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Welcome to SJ-and-Friends-FC. This is a place for fanart, fanfiction, cosplay, ect. for any mangas there is.

2. Only manga deviations about manga series or crossovers with manga series is allowed.
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We deal with Shonen Jump mangas and mangas that aren't a part of SJ. Please join. We'll love to have you. =D
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Love and Illusions: Beach Chapter Part OneAuthor's notes: after watching Bleach episode 228. I decided to put this. This bonus chapter is rated T Disclaimer: I do not own One piece, Naruto, Bleach and Mortal Kombat Jade, Aizen, and Dagger were invited to a beach that Jade's friends had invited the three which they decided to take a vacation. Fukai decides to let them to take a day off. Rukia took Jade, and Dagger to a bathing suit shop while Ichigo took Aizen to the beach with Jade's friends. After shopping at the swim suit shop. They headed towards the beach where Aizen and their friends are at. At the beach in Katakura Town Dagger was wearing a black bikini and Jade decides to wear a hoodie zipper dress to cover her bathing suit that she brought. "Jade! Dagger!" Yachiru shouted as ran towards Jade which she sees her. "Yachiru what are you doing here?" Jade asked. "I wanted to come up because I knew you were going to be there." Yachiru answered as she hugs Jade which the eighteen year old girl smiled at her. Jade pretty much acts like sister like figure towards the pink haired girl. "Yachiru. Akamaru wants to play with you. Go to him." Jade replied as Yachiru ran towards the dog and began with Akamaru. When Jade's girlfriends saw both Jade and Dagger, especially Jade's sister Nico Robin. "You finally made it in time." Nami replied. "Wow Dagger. You look very nice. Today." Ino added. "Thanks Ino." Dagger replied. "So where is Aizen anyway?" Jade asked. "Oh Ichigo took Aizen to the beach after he picked out something to wear." Rukia answered. "We'll show you to him. He's helping Sanji and others to set up for our get to together party for the beach." Robin replied as she looks at her younger sister. "Follow us. We'll show you to him." Sakura replied as Jade, and Dagger follows her friends towards the guys who had finished setting up the beach house that Aizen and Ichigo had made it to be as their beach house and a place that they can sleep at. The beach house was actually a mansion which it was used to be until it was no longer a mansion so Fukai actually brought the mansion as a beach house in order to Jade and her friends to have a place to stay at Katakura Town. Which Ichigo and the other guys sees the girls. "Hey guys. Guess who came to see us." Ichigo replied as Luffy, Sanji and other guys sees the girls along with Jade and Dagger. Sanji went completely heart eyes on the girls who are wearing their swimsuits and Brook began to have a nosebleed on them. "Jade. It's good to see you that you're here with us." Luffy replied. "Same thing. Luffy. I see that you actually invited Trafalgar Law, Zoro Sabo, Chopper and Franky to the party as well." Jade replied. "I'm surprised that your mother actually brought this as our summer house to stay in." Toshiro replied. "I mean come on. Toshiro. Her mom is the Mahoukage after all. She has a lot of money." Momo added. "Who would knew that Jade's mom is full of surprises for us." Kiba replied as Aizen exits out of the mansion. "Okay guys me, Ichigo, and Law had finished setting all the furniture in the beach mansion." Aizen replied as Jade blushed when she saw him. Aizen was wearing purple trunks with white stripes on the bottom, black opened shirt with orange sunglasses on his slick back hair "Oh looks like Someone is blushing." Rangiku teased. "No I am not. Rangiku. Besides I'm not taking off this dress due to that fact you guys are wearing your swimwear. Which I can Sanji and Brook drooling all over your especially mostly Yoruichi, Nami, Robin, Hinata, Orihime, and mostly you Rangiku." Jade replied. "Oh I get it. You're don't want us to see your swimsuit because you don't want Aizen to see you." Rangiku replied. "You know Aizen is definitely not part of this conversation." Jade replied. "Okay, Jade show us your swimsuit you got." Rukia replied. "No I feel like I don't to show my swimsuit towards anyone right now." Jade replied. "We'll I guess I have no choice but to take it off of you then." Rangiku replied as she grabs Jade which she began to unzips her hoodie dress revealing Jade's new swimsuit. Jade wears a light blue and purple mermaid bikini top and skirt. Which she covers her chest even though Jade is wearing her swimwear. "RANGIKU!" Jade shouted as she looks at Rangiku very pissed. "Oh come on Jade. I only unzipped it at least I didn't take it off." Rangiku replied. "Wow Jade. You look very gorgeous in that swimsuit that you picked." Aizen replied as Jade looked at him. "Thank you Aizen." Jade replied as she glares at Rangiku. Sanji and Brook began to drool on Jade even more. Which Aizen gets mad at two perverts. "You two better stop looking at Jade like that or else I'll use Kyoka Suigetsu on on you two." Aizen replied as heb glares at both Sanji and Brook for trying to stare at his girlfriend in a perverted way. Brook and Sanji got scared of Aizen. "Okay. We're sorry. Aizen." Both Sanji and Brook apologized. "You better be." Aizen replied. "Sanji! Uryu needs your help making the food right now." Law replied. "Why is that exactly?" Sanji asked. "Because Luffy is trying to eat the uncooked meat." Sabo replied as Luffy was about to eat the meat that was cooking on the grill. The food for Jade, Aizen and all her friends to have. But Sanji hits Luffy in the head with his leg. "The food isn't done yet!" Sanji shouted. "I'm sorry." Luffy apologized as Jade laughed a little and Aizen looked at them. "We're they always been like that?" Aizen asked. "Yes. They're always been like that." Jade answered. "Hey Aizen you should take Jade to water and swim a little bit. Sanji and Uryu will tell us that the food will be ready soon." Ichigo replied. "Jade. We can go swimming in the water and have some fun." Sakura replied as she, Hinata, Tenten, Rukia, Yoruichi and Nami went towards the shallow water. "Come on Jade the water is really nice." Nami replied. "I don't feel like swimming today." Jade answered as she sat down on a beach blanket with a umbrella standing in the sand. Aizen came over to see Jade and sat down next to her. "So you're not going to swim today Jade?" Aizen asked as he sips his lemon ice tea. "Well...Aizen I just don't real like swimming today." Jade replied. "I see." Aizen replied as he finished drinking up his ice tea and decided to get up. "We'll I'm going to swim a little bit. Do you want to come with?" Aizen asked. "Not now maybe a little later." Jade answered as Aizen took off his sunglasses and the black shirt. "Well if you change your mind then just come towards me." Aizen replied as he went towards the beach and takes a swim in the water. Jade watches her friends having fun with each other. "So you're going to watch your friends while you're sitting underneath the umbrella. Kinda sounds boring don't you think?" Fennikusu asked. "Fennikusu. You know I don't like going to beach after what happened when I was eight years old." Jade replied. "That you stung by a jellyfish when you're a child and Fukai heals the string on your leg. That was ten years ago. I'm pretty sure there's no jellyfish in the beach of Katakura Town." Fennikusu replied as Jade took off her hoodie zipper dress off of her. "So you're going in the water with Aizen or not?" Fennikusu asked as Jade sighs and gets up heading towards the beach. Aizen sees Jade coming towards the beach but not touching the water. He gets out of the water and approaches to Jade. "I see you're not going in the water. Why are you going in the water I mean look at your friends. Jade." Aizen replied as Jade looked at Rukia, Orihime, Hinata, Neji, Toshiro, Rangiku, Kiba, Yachiru and others having fun playing in the water. "Aizen the real reason why I don't like going towards the beach because I got stung by a jellyfish when I was eight years old." Jade answered as Aizen held her hand. "I understand that but I will make you sure you don't get string by a jellyfish." Aizen replied as Jade smiled at him. "Thank you Aizen." Jade replied as she and Aizen heads into the water to do some swimming. "Look at the two lovebirds. Enjoying with each other." Ino teased. "Ino, Jade is taking some baby steps after she got stung by a jellyfish when she was eight." Dagger replied. "On the bright side Aizen is able stay with Jade and her family after when he had changed." Rukia added. "So when the two are going to do it?" Rangiku asked. "Oh God Rangiku. Could you please stop taking about that. They're not even married. These two are now boyfriend and girlfriend." Toshiro replied. "We should probably have the two join us so we can have us." Yachiru replied. "Will I guess so since Fukai had invited us to be on Jade's vacation." Ichigo replied as he, Rukia, Neji, Hinata, Naruto, and others went to see Jade and Aizen. "Jade. Aizen." Mind if we join you?" Luffy asked. "I guess you guys can since you guys are my friends." Jade answered as she, Aizen and her friends began playing in the water and taking a swim. When Jade and Aizen had fun with their friends playing in the water still Sanji came over towards them. "Guys the food is ready. You guys can do that tomorrow." Sanji replied. "Yay food!" Luffy cheered as he ran out of the beach. Her friends decided to go eat as well after the fun that they had with Jade and Aizen. When Jade, Aizen and her friends headed in the beach mansion which they were amazed that the furniture are very nice and expensive. "Wow Jade your mom has great taste in furniture as well." Sakura replied. "Yeah. She does." Jade replied as she and others headed to the dinning room. On the table was the food that Uryu, and Sanji made. Luffy got excited when he saw a buffet of food on the table. They sat down along with Uryu and Sanji who cooked the food for them. "Sanji. Uryu. Did you made that for us?" Jade asked. "Yes Jade that you actually invited all of us so you guys can dig in." Sanji asked as Luffy, Naruto, Nami and others began eating the food. Jade uses her phoenix magic to get a steamed pork bun. "Jade are you using your magic?" Dagger asked as Jade took a bite from a pork bun. "Umm...yes why is that?" Jade asked. "Jade. Fukai told you not to use your magic while we're on vacation. Besides you used your magic on missions especially wearing that outfit that you wore. So Jade please no magic while on vacation." Dagger replied as she ate some spaghetti. "Yes. I won't do that again." Jade replied as Aizen was eating some BBQ meat with Luffy and others. "Guys after we ate some food. All of us can take a bath in the hot springs." Rukia replied. "Wait we actually have hot springs here?" Sanji asked. "Yes but it's separated by gender due to Fukai. So yeah." Rukia answered as "At least we can thank her for that after me, Robin had our experience in the hot springs in Wano." Nami replied. "Why is that?" Aizen asked. "Because the bathhouse that me and Robin took a bath in Wano was a mixed bathhouse." Nami answered which Aizen made disgusted. "Who's stupid idea was that exactly?" Aizen asked. "I don't who's idea was. Oh just a reminder Aizen if you and Jade are at Wano in the bathhouse. Be sure that Jade is with you all along because there are guys who's going to look her " Nami warned. "Don't worry Nami if they stare at Jade that way. I'll use Kyoka Suigetsu on them." Aizen replied as he, Jade and others began to eat while Fennikusu who is sealed inside was enjoying the steamed pork buns but wanted to have fun with them. "Why can't I just join them while on vacation." Fennikusu complained as he eats the food. "The pork buns tasted really good." Fennikusu replied.

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Love and Illusions Ch 3Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto, One piece, Bleach and Mortal KombatChapter Three: Clothes shopping and DodgeballAizen woke up on the couch and hears something from Jade's room. So he gets up from the couch and heads upstairs.He knocks on Jade's door and opens it."Jade what are you doing?" Aizen asked as he sees Jade was using her magic to do chores in her bedroom."I'm doing chores in my room. Get Dagger up so we can have breakfast then we go shopping in your clothes. Unless you want to be called a bondage loving pervert wearing that outfit you're wearing in Muken." Jade teased."Jade that is complete rude of you to say that." Aizen replied."Just go wake Dagger up. I'll be downstairs after I'm done with my chores." Jade replied as Aizen went to go get changed.After Aizen wakes up Dagger. They ate breakfast and headed to into the mall. He was dressed in a the same black t shirt, black pants, jacket and shoes.The shopping mall was a very big with five story floors. Aizen was complete shock that he had never seen a mall that big in his entire life."That is completely bigger than Los Noches." Aizen replied."Yep it is, so we should probably in there to get you clothes." Jade replied as she, Dagger and Aizen enters in the mall and examines all the stores, restaurants, elevators, kid's play place and rides, stairs and other things that Aizen never seen."I never seen any those kind of things." Aizen replied as a blonde teenage girl named Ino sees both Jade and Dagger."Hi Jade Dagger." Ino replied."Hi Ino. What are you doing here?" Jade asked."Oh I was shopping and Jade why did have that guy with you?" Ino replied."Ino. This is Sosuke Aizen. Aizen this is Ino Yamanaka. It's a long story, anyway can you help us shop some clothes for Aizen that he needs to wear around this town?" Jade asked."I think I can probably find a couple of stores for him that he can wear." Ino answered."On topic of that. Ino did you tell the others that Aizen is staying with us?" Dagger asked."Not yet. I can actually tell, Choji, Shikamaru and the other guys about that. Besides I don't know how long he's going to stay." Ino replied."Tsunade is allowing Aizen to stay here that he can change. If he doesn't he'll be sent back to Soul Society." Jade replied."Okay. Guys follow me. I know what kind of clothes he can wear." Ino replied as she walks down to a store which Jade, Dagger and Aizen follows her.When they stopped on each store, Ino picks out some clothes for Aizen to try if he either likes it or not. If Aizen likes the clothes then Jade will use her money that she got from Fukai that she needs it for his clothes.Jade, Dagger, and Ino are waiting next to the fitting room where Aizen is trying on clothes. Next to them was a couple of bags inside was his clothes that Aizen liked."Are we done yet?" Fennikusu asked who is getting bored."Fennikusu shut up. You're being rude." Jade answered."Oh come on Jade. I'm getting very bored that your so called friend of yours is trying new outfits or should I say lover perhaps because I know you're starting to like him." Fennikusu teased as Jade punched herself in the stomach where the Dark Phoenix is at which he felt when she punched."Arkk." Fennikusu replied."Quiet." Jade replied."Umm...Jade why did you hit yourself in the stomach?" Ino asked."Oh it's Fennikusu. He's giving me attitude so I shut him up." Jade answered."Oh okay. That's all I need to know." Ino replied. "Okay Ino. I put on that outfit you told me to try on." Aizen replied."Okay let us see it." Dagger replied as Aizen got out of the fitting rooms and the girls sees his outfit.Aizen was wearing dark blue button shirt with suit jack, pants and dress shoes."So how I look?" Aizen asked."Wow Aizen. That's look terrific on you." Ino answered."That's looks good on you. Jade about you?" Dagger asked as Jade was gagging on Aizen's outfit that he is trying."Umm......It.....looks....very nice on you." Jade answered as she blushed a little."I'm starting to like this outfit. I actually want it." Aizen replied."Good choice." Ino replied.After shopping with Ino. They brought a lot of clothes Aizen. When they got hungry, they headed to the food court and got something to eat.Aizen got stuffed oyster shells with garlic bread and cherry soda. Dagger got crab Lo Mein with vegetable fried ricedagger's drink got iced coffee. Jade had salad with grilled chicken and French fries and sweet tea with raspberry tea. And lastly Ino salad with roasted tomatoes and ice tea with peach."Wow Ino. Thank for helping us to finding what kind of clothes that Aizen liked." Jade replied."Your welcome. Besides I'm your friend if you need any help finding clothes, you can find me at the flower shop and I will help you." Ino replied. "BTW Ino can you talk to my friends to come over at my house. We'll be watching a movie and probably a game outside my back yard." Jade replied."Okay I will tell everyone that. And Jade hope you make Aizen as your boyfriend sooner or else some girl is going to claim him." Ino teased as Jade blushed."Ino. Stop it." Jade replied as Ino finishes her food and drink."Anyway see you later. I have to go back to the flower shop and do some things." Ino replied as she gets up."See you there then." Jade replied as Ino leaves while Jade, Dagger and Aizen finished their food as well."Well we should head back to the house and start cleaning before my friends get here." Jade replied as she, Dagger and Aizen exits out of the mall with their shopping bags.When they finally arrived at their house. They headed inside and looking for a place where they can store Aizen's new clothes."So Jade where should we put Aizen's clothes at?" Dagger asked."Just put them in my room." Jade replied as she, and Dagger got Aizen's clothes and puts in Jade's closet and drawers.Dagger and Jade began to use their magic to clean the house which Aizen decides to help as well.When they got done cleaning the house. Suddenly there was a knock on the door."I'll get it." Jade repliedSakura, Sai, Naruto, Kiba, Shikamaru, Choji, Shino, Akamaru. Neji, Rock, Hinata, Ino and Tenten are at the door."Hey guys there is someone I want to meet that is in the house." Jade replied as they entered in the house and sees Aizen."What!? Jade what the hell is he doing here?" Kiba asked."Before you guys start taking it out on Aizen. Let me explain." Jade answered as she told her friends how Jade and her team found Aizen."Okay that makes sense considering that he brainwashed you in the past." Neji replied."What a drag. Now we have deal with this guy stay with us." Shikamaru replied."Guys please. We'll be watching a movie in the living room then we can play the game. Okay." Jade replied.Jade, Dagger, Aizen and others began watching a movie in the living room from the beginning to the finish.After their movie was over Jade, Dagger, Aizen and others are at the backyard to play a game."Okay we're be playing a game back when was at Maho village." Jade replied as Jade and Dagger transforms into their magical outfits to play a game. "What is the game called?" Kiba asked."Dodgeball. The rules are simple there will be two teams. Whoever get the ball first, throws it at the opponent. He or she is out. But if the other opponent catches the ball. They're out to as well. The only way to get your teammate back in the game is throw the ball at them and catches it." Jade replied as she grabs the balls and puts it the middle of the backyard"Oh and one more thing, you can use charka, and magic in this game. So have fun." Jade replied as she and Kiba were picked as the team leaders. Jade's team: Jade, Aizen, Hinata Dagger, Naruto, Sakura, Sai, and NejiKiba's team: Kiba, Shino, Shikamaru, Ino, Tenten, Akamaru, Choji, and Rock LeeAfter the two team leaders picked each person as their team."Ready Kiba." Jade replied. "You're going down. Jade." Kiba taunted."We'll see about that." Naruto added. "Alright Begin!" Jade shouted as each team ran towards the balls line up in the middle. Jade grabs the ball first and hits it at Akamaru which he is out. When Rock Lee uses leaf hurricane on the ball Aizen catches the ball. The bushy brows is out.Ino uses mind transfer on Sakura but failed when Sakura hit the ball on her. Dagger dodges Sai's ink balls. Hinata hits the ball on Tenten.Jade and her team keeps using their abilities in dodgeball as well with Kiba until one of their teams are out. Which the only ones who are left is Aizen, Jade and Kiba.The ball hits Jade when she protects Aizen from not getting out. Which now Aizen and Kiba are the only ones left."Come on Aizen. You can do this. Let us win!" Jade shouted as Jade's team began cheering for Aizen while Kiba's team is cheering for Kiba."Okay. It looks like it's you and me who are only one left." Kiba replied."That's right come on." Aizen replied as Kiba jumps up in the air and used his technique on him."Take this. Whirlwind Wolf Fang!" Kiba shouted as he threw the ball at Aizen. The ball approaches towards him but Aizen dodges it in a complete flash."What?!" Kiba replied as Aizen was behind and threw the ball at him."From now on. I stand alone on the top." Aizen replied.Jade's team had finally won the game. Which Jade and her team cheered for Aizen. After playing dodgeball with Jade's friends they decided to head back after the fun they had. Which Jade and Dagger headed up to their bedrooms. With their normal outfits."Aizen you should be in bed right now because we have a mission that is important." Jade replied."Why is that?" Aizen asked."Well....let me explain it tomorrow." Jade answered as she stopped at a moment."And btw you're excellent at playing dodgeball." Jade replied as she headed into her bedroom and went onto the bed."So you and your friends had fun playing dodgeball together with Aizen as your teammate?" Fennikusu asked."Yeah so what." Jade answered."I can feel that you are getting along with him after you protect him in dodgeball." Fennikusu replied."Well he is my teammate. I don't him to be out of the game. Besides I have a mission to attend to tommorow." Jade replied."What is the mission?" Fennikusu asked."To find Sasuke and we can probably use Aizen to help us out with this." Jade answered as she went to sleep that tomorrow Jade and her team will get Sasuke back.
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DWOAH: Gray Fullbuster vs Usui HorokeuDeadliest warriors of all historyGray Fullbuster vs Usui HorokeuCool? I’m ice coldGray Fullbuster info:Height: 5 foot 9Weight: 145lbsWeapons: Bare Hands, Ice MagicStrengths: As one of the main protagonists of Fairy Tail Gray is one of the most powerful Mages in the Fairy Guild and is ranked as a Devil Slayer Mage, Superhuman strength (Is physically one of the strongest characters in Fairy Tail, Can lift hundreds of pounds in weight, Once kneed a man so hard he went through a stone wall, Once through Lucy dozens of feet into the air when they were both buried to their waist in the ground), Superhuman durability (Shrugged off having a Sword rammed through his stomach, Tanked an attack that could destroy stone, Survived being accidentally hit by Erza’s Thunder Empress Lightning), Massively hypersonic speeds (Is one of the fastest characters in Fairy Tail, Can casually keep up with Natsu, Can run across water), Is arguably the most powerful Ice Mage in Fairy Tail (Could be considered to be Ur’s finest student, Can use his Ice Magic for both offense and defense as well as just menial tasks, Can flash freeze people in an instant, Can create near unbreakable Ice Walls, Can create Ice copies of himself, Can make his Ice so cold it overpowers Juvia’s boiling Water, Was able to freeze a small portion of Natsu’s Fire, His most powerful Ice attack can wipe the memory of himself from existence entirely), Extreme cold tolerance (Having been trained to withstand the cold Gray can now tolerate even extreme subzero temperatures without even feeling it), Can ‘eat’ the Ice Magic/Powers of others to replenish himself.Weaknesses: His most powerful attack is a suicide attack wiping Gray from existence entirely and wiping the memory of him from everyone who ever knew him, His Mana reserves are tied to his physical stamina and if he runs out of Mana he will be left physically exhausted, Cannot absorb his own Ice, Has a bad habit of stripping down during battle leaving him more physically vulnerable (This stems from his intense cold tolerance training with Ur).Usui Horokeu info:Height: 5 foot 7Weight: 130lbsWeapons: Snowboard, Cryomancy Powers, KororoStrengths: As a member of Team Ren and one of Yoh Asakura’s closest friends Usui is one of the most powerful Shamans in Shaman King, Superhuman durability (Survived a fall off of a massive cliff though this put him in a three day coma and broke both his legs, Proceeded to walk with said broken legs mere minutes after waking up, Survives being hit by a car, Survived getting smashed into a boulder hard enough to crack it, Survived a direct attack from Hao’s Spirit of Fire), Superhuman speed (Via his Snowboard and control over Ice Usui can move at blinding speeds, Can dodge attacks from the likes of Yoh and Hao), Thanks to his Shaman abilities and his Guardian Ghost Kororo Usui has extreme control over Ice (Can create ‘tidal waves’ of Ice to Snowboard across, Can create Ice from even the smallest sources of water, Can summon Blizzards, Can flash freeze people on touch, His Ice formations are durable enough to block bullets including a point blank Shotgun blast), Can utilize Kororo to empower himself, his Snowboard or even Over Soul her to turn her into a Giant far more powerful version of herself, Possesses an extreme cold tolerance (Was once struck by a Blizzard from another Shaman which lowered the temperature to several dozen degrees below zero and he claimed to barely feel it).Weaknesses: Focusing near entirely on his Shaman abilities for attacking Usui is fairly average when it comes to strength.Battle begin!Stepping out of the igloo he had fashioned for himself Gray groaned as he stretched and yawned before inhaling deeply, enjoying the brisk mountain air greatly as he looked down upon the vast snowy slopes before him “this vacation was a great idea, just me and no one else around for miles, especially that annoying…”.“Look out below!!!”.Turning towards the sound of the voice Gray was startled as he suddenly took a Snowboard to the face, the Rider rebounding off of his face nearly knocking the Mage over before a sudden small avalanche struck him burying him completely.“Sorry dude!” Usui called out behind him as he continued to ride down the mountain racing away from the avalanche.Bursting out of the snow Gray summoned a massive Ice Wall to trap off the rest of the avalanche before taking off down the mountain sprinting at full speed after Usui “GET BACK HERE YOU ASSHOLE!!! ICE MAKE LANCE!!!”.Looking back at the sound of Grays shout Usui then cried out as several huge Spikes of Ice came crashing down around him, making him wildly dodge as best he could on his Snowboard “whoa dude! What the hell?!” he shouted as he drew Kororo and placed her into his Snowboard, empowering it before jumping off and raising it like a Shield to block several more Ice Lances.Coming to a stop a few metres away from the Shaman Gray then brought his Fists to the snow below him “Ice Make Floor!” he barked flash freezing the snow beneath them at such a rapid pace that Usui was barely able to jump up to avoid getting his feet frozen in place.As he jumped Usui aimed his Snowboard downwards before summoning a large Icicle from it to clash with the Ice Make Floor “Spires of Awakening!” he exclaimed as huge Ice Spikes then erupted from the ground, shattering the Ice Floor as they travelled up the mountain towards Gray who summoned another Ice Wall to stop them in their tracks.As the Ice Spikes struck his Ice Wall slowly chipping it away Gray utilized another Ice Floor to create a slide around his wall, jumping onto it and sliding straight towards Usui with his Fists ready to strike, forcing the Shaman to cut off his attack to raise his Board again to Shield himself, the force of impact of Grays punch against the Snowboard sending the Shaman flying back down the mountain.Tumbling across the Ice Floor Usui quickly righted himself, planting his heels to the Ice to slow himself as he aimed his Snowboard back at Gray “Scatter Sleet Shower!” he barked, summoning a Blizzard from his Board completely blanketing Gray in an instant.“Yeah how do you like that?! Feeling the chill to your very bones?!” Usui shouted over the roar of the Blizzard expecting it to be freezing Gray to the core, not noticing the shadowy shape of the Mage marching through the Blizzard until he was right in front of him.“You call this cold?” he then shouted over the roar of the Blizzard before swinging his arm out to strike across Usui’s Snowboard, knocking it off of his arm to end the Blizzard as he inadvertently ripped off his own shirt in the process.“Kororo!” the Shaman cried out as his Guardian Ghost quickly exited the Board to return to him, Usui drawing his Ikupasi and placing Kororo in it to which she formed the Medium into a Shield-like structure “how could you just walk that off? That was like fifty below zero!”.Scoffing Gray just rushed forward to slam his Fist against Usui’s Ice Shield “please, that’s a warm spring day to me!” he stated as his Fists froze over and transferred the Ice onto Usui’s Ikupasi making the Shaman back away in shock “Ice Make: Cold Excalibur!” he then barked, forming a large Greatsword out of the Ice on his Fists, raising the Sword high aiming to cleave Usui in two with one swift blow.As he swung it down however Usui suddenly erupted in a typhoon of biting freezing wind, forcing Grey back momentarily as he looked up at the now huge form that appeared in front of him, Kororo having transformed into her strongest Over Soul form, growing to become a huge 30 foot tall Ice Maiden completely towering over Gray in her Biran Birantte Kamui form “let’s see how you handle this cold!” Usui shouted from Kororo’s shoulder as she utilized Ice Age, summoning a Blizzard of far greater intensity than before, completely enveloping the area in near absolute zero temperatures, freezing and snow and trees as the mountainside became completely encased in ice.Grinning down at the sight of the Blizzard below Usui’s smile then turned to a shocked expression as he noticed an area becoming a typhoon-like funnel with the snow behind drawn inside at an extreme rate, the sound of what seemed to be loud inhaling coming from the typhoon as the Ice Age Blizzard slowly dissipated.As the Blizzard disappeared Usui exclaimed in shock as he realised that it had disappeared straight down Gray’s throat, the Mage having ‘eaten’ his attack completely to replenish his Mana “ah, nothing like a nice cold meal to perk you up!” he smirked before jumping back as Kororo sent a barrage of Icicles at him, each one easily twice his height crashing to the ground around him to which he simply used them to jump around.Launching himself between the Icicles Gray then jumped high in the air, launching himself straight towards Usui swiping his Cold Excalibur at Kororo’s arm as the huge Over Soul tried to swat him away, forcing her arm back as his GreatSword shattered from the impact.“Ice Make: Ice Cannon!” he barked as he ascended up to Usui’s level, creating one of his most signature attacks into a shoulder mounted RPG-like Ice structure, pointing it point blank at the Shaman who raised his arms to shield himself “cool off!” the Mage then quipped as he fired the Ice Cannon, hitting Usui point blank in the head before he could defend himself, sending him flying off of Kororo’s shoulders as the Ghosts Over Soul immediately dissipated from the loss of her Shaman, Usui crashing down to the Ice so hard he was buried under it never to get up again.Landing a few metres away Gray dropped his Ice Cannon and sighed with a stretch “damn, what a dick” he commented scratching his stomach before noticing something “WHERE THE HELL IS MY SHIRT?!”.Winner: Gray FullbusterDamn it’s been a long time since I touched the Shaman King series, I really need to plan more fights for it.Anyway, why does Gray beat Usui?To put it simply its for two reasons, Gray is far stronger than Usui in both Physicality and in the strength of his Magic over Usui’s Shaman abilities, yes Usui can flash freeze the area of a small city but Gray can freeze a small country without effort easily putting Usui’s powers to shame.And even if Usui’s power could match Grays it’s all for naught since Gray can simply just, well, eat it.Honestly fighting Gray with Ice is like trying to melt an Iceberg by throwing ice cubes at it, it simply doesn’t work.
Fullmetal Alchemist
DWOAH: Kuro vs LustDeadliest warriors of all historyKuro vs LustA mind as sharp as my Claws Kuro info:Height: 6 foot 9Weight: 136lbsWeapons: Cat Claws GlovesStrengths: Alongside Alvida, Axehand Morgan and Buggy the Clown Kuro was one of the first Villains Luffy ever faced and was arguably the biggest threat to him at that time, Superhuman strength (The strength of his legs are so great his kicks can harm Luffy who is immune to most forms of blunt force trauma, Was one of early series Luffy’s strongest enemies), Superhuman durability (Withstood several attacks from early series Luffy), Hypersonic speeds (Was early series Luffy’s fastest opponent, Can move faster than the human eye can see), Genius intellect, Is highly skilled with his huge Katana Clawed Cat Gloves.Weaknesses: Doesn’t possess full control over his speed meaning once he hits top speed he struggles to control himself until he can come to a stop.Lust info: Height: 5 foot 7Weight: 104lbsWeapons: Claws, Spears, Poisons Strengths: Is the most famous and is arguably the Leader of the Homunculus in Full Metal Alchemist, Above peak human strength (As a Homunculus Lust is naturally stronger than most humans, Her Claws and Spears can penetrate and cut through near anything), Superhuman durability (It took several full blasts from Roy Mustang to finally kill her, Taking several bullets to the knee, chest and head did nothing to her), Peak human speed/Superhuman reactions (Is roughly faster than a normal human thanks to being a Homunculus, Was able to react to Roy Mustang donning his Ignition Gloves and cut a water main to douse him before he could use his Flames), Genius intellect, Has an accelerated healing factor (Can regrow limbs and completely reform from the Philosopher’s Stone that comprises her heart), Can regrow and extend her Claws at will.Weaknesses: Since she was created to be the ‘brains’ of the Homunculus Lust is by far the weakest physically of them as well as the slowest, If the Philosopher's Stone in her chest is damaged enough or outright destroyed she will die, Extended periods of healing in a short amount of time overtaxes her Philosopher’s Stone and weakens it.Battle begin!“So, do we have a deal?” Lust questioned as she sat across the table from Kuro at the Black Cat Pirates base, the Homunculus having offer the Captain of the Pirates a heft sum of Beli for the use of his ship and several of his men, the Black Cat Pirates seeming all for it having easily fallen for Lust’s charms but Kuro wasn’t one to be tricked so easily.“You make a big promise but have yet to show a single Beli” the Pirate Captain stated correcting his glasses “if I didn’t know better, and I always do, I’d say that you were lying to us”.“Come now, don’t you trust me?” Lust pressed, piling on the charm causing Kuro’s subordinates to look to their Boss with hopeful gazes, completely under the Homunculus’s spell but once again Kuro was unmoved.“Not in the slightest” he scoffed back making Lust sigh.“Well, it was worth a shot” she stated before brandishing her Claws and aiming them at Kuro to fire them like Spears at him to which Kuro lashed his own Clawed Gloves too fast for the human eye to follow, the motion looking like a flash as he sent her Spears scattering around the room to impale his men instead, killing the lovelorn Pirates near instantly as the Poison that laced the Spears quickly took effect.As his men fell Kuro threw his leg upwards to kick the table between them up, causing it to shatter against the ceiling as he then flash stepped forward to clash his Claws against Lusts “men are normally so simple minded, so easy to trick, it’s been a while since I had to kill one outright” Lust hissed as sparks flew between their Claws.“Trust me my dear, you will find me neither simple minded or easily to kill” Kuro sneered back easily breaking their clash with a simple push, the Blades of his Gloves cutting through Lust’s Claws with ease before he effortlessly hacked off her left arm before driving his left Glove through her abdomen to impale her “you on the other hand seem quite fragile”.Seemingly in shock as she stared down at the Clawed Glove going through her stomach Lust then looked back up at Kuro with a surprising smile on her face, the stump of her left arm suddenly sparking before a new arm burst out of the stump, brandishing new Claws which she lashed out with at Kuro’s face, knocking the Pirate’s glasses off as he quickly leaned back all the way to avoid the attack pulling his Glove out of the Homunculus’s body as he did so.Backflipping as he went Kuro dodged again as soon as he landed on his feet, ducking to the left to avoid Lust’s Claws as she extended them across the room before shattering them with a swipe of his Gloves, the Claws promptly regrowing as the same red sparks that came from Lust’s old arm stump shot from the broken ends of them.As the Claws re-grew Kuro also noticed that the centre spot of Lust’s chest also sparked red, the insight prompting him to focus his next attack on her chest, moving so fast that he was a blur to the point that Lust was barely able to backstep to avoid most of his slashing attack as the Claws of his Gloves raked across the skin of her chest, opening her chest cavity and revealing her Philosopher’s Stone.“Now what do we have here?” he sneered as the Stone sparked again as her chest closed back up “that looks important doesn’t it?”.Hissing as her chest healed over Lust jumped back again and extended both hands to fire her Claws off like Spears, constantly regrowing and firing the new ones to keep a constant barrage on the Pirate who flash stepped around, jumped over and dove out of the way of each one causing the wall behind him to become a literal pin cushion of Spears.Dodging every attack from the Homunculus Kuro then flash stepped in front of her before delivering a kick to her midsection with enough force to crack and splinter her skin all the way across her body, revealing her Philosopher’s Stone again as she was lifted off of her feet before she was sent straight across the room to smash through the wooden wall, bringing her out onto the ships deck where she slammed against the mast hard enough to snap it in two causing the top half to come crashing down sending several of the Black Cat Pirates diving overboard to avoid it.Rebounding off of the mast Lust just managed to duck under a lunge from Kuro before driving her Claws forward into his leg, making him hiss with pain as she snapped off the tips of the Claws causing them to sink into the wounds.“It won’t be long now” the Homunculus mocked as Kuro felt his leg start to burn, the stab wounds on his thigh steadily turning black as the Claw tips turned to ash in his bloodstream.Grunting as he felt his leg start to weaken Kuro was only angered by the attack, gritting his teeth as he fought through the pain before suddenly disappearing from sight, appearing every couple of seconds as a blur as he ran around the deck of the ship with blinding speed making ‘drive by’ lunges and slashes at Lust carving across her body.Despite grunting and exclaiming as chunks of her body was carved off with every attack Lust still managed to laugh “it’s no use” she tittered darkly “I’ll heal back anything you do to me and before long my Poison will take full effect!” she declared before suddenly doubling over as Kuro impaled her from behind ramming his Claws through her spine and out of her stomach.“Shut up! You’ll be long dead before your pathetic Poison doesn’t anything of merit!” Kuro declared as he slammed the Homunculus to the deck floor.Wrenching his Claws out of her body Kuro brought his heel down upon her body further shattering her skin before snarling in annoyance as her wounds healed up near instantly making Lust laugh at his exertion, the Black Cat Captain letting out a shout of anger as he then started to unload a flurry of scratches and slashes across the Homunculus’s body, carving open her chest cavity again before one of his Claws made contact with her Philosopher's Stone.As it did so the Claw snapped off of the Glove and shattered whilst Lust let out a wail of pain, her expression actually looking pained and shocked by the action making Kuro grin as he mentally confirmed the Stone to be her weak spot.With that he started to attack her upper body again preventing it from closing up, each attack on her Philosopher’s Stone snapping off another of his Claws but in turn caused a crack to appear on the Stone whilst the Homunculus tried her best to fight back from her position, hacking and slashing back with her own Claws before extending two from each hand to impale Kuro through the abdomen, making him spit up blood before he slashed at them himself to break them off.As Lust regrew her Claws to attack him again Kuro once again proved himself faster as he slashed off both of her arms forcing her to focus on regrowing them, overtaxing her Philosopher’s Stone as Kuro extended one finger Claw and drove it down straight into the stone, the Claw shattering upon impact but not before penetrating the Stone causing it to slowly develop cracks all over its surface.Lust’s eyes widened with horror as before her eyes her Stone then shattered, the Homunculus opening her mouth to speak but nothing came out as her body then swiftly crumbled to ash, leaving the Black Cat Pirate panting with pain and exertion as he then slowly rose to his feet to seek medical attention for his wounds.Winner: KuroAnother quick battle but with how fast Kuro is the battle could have been nothing but over in a flash.So why does the Black Cat Pirate defeat the Homunculus?Well other than a healing factor Kuro simply has the advantage over Lust in every single category to the point that even if Lust managed to land a debilitating wound upon the Captain he’d still have ample time and speed to take her down before the wound did him in.
Adelio by emayuku
Adventure of Tiny Thumb and Thumbling by emayuku
Fwoom Panex by darkchapel666
Katekyo Hitman Reborn
I'm Hungry as Hell by AJM-FairyTail
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Sawada Tsunayoshi by TempestDH
2x4 Bianchi by v-Germs-v
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Uzumaki Naruto #1 [Naruto] by Dppzenron
Boruto OC Chihiro AizenIntroduction‭ ‬of‭ ‬Character‬‬‬‬Name:‭ Chihiro AizenAge:‭ 12Gender:‭ FemaleSexual/Romantic Orientation: HeterosexualNickname‭(‬s‭)‬:‬‬‬‬ChiLittle butterfly called by her fatherAlias‭(‬es‭)‬:Magical Warrior ChihiroDate of Birth: January 6Status: Alive Species: Soul Reaper, human Phoenix HybridBlood Type: AB Affiliations/Organizations: Kinmochi AcademyOccupation:‭ ‬StudentThe Character‭’‬s‭ ‬Appearance‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬General Appearance: Chihiro has dark brown long with brown eyes and light.She wears Shinigami black uniform with white socks and wooden sandals. A red ribbon hair piece on the back her of hair.In her Magical Outfit She wears a black and purple kimono like dress with purple ribbon hair piece, tights, gloves, and boots.In her Phoenix form she has black all over her but has purple highlights on her hair, wings and tail.Height: 6.4 7.8 Phoenix formWeight: 125 Phoenix form 150Handedness: Right‭About‭ ‬the‭ ‬Character‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬Personality: Chihiro has her mother's kindness and spunk. She is not short tempered like her brother. Her temper is from her father.Hobbies/Interests: Drawing and paintingGoals/Motivations/Dreams:The‭ ‬Character‭’‬s‭ Relationship‭ ‬With‭ Others‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬Love Interest(s): Kaien Kurosaki Friend(s):Masaki KurosakiHanzo Mosura Reo KuchikiHasumomo Yosei Mosura KuchikiBoruto UzumakiSarada UchihaHimawari UzumakiSumire KakeiMitsuki Chōchō AkimichiDenki KaminarimonInojin YamanakaShikadai NaraKuro Rozu Ryu JaganshiMizuki Zaraki Mitsu UkitakeYukiko UkitakeKota UraharaKimi HitsugayaShiro HitsugayaEnemy(ies):Powers/Abilities:Healing TearsHealing regenerationSelf-ResurrectionAsh ResurrectionTransformationPowered FormMirage ManipulationIllusionsButterfly Physiology Psychic PersuasionButterfly ManipulationAbsolute IllusionIllusion Generation Butterfly EffectIllusory CombatIllusionary EnvironmentIllusory Power Link Selective Illusions Illusory Symbiosis Illusive Appearance Butterfly Swarming Origin of Powers: Got her powers of soul reaper and phoenix abilities at the age of ten.Zanpakuto: Murasaki no cho meaning Purple ButterflyZanpakuto Element: Illusions of ButterfliesZanpakuto Spirit: he has dark blue kimono with purple butterflies ,red sandals/with socks ,black hair that is spiky, he has one dark purple phoenix wing and one black butterfly wing on his back.Zanpakuto Personality: he's soft spoken, brave ,smart and happy, gets frustrated when somebody dodges his attacks. Sealed: it's purple zanpakuto, with black ribbon and has phoenix and butterfly on the sheath.Shikai: Chō no shinkirō meaning Butterfly mirage. Has a ability to create butterfiles that have purple flames.Special Abilities:Bankai: Batafurai kōka meaning Butterfly Effect. Has a ability to creates illusions with black phoneix feathers and butterfy wings that glow light purple when it's healing.Strengths: Weaknesses: IronRestrictions: Her eyes turns red when she is in rageAlternate Form(s): Dark Phoenix rage: Has a ability to beserkAngel:Phoenix:Fighting‭ ‬Style:‭ ‬‬‬‬ ‬Weapon‭(‬s‭)‬:‭ KatanaKnowledge: 10/10Conceptualization Power: 10/10Motivation: 10/10Will to Act: 10/10‭‬‬Power Control: 10/10Agility:‭ 10‬/10‬‬Swordsmanship:‭ 10 ‬/10‬‬Hand-to-Hand‭ ‬Combat: 10‭ ‬/10‬‬‬‬Long‭ ‬Range‭ ‬Accuracy:‭ 10‬/10‬‬‬‬‬‬Offense: 10/10Defense: 10/10Kido: 10/10Social Skills: 10/10The‭ ‬Character‭’‬s‭ Familial/Biographical‭ Information‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬Birthplace: KonohaFamily:Sosuke Aizen FatherNico Jade MotherHaku Aizen BrotherKuai Liang Grand fatherFukai GrandmotherHanzo Hasashi Grand uncleKaguya Grand AuntTakeda UncleDagger AuntSora Uchiha CousinFamilial Background: Chihiro and her twin brother Haku living on both villages of Majikku and Konoha. Chihiro Character Background: Seiyuu: Satomi SatoVoice actress: Brianna KnickerbockerTrivia: The name Chihiro was used in the Studio Ghibli movie of Hayao Miyazaki's Spirited away....
Boruto OC Haku AizenIntroduction‭ ‬of‭ ‬Character‬‬‬Name:‭ Haku AizenReal name: Kohakku AizenAge:‭ 12Gender:‭ MaleSexual/Romantic Orientation: HeterosexualNickname‭(‬s‭)‬:‬‬‬‬HakuAlias‭(‬es‭)‬:Dark Phoenix HakuDate of Birth: January 6Status: Alive Species: Soul Reaper, human Phoenix HybridBlood Type: ABAffiliations/Organizations: Kinmochi AcademyOccupation:‭ ‬StudentThe Character‭’‬s‭ ‬Appearance‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬General Appearance: Haku has Black short hair, hazel brown eyes and light skin.He wears a Shinigami black uniform, with white socks and wooden sandals.In his phoenix form he has black all over him with red eyes.Height: 6.4 7.8 Phoenix formWeight: 125 Phoenix form 150Handedness: Right‭About‭ ‬the‭ ‬Character‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬Personality: Haku can be very calm like his father. Unfortunately He is short tempered attitude like his mother but has the remorseful and act of kindness from his mother. Hobbies/Interests:Drinking TeaReading booksWriting and drawing storiesGoals/Motivations/Dreams:Proving that Haku is not like his father in the past.The‭ ‬Character‭’‬s‭ Relationship‭ ‬With‭ Others‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬Love Interest(s): Kimi HitsugayaFriend(s):Kaien KurosakiMasaki KurosakiHanzo Mosura Reo KuchikiHasumomo Yosei Mosura KuchikiBoruto UzumakiSarada UchihaHimawari UzumakiSumire KakeiMitsuki Chōchō AkimichiDenki KaminarimonInojin YamanakaShikadai NaraKuro Rozu Ryu JaganshiMizuki ZarakiMitsu UkitakeYukiko UkitakeKota Urahara.Shiro HitsugayaEnemy(ies):Iwabee Yuino some timesPowers/Abilities:Healing TearsHealing regenerationSelf-ResurrectionAsh ResurrectionDark Fire ManipulationDark Fire GenerationAbsolute Darkness TransformationPowered FormDark Fire Combat Dark Fire Attacks Dark Fire Breath Dark Fire Bomb GenerationOrigin of Powers: He got his soul reaper and phoenix abilities at the age of ten.Zanpakuto: Kuro no Inferuno Fenikkusu meaning Black Inferno PhoenixZanpakuto Element: Black FlamesZanpakuto Spirit: she has purple hair with red butterfly hair clip, black yutakawith blue phoenix feathers, orange sandals with socks and she has black phoenix feathers on her back.Zanpakuto Personality: She very smart, kind and sometimes gets very angry with Haku doesn't listen to her.Sealed: it's black zanpakuto , with grey ribbon, has black flames and a phoenix with and butterfly wing on the sheath.Shikai : Kurohomura dansu meaning Black flame dance. Has a ability to summon a giant phoneix with black butterfly wings that attacks enemies. Special AbilitiesBankai: Kuro jigoku no hi meaning Black Hellfire. Has a ability to use cause any enemy to fall asleep, paralyzes them with dark purple electricity and burns them with black fire.Strengths: Weaknesses: IronRestrictions: His eyes turns red when he is in rageAlternate Form(s): Dark Phoenix rage: Has a ability to beserkAngel:Phoenix:Fighting‭ ‬Style:‭ ‬‬‬‬ ‬Weapon‭(‬s‭)‬:‭ KatanaKnowledge: 10/10Conceptualization Power: 10/10Motivation: 10/10Will to Act: 10/10‭‬‬Power Control: 10/10Agility:‭ 10‬/10‬‬Swordsmanship:‭ 10 ‬/10‬‬Hand-to-Hand‭ ‬Combat: 10‭ ‬/10‬‬‬‬Long‭ ‬Range‭ ‬Accuracy:‭ 10‬/10‬‬‬‬‬‬Offense: 10/10Defense: 10/10Kido: 10/10Social Skills: 10/10The‭ ‬Character‭’‬s‭ Familial/Biographical‭ Information‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬Birthplace: KonohaFamily:Sosuke Aizen FatherNico Jade MotherChihiro Aizen SisterKuai Liang Grand fatherFukai GrandmotherHanzo Hasashi Grand uncleKaguya Grand AuntTakeda UncleDagger AuntSora Uchiha CousinFamilial Background: Being born in the village of Konoha Haku and his twin sister Chihiro living on both villages of Majikku and Konoha. Haku gets called a monster due to that Aizen is his father. Which he hates it completely.Character Background: At the age of twelve and still being in school with his sister.Seiyuu: Yūki Kaji Voice Actor: Kyle McCarleyTrivia: The name Haku not to be mistaken by Naruto, and real name Kohakku was used in the Studio Ghibli movie of Hayao Miyazaki's Spirited away.
One Piece
Kuishi's Adventure (One Piece OC - Part 1)“Make sure you keep an eye on the log pose, shorty!” “I got it already! I know how to sail, so just be quiet already!” “Well, you sure steer badly! We would have collided with that huge boulder if I hadn’t changed the direction of the ship by going underwater and kicking it!” “That was reckless! With your strength, you could’ve damaged the boat way more than any rock could! Do you even know how to sail?!” “I don’t need to! As a fishman, I have an innate talent for swimming along these seas and letting the waves guide me! Now, hurry up and get us to the next island already!” “Well, stop badgering me about it, since you don’t have a clue about how to operate a ship! Besides, we wouldn’t even have to stop so suddenly if you hadn’t ate all of the food in the storage!” “I told you already, as a tiger-shark fish-woman, I always have an insatiable appetite that I can’t keep under wraps! I’ll eat anything if it means that I can keep some food in my mouth!” “With that logic, we’re going to starve to death! Just hurry up and catch some grub!” “Don’t worry, no one is better than me when it comes to hunting!” After fish-woman Kuishi and the child Devil Fruit user named Hasho teamed up together to find the latter a nice home to stay at, the two experienced difficulties getting used to each other’s company. Due to Kui’s appetite, she ate the rest of the stored food in one go, which immediately put her on food gathering duty to feed the both of them. As the navigator, Hasho kept checking on the log pose and the map in front of him, not paying attention to the huge rock sticking out in front of their path. Kui immediately rushed to the ocean and used her strength to kick the bottom right of the ship, pushing it away from a collision course. Scolding from both ends would solve neither the food crisis nor the question of when they would reach their next destination. Sitting on the railing, Kuishi stared at the surface of the water in search of any big game that would come their way. She hoped to catch a humongous prey in order to satisfy her appetite. Her wish was granted when an enormous shadow surfaced from the depths of the ocean and shot right up from the waters, causing a big splash of sea water around the creature that spilled over onto the ship. Hasho turned around from his chair position and shouted, “What in the hell was that?! What’s going on, Kui?!” Kuishi cracked her knuckles in excitement while showcasing her sharp, pearly whites teeth and responded, “Sit tight, Hashy! I’m about to catch us dinner!” From the depths of the Grand Line waters appeared an gigantic ant-like Sea King that set its sights on the duo on the ship, eclipsing the size of the boat and showing off its fangs to his targeted prey. Scared out of his mind, Hasho’s eyes turned solid white as he stuttered, “I-Is t-that a….?” “Yep, that’s a Sea King, alright! This one looks way smaller than the ones on Fishman Island! This won’t even be a warm-up for me!” Kuishi said confidently. As the fearless woman got into her fighting karate stance, the Sea King immediately charged his head towards Kui, seeing her as the main entrée. “K-Kui! Look out! That thing is going to eat you alive!”, the young boy warned his companion out of fear. After only a few seconds of concentration, Kuishi shouted the attack phrase, “Fishman Karate…. Hundred Brick Fist!” before sending a hard punch towards the sea beast. In an instant, the shockwave caused by the Fishman Karate user was more than enough to incapacitate the Sea King, causing it to fall backwards into the ocean floor. Hasho was absolutely stunned by just how powerful Kui seemed to be, taking in every moment as the fish-woman dived into the sea and dragged the humongous beast onto the deck of the ship. “I-Incredible…she’s absolutely incredible! With just one punch, Kui was able to take down that gigantic beast! I’m so glad I didn’t get on her bad side…” The boy thought to himself before he walked over to Kuishi, who was struggling to pull her catch on board due to its weight. “Hey, Hashy! You mind giving me a hand here? This big bastard just won’t give up!” Kui asked as she hauled over tons of weight just above her right shoulder. “Think, Kui! There’s no way you’re going to be able to bring that huge thing on here unless you cut it into pieces! Hold on, I’ll see if I have a huge knife or sword somewhere in my-“ “Mmm! This meat is so yummy!” Kuishi shouted in bliss as she had already taken a big bite of the Ant Sea King, holding a chunk of the meat in her hand while chewing on a bite with stains of blood dripping from her mouth. Hasho’s eyes nearly popped out of his skull as he shouted, “Are you a savage?! Wait until we cut and cook it at least!" “Whmy do I gomta wmait? Meat tmastes much bwetter when caugmht freswh!” Kuishi mouthed with food still being grinded and chewed on inside her greedy mouth. Hasho put the palm of his hand up to his face and replied, “Just stop eating it and let me cut it! It’ll taste a lot better once it’s been properly cooked!” The young boy opened his Stor-Stor space and pulled out a standard cutlass that he acquired from the body of a fallen navy soldier and moved right next to the Sea King with the blade in hand in order to perform proper cutting and skinning of the catch. Once Kui swallowed the chunk of meat in her mouth, she went along with Hasho’s idea and said, “Fine, I’ll let you cook it, but you better make it taste good or I’ll kick your butt, okay?” “I’m definitely no expert chef, not by a long shot, but I taught myself how to prepare at least a half-decent meal from all of the time that I spent by myself having to cut and steal for food. At least, the food will taste edible by the time I’m done with it.” And so, Hasho began cutting the humongous sea creature with the help of Kui who used her Fishman Karate abilities to slice open chunks of the meat. Once the skinning and cleaning was done, Hasho took the big pieces to the kitchen below deck and used the grill to prepare today’s big lunch. Needless to say, Kui enjoyed practically anything that she could consume because once the food was finished cooking, she ate at least six or seven servings of pure Sea King meat while the boy prepared only small pieces along with a few vegetables and fruits for his whole meal. By the time Kui was finished eating, a food belly the size of a basketball formed on her stomach, but she never seemed to care about how much the food she intakes has an effect on her overall physique. Hasho just stared and found himself laughing due to the voracious appetite of his companion. “What’s so funny, shrimpy?” Kui asked with stuffed cheeks of meat stored in her mouth. Hasho continued laughing aloud before mustering up the words to reply, “Nothing at all! No offense, but you’re just a riot to have around, Kui! Everything about you is just so goofy and dumb!” “You’re the dumb one! I’d clobber you if I wasn’t so hungry right now!” “You’re still hungry?!!”“Duh!”Hasho’s jaw nearly dropped to the floor in awe of her bottomless appetite but Kui just smiled and laughed at the boy as she reached for another huge piece of meat.After their meal was over, Hasho went back to the lookout to scout for any nearby island that they can stop at. It was only twenty minutes later that he would finally find a suitable spot.From the top of his lungs, the Devil Fruit user shouted out, “Kui, land ahead! There’s an island just up ahead!”A resting Kui perked up and responded, “Really? Finally, we can stop and get us more food to eat!” “Food, food, food! Is that all you ever think about?” The boy retorted as he climbed down the ladder.“Like I said before, brat, I gotta keep eating something. If we ever run out of stuff to snack on, I might just use you as an emergency food supply”, Kuishi said with a toothy grin, sending shivers down Hasho’s spine.Now standing in front of the much larger fishwoman, Hasho wondered if that comment of hers was truly a joke or not. With her strength, she could easily gobble him up if she ever felt like it.“Y-You’re k-kidding, right?! Y-You wouldn’t eat me….”“Maybe not… or maybe I will~”Taken by surprise, Hasho suddenly felt himself being lifted up in the air by the muscular fishwoman’s arms and being swung from left to right in a teasing manner.“I’m gonna gobble you up!” Kuishi exclaimed playfully, nuzzling her face into the young boy’s shoulder.“S-Stop! Put me down! This is embarrassing!”, Hasho exclaimed with a small blush tinting his cheeks.“I thought you didn’t like me? What’s up with that red on your face? You finally starting to warm up to me?” Kui said with a smirk as she pointed to Hasho’s cheeks. “S-Shut up, fishy! Put me down!” The boy said while flinging his body around, trying to escape from the clutches of the fishwoman.Kui grabbed his cheeks and pinched him hard as payback. “I thought I told you not to call me that, you little brat!”“Owww! Alright, I won’t! N-Now, put me down! I’ve got to go dock the ship now that we’re nearing the island!”“Don’t worry, I’ll put you down… as soon as you call me Big Sis Kui!”“No way!” The boy stuck his tongue out at the fishwoman playfully.“Cheeky little… Fine, go ahead and dock the ship. Being on a ship for so long isn’t too good for an active woman like me anyways~”Kuishi sets Hasho back on his feet and the latter operates the trading ship into the nearest port. With instructions from the Devil Fruit user, Kui hoisted the anchor to the sea to secure the ship’s position. After that, the two finally stepped foot on the island named Vin Island, known for its luxurious celebrations.“Hey, Hashy…”“Yeah, Kui?”“This place is kind of a dump….”The atmosphere of the town they docked at is one of poverty and desperation. Multiple buildings look old and damaged because they haven’t had any proper care over the years. Even the sky itself looked grey and bleak, without any ray of sunlight to shine upon the townspeople. Speaking of the citizens, nearly every one of them that lives in this desolate part of the island all resembled that of beggars and walking corpses. Too poor to put food on the table, some resorted to the streets either to plead for money from tourists who happened to be visiting or turned to a life of crime. However, the common citizen all had one place to direct their anger to: the other side of town where the island got its name from. The wealth disparity between the two halves of the island were as clear as day, which riled up more people who lived on the brink of starvation. This part of town was a hotbed for pure anger, frustration, desperation, and rebellion.“K-Kui, I think we should steer clear of the people in this place… Something about it feels… K-Kui!” Hasho shouted with comedic sharp teeth at his fishwoman companion, who casually began walking near the entrance of a pub.“Huh? What are you whinning about, shrimp? Are you scared? Need me to protect you?” She teased him with a perky grin on her face.Blushing again, Hasho shouted back, “N-No, shut up! I’m just saying that this place looks really dangerous! Even with someone like you around, we could get into some trouble with the wrong crowd if we’re not careful! Trust me, I know what that’s like!”Kui put on a big toothy smile and answered, “Stop worrying so much. If someone messes with us, I’ll just beat them to the ground. Our main goal is to get supplies, right? We’ll be-Oof!”Kuishi accidentally bumped into a much larger and muscular man standing near the entrance of the bar. From anyone’s point of view, this guy’s intimidating biceps and triceps coupled with his tight shirt that showed off his pecs was enough to put fear in the hearts of many.“You new around here, little girl? If so, you’re gonna have to go through me first.” The ripped man said in a booming, deep voice.Kuishi stood there calmy and looked up at the man in front of her with red, hot shark eyes and responded, “Yeah, I’m new here. What’s it to you?”The sound of cracked knuckles came from Kuishi as she anticipated a fight brewing between her and this man. On the other hand, Hasho was astonished about the events that were about to unfold in front of him.“Oh, great! We just got here and that idiot shark woman is already about to start a fight! Why does she have to be this way?” He thought to himself.Unexpectedly, the eight feet tall man pulled out a bouquet of wilted roses from his side and presented them as a gift to Kui.“M-Ma’am, here’s a present for you! Even though our town isn’t the best looking, I’m still glad that a beautiful woman like you has decided to stop by here!” He exclaimed with a sincere smile on his face, showing his missing teeth and his olive-colored skin.His stressful lifestyle took a toll on his body, but nevertheless, this man still managed to smile.“My name is Dorjee! Welcome to our island!”Hasho witnessed the whole scene with astonishment and thought to himself, “What a goofy oaf! There’s no way someone as tough as Kui will-““T-Thank you…” Kuishi said softly with a small blush radiating on her blue cheeks.“WHATTTTT?!!” Hasho exclaimed with his eyes popping out of his head in comedic fashion.“Why don’t you come inside the bar? This town may not have much but we can at least get you a good drink!” Darjee exclaimed happily.Kuishi matched his energy and replied, “Sure! I could use a good drink! Besides, this is a perfect opportunity for me to stock up on supplies!”Darjee opens the saloon door for the young fishwoman and says, “Right this way, m’lady~”“You’re really trying to butter me up, aren’t you?” Kui replied with a bright smile on her face as she entered the building.Hasho began walking towards the bar while exclaiming, “Hold on, Kui, wait for-!”Out of nowhere, a mysterious hand found its home on top of the Devil Fruit boy’s shoulders. A slight chill was sent throughout Hasho’s body when he felt the touch, causing him to turn his head around slowly.“Can I help you?” He asked with a slightly nervous grin on his face.“Come with me…” was all the white-cloaked man uttered before he chopped Hasho in the back of the neck and knocked him out. Then, he picked up his small body and began walking away from the area.Meanwhile, inside the bar…“Sorry if the place isn’t to your liking, we here at Vin Island want to make all our guests feel as comfortable as possible!”Just like the rest of the town, the place was an absolute dump. Drunkards piled up around the tables and on the floor, walls falling apart, broken windows, humid air, and worst of all, the entire atmosphere felt as morbid as the one outside of it.Kuishi stood up on the table and said, “Don’t worry, I got a plan to spice things up…. Drinking Contest!!! Any of you tough men wanna have a go at me! Or are you too chicken?!”“Chicken?! Who’s chicken? I’ll drink you under the table, fishwoman!” One of the patrons shouted back.“Yeah, me too! I’m not scared of any challenge!”“Bring it on!”All grabbing large mugs of ale and sake, Kuishi shared a brief toast with all of the other patrons in the bar before gulping down the drink and starting off the party.Darjee laughed heartedly and thought to himself, “Already, this woman seems to be bringing a needed spark to the people! Maybe, she could be the hope that we so desperately desired!”At the same time, Hasho was brought before a mysterious all-white room surrounded by people in all-white cloaks.In blindfolded confusion, he shouted, “Where the hell am I?! Show yourself!”The person sitting in the throne chuckled to himself and proceeded to say these ominous words, “Welcome home… my son…”TO BE CONTINUED…..
PACOLE Hancock by Pink-Lady03
One Piece OC: Fishman Kuishi (Artwork by Lazybuns) by kindglass
Yennefer by Flowerxl
Yuzuriha: Stone Wars by Pink-Lady03
Cora Harper by Flowerxl
Lady Dimitrescu by Flowerxl
Sorceress by Flowerxl


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OK, so many of you have heard this already, but there's a hacker going around on DA, he's getting into peoples accounts, and even worse, he deactivates them completely. There is a way to avoid this though, if you ever get an email from or something like that, asking you to change your passwords, don't do it, it's a trick to get your account hacked, just delete the email as soon as possible.

and now onto worse matters, below is a message (from microsoft I believe) that is warning people of a massive hacker, and the steps you need to take to stop him from getting you. I would like to thank for getting this info.



Anyone using Internet mail such as Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL and so on. This information arrived this morning, Direct from both Microsoft and Norton. Please send it to everybody you know who has access to the Internet. You may receive an apparently harmless e-mail titled 'Mail Server Report'

If you open either file, a message will appear on your screen saying: 'It is too late now, your life is no longer beautiful.'

Subsequently you will LOSE EVERYTHING IN YOUR PC,

And the person who sent it to you will gain access to your name, e-mail and password.

This is a new virus which started to circulate on Saturday afternoon. AOL has already confirmed the severity, and the anti virus software's are not capable of destroying it .

The virus has been created by a hacker who calls himself 'life owner'.."

So, make sure that no one is trying to hack you, and please spread the news to others so that they don't get hacked.
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