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February 12, 2013
*Size-And-Stupidity never fails to give us with fun and humorous comics and Da Quake is just one of the many fun works from his gallery. Go check the others now as it will all be worth reading and checking.
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Da Quake



Happy Friday everyone. Enjoy!
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Well this is new, and thus is awesome. So far we've had satirical approaches on sport, society and even evolution but now the creator has delved into the dangerous but comedic goldmine of politics. And for the first attempt this is a real ground shaker, and I mean that literally as you can see and apologies for the cheap pun. As far as politics jokes go this is pretty much bang in the mark for just how far or probably how desperate people are for power. As far as Perry's case is concerned, I think he's your typical power-crazed lunatic. Those are always the funniest