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When I first saw the new layout I felt like leaving, but I've been playing around and its not so bad, just tricky to navigate at first. So here is my first submission on the new DA and I hope it doesn't confuse you. :)
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I’ve really missed these. They’re a treat!

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Thanks so much! I hope to create more soon.

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xD in one's mind, "what's wrong with this picture?" will come mine lol!

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Love the artwork on the wall, it rocks! :D

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It's a conversation piece. ☺️


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I think Uncle Larry was a bit senile and that's being nice. :no:

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At least he is resourceful
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Well at least he is resourceful

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Its not that bad.

But one thing i don't like with Eclipse is that you click the favorite button.

And then you need 3 more clicks to put it in the right folder and remove it on the main folder.

That's 3 unnecessary clicks.

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They should have done it like it is in the mobile app.
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Oh, that's annoying. I'm still playing around but I'm not liking it much, but at least the previews of the posts from watchers are bigger.

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prehistoric problems call for prehistoric solutions!

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