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A dark, minimalistic & fast theme made for Xfce

Includes themes for:
  • GTK2
  • GTK3 (3.6, 3.8.4, 3.10.2)
  • Xfwm
  • Xfce Notify
  • A very simple Wallpaper pattern


18 Feb 2014
- probably gtk 3.10 compatible
- gtk3 arrows still ugly cause not themeable (yes, gtk3 supports animations and all other useless stuff but not arrow theming :/ )
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Hello, Is there gonna be a Gnome 40 version? it works but can not change colour so... :) cheers amazing job since uuuuuuuu

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Here's a patched that doesn't have the bug that mangles transparency.…

It now depends on GraphicsMagick and does not depend on gif2png or ImageMagick.
gtk3 theme turns selected icons black. anyone else have this problem?
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the gtk3 theme is fully outdated and probably incompatible with newer gtk releases
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My work : an ACID wallpaper :
Hey sixsixfive! Thanks for all the great work, I like this theme so much I ported it over to QtCurve. I started with your Base theme and worked my way back. I'm not a theme maker at all but I think its pretty close.
(gtk3 is a nightmare so I'm jumping ship over to Qt Based apps)
it works great in qtcurve's gtk2 engine so far.

let me know what you think!

QTCurve Theme -…
KDE Colors Theme -…
.gtkrc-2.0 File -…
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nice, but too much green for my taste - i still hope for some qss support for kde 5
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Oh crap, this theme is incredible. So incredibly beautiful.
One thing - I have this graphical glitch at the bottom of my windows. Do you think that's fixable?
And I love the SLiM theme.
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ty very much 

>Do you think that's fixable? 

Well it's not a bug of the theme its a bug in X11 on some Distributons

you could try to modify the xfwm theme (eg: streching the borders to more than 1px)
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Can you try update the theme for GTK 3.10?
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currently I'm trying to port simpliX (which is similar to ACID)  to 3.10, but they removed a lot of features which makes it impossible to create a good port - Maybe I can figure out how to port it, but since there is no real documentation and the possibility that it will break again in 3.12 it has a very low priority for me :(
I love this theme, it looks great. Thanks!

I'm running Debian Wheezy 64-bit. On your screenshots I see a green bar below the titlebar on every window but I don't see that. Do you have any idea how I can get that too?

Thanks again!
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It depends on your Desktop environment currently the the following Widgets are themed: All Windows with aMenubar, Most Xfce Dialogs(settings etc.) and Dialog/Message windows

so it could be one of the following:

* you miss one of the needed theme engines(su -c "apt-get install gtk2-engines gtk2-engines-pixbuf" ,should fix this)
 * you use another Desktop Environment(eg. GNOME, MATE or LXDE) - well it's an Xfce theme :)
Cool! Installing gtk2-engines-pixbuf fixed it :D.

Just installed this and it looks great except for the fact that the windows don't have a bottom border any idea how to fix that?
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manual edit because your distro packages are buggy…
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Well... maybe it needs more work actually.
I went and changed to another theme for a moment, tried to get ACID back, nothing is working. Seems it reverts to something else as soon as anything else is selected. I didn't do anything unusual, so if it's broke on my system, it's only gonna work with the initial setup you've outlined above- to have to re-do that every one might want to use the theme is more than any normal consumer of an OS is going to be willing to do- it needs to work once it's installed and selected from the settings/theme menu.

But looks great right off the batt- one of my fave's and I've seen TONS- 10/10 once you get it consumer friendly!
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By the way, I recommend you drop this over to Clem at LinuxMint for the next release in their xfce version- I think it would be a great theme for them to have included and set up as part of the xfce defaults when they put out the next release. Really nicely done, client side!!!
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wow. The change color script needs "ImageMagick" and "Gif2png" (2.5.8+) to be installed, just FYI.
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Also, what do I need to do to get the icons to appear next to the window buttons on my panel bar?
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open gtk-2.24.14/theme/gtkwidget.theme with a text editor and comment line 27: XfceTasklist::minimized-icon-lucency=0

see here for more details:…
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I just applied this and I Love it, except for one small problem...when I used the changecolor script, I'm guessing the image colorization process got rid of the transparent backgrounds on a lot of the images...for example, all of the arrow images (ie arrow-down-active.gif) have white backgrounds instead f transparent.

WhenI first ran the script it said I didn't have gif2png or something, so I did a sudo apt-get install gif2png (or png2gif, can't remember) and ran the script again and it worked...but like I said...the transparent backgrounds are gone...what should I do for that?
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I know that this is an old comment but I updated the changecolor script so it actually works properly. If you still care the script is over here:…
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just redownload and try again, if it still not work post the color i will change it for you
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