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I hope you enjoy this cartoon...I think its very silly. :)
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You think it's silly...there's no thinking about it...It's a bunch of cavemen in contemporary underwear giving a dinosaur also wearing contemporary underwear a wedgie. This is beyond silly but not so far that it's not funny, because hey we all laugh at silly things.

Flash humour is a great piece of comedy because it can handle all forms in the same way because it's over in a flash and so it's just a different bunch of flashes but they are all funny for different reasons and this is funny because it's silly.

So I look forward to the next flash, and I know I'll be laughing
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Thank you! I love it when I can think of an idea that's a little 'far out' :D
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we all love when you do that old boy
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Haha, thanks! I'll do my best.
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|Hahahahahahahahahahaha!.....HhaHJAGahS....oh my goodness! That is oddly freaking hillarious! :lmao:
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:lol: Gutsy! :D :lol: Love it! :D


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You're very welcome! :)

I hope that you have a marvelous day! :icongrin--plz:
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I will refrain from pointing out the obvious evolutionary wrongness, and just laugh!
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The origin of undies AND wedgies - guess someone had to work both out, although it makes you wonder why they thought something uncomfortable would be a good greeting. Hilarious though, brilliant job!!
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It is silly, that's what makes it smiley.
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Underwear was invented a lot longer ago than I thought...

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But washed a lot later... :D
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I love the fact that they are ALL wearing the same undies, even the woman! "These are our ceremonial underpants of great ceremony!"

Hilarious! But I knew it would be. You are always the highlight of my Friday.

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Haha, now we know why they are not around :)
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