what is your favorite animal? c:
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other animal *commets plz*
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Published: July 25, 2014
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GladiatorRomanusHobbyist General Artist
Cats, giant Rabbits, Whale Sharks, Dragons and of course MLP's ponies :)
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Hummingbirds and pangolins.
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Crad-Rin-VahHobbyist General Artist
mythical: dragon
land: wolf
flying: bat/ swift/ hawk
sea: seahourse
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Bass-JavelinStudent Digital Artist
Idk... horses and fantasy animals
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supersonicslasherHobbyist Artist
cats, phoenix, dragon,but most of all would probably be pegasi
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MINERVUSStudent Writer
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ankh-anubisHobbyist Photographer
Wolves for me
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MetalRenamonHobbyist Digital Artist
Fluffy canines, like husky, samoyed, Australian Shepherd, golden retriever, border collie, wolves <3
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Me gustan los gatos y los perros, pero mis animales favoritos siempre han sido los reptiles, aunque mi madre nunca entendió porque. Pero hasta el día de hoy me niego a comer carne de reptil.
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I don't have just one but some of my favorites are sharks, reptiles, birds of prey(eagles, falcons, owls, ect), wolves, tigers.
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Favorite as a whole is a Golden Eagle or a Red Tailed Hawk.

To keep as a pet, probably a dog or a snake.
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I don't really have one since I like them all so much ^^'
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Quinty-ImaraStudent Digital Artist
CATS! (and ponies >w> ) 
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Mizumi-No-OkamiStudent General Artist
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ShadowClipseAViHobbyist Traditional Artist
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Argos90Student Digital Artist
Actualmente tengo de mascota a una golden retriever, que es para mi la mascota ideal XD pero tambien un gato que rompe mucho las pelotas XD
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