Who is your favorite visual artist in DA? :)
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*Tell my why, and show me the link plz c:*
Published: December 1, 2014
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wolfeeezStudent Artist
you,froggyrocki, and pia-sama
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D-GoldenheartHobbyist General Artist
Here's a couple of my friends who I really adore and I know have some AMAZING stuff!!!


And these are some artists who's works I really like!

All these artists have come a long way mate. They began with something small, but built their way up to become somebody big. I admire them, because they're amazing artists, with great social skills to interact with their audiences, and that they have some amazing stuff that is almost impossible to see from people nowadays. They all have their unique skills, talents, and ways of communicating, but they all have something in common. One, they somehow got the attention of the legend... moi~. And most importantly and not as jokingly, two, is that they started small, and rose with tremendous skills and social communications that made them into wonderful and great artists! Great job mates! Keep up the great works, and I would LOVE to see more from you guys in the future! Bye-bye!!!

Oh and I just KNOW there's going to be that guy/girl who says, "Who's that guy that just summoned me from my cave?" At least one or two at max.
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:icondevinian: I love how he does his scenery
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LiscobeHobbyist Digital Artist
Pues no sabría cual es mi favorito, me gustan varios estilos. Por ejemplo, en el género Furry me encanta bbmbbf :iconbbmbbf: es un miembro de Palcomix (o el jefe, no estoy seguro), se le da muy bien la anatomía de los personajes, y es una persona muy maja y amigable.
Luego está salvamakoto :iconsalvamakoto: que hace dibujos de Dragon Ball espectaculares, con un diseño muy fiel al de Akira Toriyama, sus dibujos parecen oficiales y todo.
También me gusta mucho el estilo de The-Butcher X :iconthe-butcher-x: en sus dibujos de MLP, aunque cuando responde algún comentario, no parece muy amigable, da la sensación de que siempre está enfadado, no se por qué, pero a veces me siento incómodo cuando me responde en algo. Me gustaría pedirle algún día un Art-Trade, pero no sabría cómo hacerlo ._.
Y este tal sixpathoffriendship :iconsixpathoffriendship: tiene un estilo bastante curioso, me gusta cómo colorea y hace los fondos en los dibujos. No sé bien cómo definirlo, pero me gusta. A ver si alguna vez hace un Art-Trade conmigo :D
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sixpathsoffriendshipHobbyist Digital Artist
Ohh bbmbbt si he visto su arte ahí :) es muy bueno!

Ohhh Salvamakoto se vé muy interesante c:

The Butcher no es malo xD sólo es parte de su personaje al igual que ''Dross'' c: es muy amable enrealidad pero parece siempre un tipo grumpy xD a mi me responde de manera graciosa algunas veces :)

Awww c': gracias, I feel so honoured!:hug: 
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A mi en lo personal me encanta el estilo de The Butcher X, su estilo es genial y hace crossovers de las mane 6 version eqg con otras series, y otras imagenes que te podrían gustar 

.:EQG - Mane: 06:. by The-Butcher-X
.:Human Pony 14:. by The-Butcher-X

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sixpathsoffriendshipHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh sí!!! :D lo conozco! es uno de mis friends! y es super talentoso :)
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Bass-JavelinStudent Digital Artist
Well. Mr.joseco, Atryl... And of course include you.
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sixpathsoffriendshipHobbyist Digital Artist
I love John Joseco :) Aww thanks so much c':
EMPERADO-RFELOZOStudent Digital Artist
En DA no tengo artistas favoritos, soy una persona de gustos variados, por lo tanto muchos estilos y artistas me gustan.
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I don't have to show the link, I'm very near
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sixpathsoffriendshipHobbyist Digital Artist
Awww c:
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ArcCahlonHobbyist Traditional Artist
too be honest I have a lot of fave artist that i watch. but to narrow it down I'll stick to DA. 
not gonna list them in order of fave as I hold all of them as the best around. I will not include tho some of the greater of greatest artists like kloudmutt, skipsy, JJ, or artyl as i already know you know how great they are, I also wont include your art as well hell you already know you are an awesome artists and are already on my faves (tis why i watch your art)

A Walk Through the Countryside by CTB-36

always has cute colorful pieces of work

A cute little marshmallow on a pillow by AleximusPrime
always cute and as of recent saucy art. very talented

The Crownless King and Queen by ShyDeathKitty
I LOVE his art. seriously anyone who isn't following him should. I consider him a master of the traditional art. as a traditional artists myself he is what I hope to achieve one day. plus his descriptions are fucking awesome. he adds so much life into it you can actually connect with the character. in a list of top 5 he'd be in the top 3 at least.

Sorcery Sketch 2 by DfectiveDvice
another great artists with an amazing detail to poses and crisp clean lines 

Casual Friday by Joey-Darkmeat
another amazing artists with such mesmerizing line art. I'd be amazed if there isn't some one here watching him. also spoiler alert it wasn't a glow stick in my pocket ^^ it was a twinkie ^^

does AMAZING work not only in MLP but other art forms. PLUS he does a blog based around my fave MLP gal Apple of the bloom with a twist of fappy lol

why I love her art I think the pic speaks for its self. 


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sixpathsoffriendshipHobbyist Digital Artist
Wow nice!:D those arts are really amazing :)
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ArcCahlonHobbyist Traditional Artist
yeah there a few of the many amazing artists I follow here. 
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joeyh3Hobbyist Digital Artist
iOVERDCTB-36, and RainbowDashie. They're all amazing artists (and the former is an awesome photographer as well).
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sixpathsoffriendshipHobbyist Digital Artist
yeah its awesome C:
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RyugamiTheChaosedgeHobbyist Digital Artist
My absolute favorites are fatelogic and avante92. Used to like GradieWolf or whatever it is, but she is cant seem to come out of her comfort zone so I said screw it.
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agreDIwHobbyist Digital Artist
mi artista favorita es sixpathoffriendship me gusta SUS dibujos  buenos y tambien Por Que Es Una gran amiga
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To be honest with you, my most favorite DA artists are the following

DKSTUDIOS, x-Nekopunch-x, DarkVanessaLust, Yumoe, JassyCoCo, KYHU, darkuriko, kiomii, shawli2007, Tyky64, Eroberry, Oppai-no-megami, Lady-Suchiko, Glamourpink, Shayeragal, KittyStardraco, Scootie-chan, YeYeBirdie, MazohistMoexcloud, SatraThai, Captainkaddy, SandraLVV, and riiko23, Batusawa, Tori001, Ullamaliztli, and JitenshaSW.

The ones that are very especial are you, LouderSpeakers, and of course WOOXX

I noticed that you are the only male artist in this list hehehe >^w^<
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sixpathsoffriendshipHobbyist Digital Artist
Wow nice collection :D very impressive c:
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Thankies, my dear buddy >^w^<

I am sure you have a list as well La la la la La la la la La la la la
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LouderSpeakersHobbyist Digital Artist
My favorite artists would be tt-n and dimwitdog. I love the work they put on every detail. And I'm totally fascinated of the expressions, the face of the character is the first thing I see  :squee-love: - PLZ 
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