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Food Chain

Staying on the theme of fast food and the food chain I present the second in a possible recurring theme of ideas that will run until my poor brain can no longer pick apart what is wrong with the restaurant chains that make us slow on foot and voluptuous in the mid section.
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DrawWithNessie's avatar
That's such an awkward place to pierce XD
Herowebcomics's avatar
Right in the dino junk! 
Leptonyx's avatar
Can't, not, love this!!!
Megarai111's avatar
Oh boy, it's the food chain in reverse! We all better go back to school and study up on this O_O
Size-And-Stupidity's avatar
It may save your life. Remember the Triffids?
Megarai111's avatar
Randommode's avatar
OH my god LOL :) Dude I dunno how you do it 
Size-And-Stupidity's avatar
Thank you! I'm liking this fast food theme and am preparing a few more cartoons about crappy fast food. :)
fadedjadedjazz's avatar
think they're taking it out on the wrong dinosaur!
Zenkon13's avatar
TheBlackNova's avatar
The Floro-Sapiens!
Goldham92's avatar
don't mind the flowers, they just poking xD
VanillAbstract's avatar
The tides had turned!(?)
Size-And-Stupidity's avatar
Possibly, the meteor strike wiped out any proof. :)
AK-Is-Harmless's avatar
Oh no! Right in the bits!

Size-And-Stupidity's avatar
Ah, the bits. Suppliers of fun when regularly bathed.
hooksnfangs's avatar
Whoa! Robbie doesn't care about flowers spearing him!
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