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We are a group of size enthusiasts based in NYC who have been meeting regularly for over a year. Over the course of these meetings, we have been amazed at the instantaneous bonds formed between strangers whose only link is a rare interest in people of different sizes. We share stories about growing up with this fetish (like how we were all obsessed with that one episode of Sabrina the Teenage Witch), about our favorite genres and sizes, and about those fearful moments leading up to telling friends or lovers about the kink. We've drawn people all the way from Kentucky and Georgia, we've had as many as 25 people at a single meet, and we have over 600 people on our mailing list. At some point over the summer, we thought about doing something bigger, about inviting artists and producers and really celebrating a part of us that is normally kept hidden away.

And so, SizeCon was born!

And it was a smashing success:

- 125+ attendees from all over, including California, Florida, and France!
- 83.4% of you rated your experience an 8, 9, or 10!
- 50% of you traveled from more than 3 hours away, and 25% traveled more than 6 hours!
- 50% of you said “I will move worlds and gods to be at SizeCon 2017,” and over 80% said you will very likely attend next year’s event.

We are led by our fearless leader, Jitensha, who organized our first humble meetup in SoHo all the way back in April, 2015. On our team we have artists, video-editors, and organizers. We are excited to build on last year's success and create a one-of-a-kind experience for size enthusiasts all over the world. We want people to come together in a fun and safe space, and feel like they belong in a tangible way. We hope you'll join us!

Buy your tickets for SizeCon17, happening July 29-30, 2017 at the Courtyard LaGuardia, on our EventBrite!!!

And please direct any questions or suggestions to:…
We're poking out heads in to make a few quick announcements about schedule updates (all times in Eastern): On Saturday the 27th @ 2PM, Demora will be hosting a BE saline infusion during the con, which she'll be streaming from her ManyVids site. Sunday the 28th @ 8:45-9:45AM, the developers of Sizebox will be running a demo of their creative sandbox game/tool for size enthusiasts, and then responding to a Q&A! They have some new features to show off, including a VR side-project. Sunday the 28th @ 2:30PM: Matthew Huntley of Vigilant Lioness will be hosting a workshop on perspective drawing, ! Proper perspective work is completely necessary to hyper-realistic macro art! Mr. Huntley has valuable knowledge to impart on the subject. Tickets are still available, but for less than a day. Get them while they last!
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Saturday, at 5PM Eastern: watch as art that has not seen the light of day for nearly two decades goes up for auction! That's right, we've got 20 pieces of original Johnny Swell lineart (including all 14 pages pages from the first issue of The Bizarre Adventures of Berrygirl), open for bidding, courtesy of legacy Breast Expansion Archive member RandomX. She's looking to finance a fat graft augmentation, and we're happy to help. Legend has it that the artist shredded all his other original works, so this may be your only chance to get ahold of a piece of sizekink history. Attendee tickets are still available for $20, and will be so until the final day! We also have a bevy of panels and events that may be of interest to any inflation/expansion fan (all times in Eastern): the Male Expansion social, for Friday the 26th @ 11:30PM-12:30AM: "For fans of sexy dudes expanding, growing, inflating, weight gaining and more! Come sit and discuss how your interests came to be and how you enjoy them
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We're excited to announce tickets for SizeCon Micro 2021 are available:
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Happy birthday!
Happy "birthday!"
Hi guys, size con sounds awesome from the reviews, I'd certainly like to make the effort and see what all the fuss is about. Just abit far to go from the UK, shame there isn't a Sizecon UK.