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Thanks! This is awesome!
Excuse me, but what is the best way to replace all the windows 7's icon by yours?
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i, don't now last windows version I'd used was 2k
Very beautiful. great job.
i have a question. Can i use it in gnome? or just in xface.
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atm it works only with xfce, next update brings compatibility, try this> [link]
Dude I beg you... RAR :please:
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no!, because is a *nix theme 7zip is included in near every disto, has a better compression and is free *sorry*
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its a png icon-set, is only zipped with 7zip([link])

*nix is a UNIX-like System

Nevermind that... I know now. Would the icons work with windows if i downloaded 7-zip? If not is there any possibility of some PNGs?
Noob question: Whats *Nix?
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I love your stickers, awesome work

something for my web

hi, i donwload this icon, n it ask a password?
can anyone help me?
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big sorry, upload was damaged *fixed*
BTW, i like your Canus theme a lot. My default theme for now.
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cool picture......
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I can't wait to see what comes outta this. :D Keep on makin' those icons!
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I am waiting!!!
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schönes set! :thumbsup:
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