Why you're following me?
|125 votes
for the boobs
for the asses
for the Ponies
for art
Published: September 19, 2015
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Comments (34)
Lan-Hikari's avatar
Because of your sexy art style!
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Vikbys's avatar
For all of the above~!
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Allfather-Vohas|Hobbyist Digital Artist
For! The! EVERYTHING!! Take that meaning as literal or contextual as you like.
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wilnet1tractor's avatar
Love your style of art, & hope you'd do one for me.
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ArcCahlon's avatar
ArcCahlon|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
because I heard you had cookies o.o

and the art. ^^
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Th3Ph0b1aP0n3's avatar
Th3Ph0b1aP0n3|Hobbyist General Artist
I voted for ponies, guessing that that counts anthro ponies lol. Sadly there wasn't a 1 & 2 option. :P
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TheRealDrakeBlaze's avatar
Mostly for art but also a total of 3 out of 4 :P
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Scurge42's avatar
For all of the above. :D
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Kiryu2012's avatar
All of the above. <3
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Okamigirl2013| Traditional Artist
Your art is amazing and you are awesome ;w;
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Funinightmare|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Because your Boobielicious and Assmazing Pony Art! :D

Hahahahahaha I cheated my way out!
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TrishaDemilion's avatar
Why can't it be multiple choice?? xD I'd choose 1, 2 and 4 
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Knight3000's avatar
Knight3000|Hobbyist Digital Artist
For your great art and boobs 
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Sekkaasun's avatar
Sekkaasun|Student Digital Artist
Boots and toots
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cooldude154's avatar
Because of safesleep
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The-Dude-Bro's avatar
The-Dude-Bro|Student General Artist
All of the above.
But you really know how to get the light on the boobs and ass just right
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sokesamurai's avatar
Because I enjoy your work and I consider us friends. (Plus you're sweet.) We thought you knew this already.
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WithinSouls's avatar
WithinSouls|Student Traditional Artist
everything. why not everything
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Wanderer619's avatar
boobies + everything else
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AdamAnt543's avatar
Because you're awesome, simple as that.
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Scarred-Samurai's avatar
True,I'm something of a pervert,but the other reason I follow you is because you have a very good gift for art.
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For everything.
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