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16th - 30th January

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:spotlight-left: Word: "Magic" :spotlight-right:
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Prompt Guidelines

One six word story, per person, per prompt.

For Theme Prompt: The story must be theme related.

For Word Prompt: The story must contain the words given, although you can rearrange them as long as they are still next to each other. For example, if the prompt was "We Imagine", you could rearrange it to "Imagine We". The title does not count.

All pieces must follow the universal Guidelines.

The Author's Comments should contain:
SixWordStories' (Word or Theme) Prompt: (PROMPT)

Past Prompts

Theme Prompt

Unravel, Vulnerable, Ocean Breeze, Fairy Tales in Six Words, Obituary, Bullying, Paris,
Satirical, Reveries, Humor, Garden of Eden, Obsession, Sibling Rivalry, Spilled Milk, Puzzle Pieces, Skies, Runaway Train, Knock Knock, Written Word, Keepsake, Beautiful Flaws, Clarity, Ink, Recipe, Migration, A Thousand Words, Wind Chime, Drought, Wordplay, Heat Haze, Smoke, Reluctant Truth, Roads Less Traveled, Cherry Soda, Doppelganger, Conformist, Google, Celebration, Desperation, In Flight, Hurdles, Story of My Life, Tangle, Tread Lightly, I've Got A Golden Ticket, Dear Heart, Clothing Makes The Man, Growing Up, Here Today, Gone Tomorrow, Left, Trophies, Addiction, Made, Help!, Bridge, Blasphemy, Inevitable, Home, Justice, Silence, Devastation, Whimsy, Rainbow, The Forest, Your Last 6 Words Before Death, Shadows, Sanctuary, Distraction, Change, Paradox, Paranoia, Mother, Androids, Buzzing, Thankfulness, Things of the Past, Sin, Resolution(s)

Word Prompt

We Imagine, Tear, Stars, Tomorrow Speaks, Stranger, Arrival, Tea, Reach, Call Me,  Stumble, Astrology, Mythology, Unicorns, Meeting, Faithfulness, Have Not, To Disappear, Relax, Muse, Secret, We Bleed, Always Thought, Solace, Never Again, Devious, Roots Above, Crayon, Fear of, Enigma, Heaven Knows, Far Behind, Success, Only Asked, Endure, My Finger, Prophet, My Bad, Astronomy, You See, Math, Llama, You Know, Garden, Intimidate, I Believe, Can We, The Professor, Road, Gold, Odd, Eye, Love, For One, Sue, Sweet, We Lost, Game, Regret, Spark, Victory, Below Us, Time, Absent, Tragedy, Music, Lie To, Stars, Secret, Vanished, Difference, Stars, Radiance, Monster, Eat, Stillness, Dragon, It Is, Wish


If you have suggestions for a prompt that we could do, send us a note with the subject Prompt Idea! and make sure to include what type of Prompt it is for (either 'Word' or 'Theme'), though this may be changed at our discretion.
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Thank you so much for featuring my six word story!