisa smiled, genuinely interested. She passed it to him. "What kind of tricks?"
"Oh, simple little things," Chris replied, waving the wand in the air. "One of my favorites was the apple and orange trick. Grandpa would take an apple and sit it on
:iconjmd1961:JMD1961 29 5
Tales Of The Wand, Pt. 3
Tales Of The Wand
#3 – Nightie Night
by JMD & Alexandria
As she felt the wand come in contact with the top of her head, a quick electric-like shock ran through Lisa's body. In an instant, her whole world changed.
Her eyes shot open, and she had just a second to see Chris standing before her, still holding the wand above her head. Then, her vision clouded, as if she was looking through a lace curtain. At the same time, something appeared in front of her, blocking her view of Chris. It appeared to be some kind of white fabric, and seemed to form a pair of pointed pockets. With a mixture of horror and fascination, Lisa realized that it was her bra. The inside of her bra.
She heard Chris call out her name in obvious distress, but his voice sounded muffled. It was as if Lisa had blocked out the sound by covering her ears. She had just a second to wonder what was wrong with her hearing, when she felt herself falling.
Instinctively, she tried to move to catch herself, but found that she
:iconjmd1961:JMD1961 34 4
Mature content
Tales Of The Wand, Pt. 4 :iconjmd1961:JMD1961 26 6
Tales Of The Wand, Pt. 5
Tales Of The Wand
#5 – Lisa?
by JMD & Alexandria
Lisa was pissed.
Now, she had to admit that, at first, she had found the fact that Chris had turned her into a satin nightie somewhat intriguing. Even exciting. And watching her husband fumbling around while he tried to figure out what he had done to her. That had been downright humorous. So, all and all, the situation hadn't proven to be all that terrible.
Of course, that was before she had been left in that situation.
She had been all set for her restoration as she watched Chris reach the wand toward her. She couldn't wait to share every detail of the experience with him. But that was when things took a bizarre turn.
Her first indication that something was wrong came when something heavy pressed down on top of her suddenly, blocking her vision. She couldn't tell what it was, or where it had come from. It just seemed to appear over her, as if it had materialized out of thin air. That was when she heard the voice…her voice. "We
:iconjmd1961:JMD1961 26 6




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