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Vector Icons Pack 03

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thank you so much! great work!
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amazing! Im just using it for a homework
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Thank You,,, Maybe I will use them :)
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I Forgot, Are this icons for commercial use???
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cool, using it on a flyer
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nice and clean well done. to people who say too small, er! they are vectors, the ai file (adobe illustrator file) is included so you can make them as large as you want and most vector programs will open a ai file. they have even been thoughtful enough to provide an eps file.

Thank you very much for these icons sizer92
vraiment sympa! (really nice!)
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Nice! I'll use it in a PC game I'm making. If you want, I can put your name under the graphics section in the credits.
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Thanks, these are going to prove useful.

As vector files it doesnt matter about the size as they are scaleable, as icons I think their size is appropriate.
Yeay! I would be using this for the England of Hetalia contest I am in T_T This is totally going into other arts as well. ~<3
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Thank you very much.

I used it on a design for key cards for a meeting in, surprise, surprise, Paris :)
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I'll use it on my thesis. Thanks!
Used the lock as our favicon for encrypted pages in our Japan-based jewelry site. [link]
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I used the lock icon for a sales brochure in which I had to demonstrate security systems.
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hi no problem, thanks for notified me ;)
Thanks for sharing!
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