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Les roses de Versailles by LadyEmilyStrange
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Midnight in Prague, Episode 3Narration: “As my mother’s vampiress doppelgänger drew me closer, against my will, all of my previous nightmares seemed to flash through my mind at once. I wanted to scream, but somehow I could only gaze into her dark yet beautiful eyes in silence.”Blood Countess: “Come closer my son, and let me give you a loving embrace.”Narration: “Despite the cross around my neck, it seemed my faith was not quite strong enough to resist her. Just as I thought my short and tragic life was over, a stranger rescued me from certain doom.”Antonius: “Crux sancta sit mihi lux. Non draco sit mihi dux, Vade retro satana. Nunquam suade mihi vana, Sunt mala quae libas. Ipse venena bibas.”*The Blood Countess screams and runs away in terror*Antonius: “She is gone, and with her the plague will be gone.”Vaclav: “Thank you for saving me.”Antonius: “La shukran ala wajib. My name is Antonius Iskandar.”Vaclav: “So you were the one who sent me the letter?”Antonius: “Indeed I was.”Vaclav: “I welcome you into my home and offer my sacred hospitality.”*Antonius follows Vaclav inside the apartment*Jaroslav: “Who is this strange visitor?”Vaclav: “Be polite to our guest, Jaroslav.”Antonius: “If at all possible, I would prefer to continue our discussion privately.”Vaclav: “Why don’t you take the rest of the day off, Jaroslav?”Jaroslav: “I will obey your wishes most graciously, master.”*Jaroslav leaves the building*Vaclav: “Can I offer you tokay or slivovitz?”Antonius: “No thank you. I do not drink wine, except in church.”Vaclav: “You told me in your letter that you are a very old man, but you appear to be as young as I am. How is that possible?”Antonius: “To make a long story short, that is because of a miracle of Princess Kinga. You see, after I lived in Egypt but before I lived in Prague, I lived in the village of Wieliczka in Poland which has a very special salt mine.”Vaclav: “My mother told me about that legend when I was a little boy, but I don’t see how it relates.”Antonius: “Saint Kinga was a Hungarian princess who was forced into an unhappy marriage for political reasons, and took a vow of chastity despite the marriage. When her husband died, she sold all of her material possessions and gave the money from them to the poor, and then she renounced all of her royal titles and spent the rest of her life as a nun at a remote convent in the mountains, which she founded herself. According to legend, Princess Kinga threw her engagement ring down a shaft in a salt mine in Hungary, which then teleported to the Wieliczka salt mine in Poland. The ring was found there inside a lump of salt. The salt from the mine is believed to have healing properties, and there are many statues as well as an underground chapel carved from salt deep within the mine. There is also an underground lake. Every day, I bathed in the underground lake inside the salt mines. That is what has preserved my youth, despite my advanced age.”Vaclav: “I suppose that there are many wonders in God’s creation that modern alchemy has yet to replicate.”Antonius: “Indeed there are. At the remote desert monasteries of Wadi El Natroun there are monks who can fly like angels and make themselves invisible after many years of prayer and fasting. The Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria denies it, but I know it is true.”Vaclav: “My professors at the University of Prague are still trying to find the elixir of life and make potions of invisibility for themselves.”Antonius: “I understand you were expelled from that prestigious academy for what they say was reckless behavior and disrespect for authority.”Vaclav: “The University of Prague is a training ground for the aristocracy of a new global Hapsburg hegemony, designed to indoctrinate students to all think identically in favor of the Jesuitical and papistical establishment, and to consider themselves superior to the uneducated masses.”Antonius: “What did you learn at the academy that troubles you so deeply? Please, speak freely. I want to know how you really feel.”Vaclav: “I will tell you what I learned at the academy. I learned that there are no such things as individuals. I learned that men are animals who must be herded like cattle and trained to act in defiance of their instincts like dogs. I learned that honesty and modesty are vices, and lying and pride are virtues. I learned that charity is selfish. I learned that words are more important than actions. Worst of all, I learned that any man who puts his faith in a higher power to save him from the cruelty of this world is either a fool or a lunatic. I prefer to educate myself. I can read books and scrolls and observe nature and the heavens without a false teacher interpreting it for me. If official documents with false credentials are the only path to wealth and prestige, then I do not need wealth nor prestige. I will continue to follow my own path, even if that means a life of abject poverty.”Antonius: “I am sorry if you feel that way.”Vaclav: “The Germanic and Magyar academia are obsessed with the occult, and they have a peculiar misconception about the Slavonic peasant’s religiosity. They believe that our Christianity is simply a thin veneer that if peeled off would reveal a true and ancient pagan tradition based in natural magic. In fact, they say we are descended from ancient Persian magi. They equate our prayers with their spells and incantations, our veneration of angels and saints with their worship of false idols, and the sacred customs we observe on holy days as a continuation of pagan festivals and sacrifices. They view our submission to Jesus Christ and the value we place in poverty and chastity as the cause of our own misfortunes, rather than the vices and corruption of aristocracy which are the true cause, and wish to free us from it by any means necessary. When we protest, they respond either with confusion or hostility. I suspect they have never actually read the Bible, which they either claim was fabricated or lost in translation to vernacular languages.”Antonius: “I never understood why the Roman Catholics are against translating the Bible. In the original Greek texts that make up the New Testament, Jesus Christ quoted the Septuagint, a Greek translation of the Hebrew Old Testament.”Vaclav: “For some reason the papists insist on having their Bible in Latin instead of the original Greek. Martin Luther's German translation was based directly on the original Greek texts. In any case, it is most important that the word of God reach everyone in a tongue they can understand.”Antonius: “That is true, but as you said, your professors do not believe the Bible is the word of God. They remind me of the ancient Gnostics, with their elitism and claims to knowledge of esoteric secrets that are beyond the unenlightened comprehension of the common man and are revealed only to initiates.”Vaclav: “They whipped me too. My back is still covered with scars inflicted by hypocrites who told me violence is not the answer to oppression. I am thankful that Kaiser Rudolf has chosen not to interfere in matters of faith, even though he is a Hapsburg.”Narration: “Our conversation might have continued indefinitely, had it not been swiftly interrupted by the sight of fire and smoke and the smell of brimstone.”*bullet noises*Vaclav: “Schwarze Reiter! Dozens of them!”Antonius: “The Kaiser must have forgotten to pay those devilish mercenaries.”Narration: “The mysterious horsemen rode in a circle, each discharging their pistols as they approached my home, then retreating to reload as others fired. They did not charge in a full gallop, but simply advanced in a steady trot.”Antonius: “Do something before they fill us with holes!”Vaclav: “You Egyptians distaste for gunpowder is why you lost to the Turks.”Narration: “We Bohemians are probably the most armed society in the world. Every peasant has had a firearm hidden in his hovel since the time of the Hussite Wars almost 200 years ago, and in the year of our Lord 1517 and again in the year of our Lord 1524 they were legally granted the right to keep them. Many of us own more than one, awaiting use in a just war the next time the papists decide not to allow us to worship as we please. As for me, I had acquired an exotic curiosity that I never thought I would have a practical use for.”Antonius: “An axe-pistol? Really?”Vaclav: “Well, they are a signature weapon of the Polish cavalry.”Antonius: “Yes, I know. I lived in Poland.”Vaclav: “Their armor is probably bulletproof. I think I can shoot them through those open-faced burgonet helmets.”Antonius: “It would take a miracle, which I suppose I have witnessed before.”Narration: “I waited patiently and took aim at one of the horsemen, managing to down him through his helmet at what I thought was an impressive distance. Shortly thereafter, the other horsemen retreated in fear, having seen their fallen comrade.”Antonius: “You cheated. That was almost at point-blank range.” Vaclav: “That is an optical illusion that is deceiving you. You would be surprised how much studying geometry has improved my aim.”Antonius: “Go outside and confirm that he is really dead. He might have just stumbled and fallen off his horse.”*Vaclav goes outside and returns shortly thereafter*Vaclav: “There is no body.”Antonius: “Do you mean to say you could not find the body?”Vaclav: “No, I mean there is an empty suit of munitions grade half-armor with no body inside of it. Yet is was still moving; squirming as if it were in agony from a gunshot wound.”
Midnight in Prague, Episode 2Narration: “It was early morning, still dark outside, when I prepared for my intrepid journey. Before I went outside, I ground up the finger of an Egyptian mummy and put the powder in my tokay wine. It tasted terrible, but I knew that it would protect me from disease. Then I put on a plague mask, and I filled the beak with Turkish roses, Arabian frankincense, and Indian sandalwood. The pleasant smells were a welcome relief.”Jaroslav: “Did you really just drink that concoction?”Vaclav: “Yes, I did, and now I am going outside.”Jaroslav: “I will stay here and guard your belongings for you, master.”Vaclav: “You are a very brave man, Jaroslav. What would I ever do without you?”Narration: “The streets of Prague were deserted that dawn. The air was dense and humid. In the sky, I could see thick clouds of some noxious and asphyxiating gas or vapor. I knew the clouds were full of miasma, bad air that spreads disease. The clouds swirled around a point like the center of a storm, as the sound of thunder pierced through the sky periodically. It was not like the loud boom of normal thunder, but rather a high-pitched shrieking or wailing noise.”Vaclav: “I-I can’t breathe! Help me!”Narration: “Slowly but surely, the clouds coalesced into the form of a human hand. The ghostly appendage descended from the sky, at first slowly, then accelerating rapidly. I could see it was reaching out to touch me… or it would have, had it not suddenly vanished not even an ell’s length away from me.”*Vaclav kneels and folds his arms in prayer while gazing up into the sky*Vaclav: “Heavenly Father, thank you for sparing my life from this terrible pestilence.”Narration: “There were still castle guards patrolling along the Golden Lane, but they were too busy chattering with each other to notice I had broken quarantine.”Guard 1: “Rumor has it he was executed for highway robbery via longitudinal impalement.”Guard 2: “No one can survive that.”Guard 1: “Oh, but he can.”Guard 2: “The weather is very pleasant lately, isn't it? The sky is clear and the sun shines brightly like it never has in these cold lands.”Guard 1: “I hope this weather continues.”Guard 2: “It is strange that so few have died from this plague, yet so many have gone mad from isolation.”Guard 1: “It is almost as if this plague causes disease of the mind, not disease of the body.”Guard 2: “Perhaps it does.”Guard 1: “Our steel helmets will protect us from the evil spirits that wish to penetrate our skulls and overthrow our minds.”Narration: “It was clear that only I could see the clouds of miasma in the sky or hear the sound of the storm. If I had been touched by evil, then perhaps I could see it in ways others could not? Yet because of my very nature, there was nothing I could do about it. I knew I had a heart full of fear and hatred and was incapable of love, which also made me unworthy of any love from others. I was doomed to walk the Earth alone and in sorrow until the day I die… except I was not. The priest at Bethlehem Chapel had kind words for me.”Priest: “Do not think you are unworthy of salvation just because you were born different from other children. The martyr Saint Christopher was born with the head of a dog. Jesus Christ came for everyone. I think what you witnessed in your dream was not an angel, but a demon in disguise trying to deceive you. It is the inherent nature of a demon to deceive souls into damnation, but all men have the choice to be good or evil.”Vaclav: “To have the head of a dog is to merely look different. My temperament is what is different, and that matters far more. I am less than a man. I am more like a dog than Saint Christopher.”Priest: “My child, may God have mercy on you and give you the blessings of happiness. Pray that he will protect you from the demons that are assaulting your mind.”Vaclav: “Thank you, father.”Priest: “I almost forgot. Many months ago, before the plague began, a gentleman in Polish attire left a letter that was intended for you and insisted that only you break the seal and read it. He was swarthy. Perhaps he is a Lipka Tartar?”The letter: “In the name of Saint Mark the Apostle, the martyrs of the Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria, and all of the angels and saints, may this letter reach its intended recipient.Dear Vaclav Miksanek of Tabor,My name is Antonius Iskandar of Cairo. I am a gentleman scholar, a poet, a swordsman, and a devout Coptic Christian. It was I who sold you the mummy’s finger. I was born in Egypt, but I fled the country for Poland after the Turkish conquest in the year of our Lord 1517. That means I am a very old man, and I must pass down my wisdom to the next generation before it is lost forever. Today I reside in Bohemia and I am an alchemist in the court of Kaiser Rudolf II. I understand you are interested in learning this noble and ancient craft. I am sorry to hear that you were expelled from the University of Prague, but I can help you achieve your dreams without sacrificing your principles. I can introduce you to the inner circle of the imperial court, where your unique talents will be appreciated. Who knows, perhaps you may even become a prince some day?From,Antonius Iskandar of Cairo, imperial alchemist for Kaiser Rudolf II and descendant of Imhotep”Narration: “The first night after that meeting, I never fell asleep. I was up from dusk till dawn praying and meditating, no matter how much I wanted to sleep. I also decided I must wear a cross, among other things, to protect myself from the demons. However, a talisman is only as powerful as the faith of the wearer.” Jaroslav: “Tell me master, what are these strange symbols you have scrawled all over your room?”Vaclav: “They are protective symbols to ward off evil. This is the eye of providence, or the all-seeing eye of God, a symbol of His omniscience that dates all the way back to ancient Egypt. This is a pentagram, whose five points represent the five wounds of Jesus Christ, one on each hand and foot from being nailed to the cross and a fifth from being pierced in the side by the spear of destiny. This is the cross of Saint Peter, who was crucified upside down because he felt he was unworthy to die the same way as Jesus.”Jaroslav: “I doubt that lines and shapes on walls could stop immaterial spirits.”Vaclav: “Um… You might be right.”Narration: “In time, the nightmares reappeared. One night, one of my nightmares unexpectedly came to my front door while I was awake, dressed in resplendent and luxurious finery befitting a noble lady.”Vaclav: “Mother, is that you?”Blood Countess: “Yes. It is I, your mother. Come to me, my son.”*She extends her hand and grasps Vaclav via prestidigitation*
Innocent Traitor by ajhistoric2
Tribute to Anne Boleyn by Ligra
The Obedient Wife by Musicfreak7793
Mother of Edward by Poison-Ivy-Alice
mother by kridi
The Phoenix Queen by suburbanbeatnik
Cruel Queen by kridi
Viola VIII by SomniumDantis
Viola X by SomniumDantis
Lucrezia Borgia... by VincentOfDreamhouse
Kensington lady II by SomniumDantis
Anne Boleyn - The Tudors by deridolls
Red Elizabethan by Lady-Lovelace
Shakespeare by deridolls
Jane Grey by deridolls






After searching around here on dA I was unable to find a good group that premiered artwork around the renaissance, specifically the 1500's. So I decided to start my own group and here it is!

This group is for anyone who loves the 16th century, history, art, literature, historical fashion and/or reenactments, and pretty much everything in between.

So thanks for giving the group a look and please feel free to submit your works here that show your love for history and the 16th century!
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Created for the love of the Renaissance and all of the art, literature, fashion, people and history of the 1500's.
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