Who is the most powerful and creepy character of all Creepypastas? :)
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Published: October 14, 2014
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 The strongest has to be the Slender Man, besides those other "god" like creatures of the Creepypasta world. And I'm not voting on him because he's my favorite Creepypasta, I voted him as the strongest because of all the proofs and information I got. So here we start. He can do Slender Walking, camouflage, mind control, impersonation, tentacles or limbs, selective visibility, fire, mutilation, sickness (sicks people), weather/day control, telepathy, pain reduction/prolonging death, Slender sense, he can also rip your heart out by putting his long, skinny, bony, fingers into your throat, and teleportation. If you have some questions of what these abilities are, just search it up, or just type "What are the Slender Man's abilities?". He is also terrifying as you may see, his scary appearance freaks out a lot of people. He is very tall, about 6 feet to 15 feet high. He has a pale white face, with no eyes, mouth, ears, nose, and eyebrows, his face is just a white face with nothing on it. He wears a tuxedo suit, black or grey, and has a neck-tie that is black or red. He has long, skinny, bony fingers too. He isn't just "scary" too, he is beyond scary. He also cannot die, he is immortal, which is a very, VERY powerful thing. The Doctor can kill Slender Man though, but besides that, he really can't die. Unlike the other strongest Creepypastas like Jeff the Killer, or Eyeless Jack, he isn't just a killer who will kill you straight up. He likes to play. His number one victims are children, he likes to play along, and go easy on them, taking time. As you may see, he likes to take a long time, playing around with the children, until he eats 'em. He doesn't only spot on children though, he can go for a older child, like a teen, or even an adult. He is one SCARY, POWERFUL Creepypasta character!!! Long story short, he is the most powerful Creepypasta out there...
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twisrterfenixStudent Digital Artist
son demasiadas para decidir pero si les interesa hay un youtuber llamado towngameplay. su seccion de terror psicologico tiene mas de 100 crepypastas diferentes es dificil decidir pero creo que el peor es tu endemoniada "amiga" que aparece en slender the arrival
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sweetnursechapelHobbyist General Artist
Freddy Fazbear and his friends 
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GladiatorRomanusHobbyist General Artist
no one, I hate creepypasta (slenderman and other bullshit)
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How about Creepy Pasta? :P
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greendonutbot400Hobbyist Artist
Do OC creepypasta characters count? If so, I'd choose my only one: "Him".

Take a look at "Him" in my gallery.
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MuseRoseStudent General Artist
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supersonicslasherHobbyist Artist
hmmm its a 3 way tie between slendy, jeff, and ticci toby
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DarkGrimoire-VZeroHobbyist Writer
Slendermen or maybe the rake.
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andrewtfStudent Filmographer
Slenderman. He's a freakin' entity :-0
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Who is the universe's awesomest evildoer? HATER!!!!!
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Bass-JavelinStudent Digital Artist
lol why kids nowaday are scared of pasta?
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Crad-Rin-VahHobbyist General Artist
slenderman. i know it seems kinda over used but i have to go with it. he seems really OP cause u get happy when he gets u and all that (according to certain references) hes like a happy faceless ghost! whats up with that! plus his story line is really complicated and if u really look into it... you come out with some pretty freaky stuff...
like THIS SCREAM  kinda freaky...

p.s. splendorman is just plane cool ^w^
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Well since no one has mentioned it yet anything associated with the whole Abandoned by Disney story including Room Zero. The one that freaks me out the most is the mickey mouse mascot.... I'll leave it at that.

Funnymouth was also pretty creepy too. O_O
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MasterSense96Student General Artist
RED from Godzilla NES
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eh uh I dunno..slenderman? wouldn't mind seeing some art of him gutting that shitty jeff the killer one, meh creepy pastas in general sorta seem boring to me XD
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Mizumi-No-OkamiStudent General Artist
ben drowned, mostly because it's the only creepy pasta i actually enjoy(mostly because i really love majora's mask)
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LiscobeHobbyist Digital Artist
Tails Doll claramente :D :icontailsdollplz:
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No tengo idea muchas creepy pastas desvarían lo que cuentan
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sonic.exe and what makes it worse supersonic.exe
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Terra-Nova1125Hobbyist Photographer
Oh god why
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Terra-Nova1125Hobbyist Photographer
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This is probably a little too main stream but i think Slender Man is the most powerful. His lore is the most terrifying and thick with plot. 
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