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Hi all,

What with Covid 19 wrecking any fun that we can have, and having to live in a country where a significant amount of people don't understand social distancing or are simply too ignorant to respect the fears of others, I kind of lost my sense of humor.

I have been writing and drawing a horror comic and I put all the funny stuff aside for a while, I even stopped listening to comedy during my art activities. But have no fear, this morning, while birthing a rather stinky poo, I came up with a Size and Stupidity cartoon...this could be the start of another resurgence for me, I mean, I have to poo everyday so the outlook is hopeful.

Stay tuned and stay safe.

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I ain't dead.

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Well, kind of. If you want to see me make a complete tit of myself then join me next Tuesday on Youtube for the Jim Harold Paranormal quiz. I will be a contestant on podcaster Jim Harold's channel for a 30 minute broadcast. It's very entertaining. I have quite an extensive knowledge of all things spooky but I'm not sure how I'll cope in front of an audience, and will the cats embarrass me any further by rubbing their butts in my face, or vomiting on my keyboard?

Join us at 8pm Tuesday 9th June...hopefully I'll remember my lockdown shave.

Hopefully this link works, the new DA won't let me preview.

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Yes and it was this movie that I will name now.
My parrot has.
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Term is finally over so I have 4 weeks to watch movies, practice the software that I need to learn and write cartoons. I'm coping with the whole isolation thing rather well as my cat begs me to explore the backyard on a daily basis, so I'm always getting fresh air and exercise. Perhaps I can pick up the Erhu again and try to make a sound out of it that doesn't sound like my cat is being tortured.
I spent my first day of freedom watching 2 movies so I thought I could share a mini review with you in case you are looking for something to watch.

Firstly, The Color out of Space, which is a cosmic horror movie based on the story by HP Lovecraft. A meteorite crashes into a farm, causing the family and animals around it to start behaving strangely while a purple substance contaminates the plants and insects. Nicholas Cage is awesome as a cliche spitting middle aged dad who is driven insane by the horrors that he has to face. A dark, compelling movie for fans of horror and weird.

Secondly I saw Europa Report on Netflix. A crew of six journey to Jupiter's moon and discover something disturbing and terrifying. I don't want to say any more as it will ruin the whole thing. Don't be put off by the mid budget fx, this movie is claustrophobic and unnerving in so many ways. A bit of a slow burner sci-fi but well worth the watch.

Now to podcasts: A very nice couple from Liverpool, England, are releasing many more episodes of their podcast 'We Need To Talk About Ghosts', solely to entertain during these days of isolation. Kevin and Bekkah are both very funny and the stories sent in are usually creepy and interesting. They are having a quiz on Facebook next Saturday at 8pm GMT so check it out...I'm booked to be on it.

I hope my recommendations can make these weird times a little more entertaining for you, oh! And there's a meteor shower tonight. Best viewed at NE after midnight.

Hope to post a new cartoon soon. Stay safe and be good to each other.
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