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Hey everybody,

Hope you're having a great Saturday. We just wanted to pop in with the first of a set of interviews we're doing with SizeCon ticketholders, artists, writers and more. We think it's a great way to get to know the event and the people that make it so great!

This first interview is with , the very first ticketholder for this year's SizeCon! Aborigen-gts is a prolific writer of size fiction (you can read his work here:, and a longtime contributor to the community. He bought a ticket mere hours after they went on sale -- let him tell you a little bit about what's got him so excited!

How did you realize you were into size change? What were early inspirations for you? Movies? TV? Books?
I realized I was into size-fantasy (though I had no name for it) when I was a child, as many of us did. I stayed home sick one day in first or second grade, and a local UHF station was playing their "Creature Double-Feature," which this day happened to be Attack of the 50' Woman and Village of the Giants. Watching tiny people crawling over gigantic, beautiful women awakened a deep emotional longing in me, even at that young age. After this I began to dream about giantesses, incorporating anyone from pop stars to my babysitter.

Are you a fetish artist? If so, do you write or draw, and what was the first piece of fetish art you ever made?
I used to call myself a giantess erotica writer, but if you look at my work, I'm fixated more on representing tiny or shrunken men who interact with normally sized women. I'm not sure, but I think the first size-fetish short story I ever wrote was an exploration of an acquaintance's beautiful girlfriend shrinking me down and figuring out how to have sex. This would've been in the mid-'90s.

How did you learn about SizeCon for the first time? What made you decide to go?
I heard about the first SizeCon one week after it concluded. I'd returned to social media to promote my writing for sale, and Tumblr was full of people talking about SizeCon. I was really disappointed to have missed that, and I'm very much looking forward to the second one. I would've gone of my own volition, to meet my favorite writers and artists, but I was actually invited to host a booth for SizeCon 2017, as an author.

What are you looking forward to the most at 2017 SizeCon?
I'm really looking forward to meeting the other creators in the size-fetish scene, like artists whose work I admire and writers I've been reading for two decades. I've also made new friends in this area on Twitter and I'm looking forward to getting some time to sit down and chat with them as well.

What would you say to people who are on the fence about attending 2017 SizeCon?
If you're thinking about going to SizeCon 2017, take the plunge. Just do it. By all reports everyone is very friendly and accessible, and it's a great experience to meet with people who share your dreams. Maybe you don't have the means to go to every SizeCon (as it will surely extend into the interminable future), but do whatever it takes to attend one, sooner rather than later.

What will you be doing at SizeCon? Will you be on any of the panels?
Yes, I'm hosting a booth (I think! I haven't heard from the other SizeCon heads for the confirmation of receiving my story to the anthology [Editor's Note: the story has been received! Stay tuned for an anthology of stories by a variety of size writers, including Aborigen!]). I'm unsure what it means to run a booth, but I've talked to my friends Nyx and Taedis, and it sounds like I'll be sitting at a table, receiving visitors, promoting anything I happen to bring with me (I'd like to have some books and posters to promote), and answering any questions anyone has for me. I have not been invited to participate in any panels, but if there were any last-minute emergencies, I hope some of the admin would remember my name. I'm overburdened with opinions on many topics.

Why do you think SizeCon is so important to some people? Why is it worth gathering everyone together to talk about size stuff?
I think the pertinence of SizeCon is community. I think anyone would say this. There's some relief and comfort in knowing you're not the only freak imbued with this strange fetish. I recognize there's still a lot of shame and self-hatred tied up with this interest, which is a tragedy. I've been trying to study my own interest in the size-fetish universe, and I can explain why I like it, but I can only guess where it comes from. What chromosome is it that makes us attracted to gigantic women? The easy, lazy answer is to suggest it was something in our childhood, a craving to return to being mothered, having a domineering female in control and tending to our needs (as tiny men). I think that lacks consideration and appreciation for the entire universe of size-fetish interest: it dismisses gender dynamics, what power means and where it comes from, as well as why some women want limitless agency and some men want control stripped from them. This is far too nuanced and too rich a psycho-social hotbed to dismiss with glib, half-remembered Freudian dogma. And it's important that we come together to learn to accept ourselves, not just as a society or a community but as individuals. As I said, many fans of size-fetish material already hate themselves because of it—they won't comment on stories and artwork, they won't jump into conversations due to fear of "outing" themselves—and there's no call for this. We've got to override this discordant and disingenuous Puritanical overtone that mainstream society pretends to, and we've all got to become more honest and comfortable with who we are. I don't see how we can function otherwise.

Who do you hope to meet at SizeCon?
I'll be curious to see the adult cinema artists and actors, but I wouldn't like to bother them with stupid questions. I'm very much looking forward to getting some quality conversation with the other writers and artists I've befriended on Twitter, particularly Nyx, Taedis, Miss Kaneda, and JDO. I admire their work very much, and it's going to be personally fulfilling to shake their hands and tell them so. There are many other artists and writers in the community that haven't felt compelled to be social with me, online, so I hope running into them at SizeCon will turn that around.
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Great interview!! Pretty accurate and interesting answer to why is worth gathering the whole size community :)