Who has more sexappeal in Equestria Girls? owo
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Published: April 14, 2014
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FlutterDash75Hobbyist Digital Artist
Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash^^
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And Rainbow Flash! ;P

And AppleJack!
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Flash Sentry *dodges tomato*
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TuxisthenameHobbyist Digital Artist
Rarity <3
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Terra-Nova1125Hobbyist Photographer
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PegasusMeteorStudent General Artist
Sunset, Rarity and Fluttershy.
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Vinyl, Sunset and Fluttershy
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DrevisHobbyist Interface Designer
my beloved Applejack.
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Allfather-VohasHobbyist Digital Artist
All the Ponies. Those Horny Girls...
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GeekygamiHobbyist General Artist
I'd say Vinyl is definitely in the top ranks. She has bigger boobs, methinks
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Celestia and Luna!
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ShadowClipseAViHobbyist Traditional Artist
Apple Jack and vinyl Scratch. 
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RykuBloodwingHobbyist Writer
//luna and dashie are best pony and best princess always.//
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AstralMelodiaHobbyist Digital Artist
I'm gonna say Luna!
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srmkcs Traditional Artist
Me conformo con que sea algo tuyo. =)
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Mizumi-No-OkamiStudent General Artist
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crimsonnodachi1992Hobbyist General Artist
Derpy..just because...
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Brendon-BellettoStudent Digital Artist
Sunsrt Shimmer, Dashie, and Rarity :heart:
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None of them. I HATE eqg. Prefer ponies than skinny and ugly human versions of the characters.
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sixpathsoffriendshipHobbyist Digital Artist
I did big Girls with EQG :') it is okay?
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It just not the same. :c No fantastic worlds, cute creatures with cool abilities and no impressive story in the spin-off. Just mundane and cliche high school stuff. In my faves under Equine Gals, it has no "humanization" pics. Just actual and pretty equine characters. As it should be. Season 5 is what I'm more interested in.

That is how I feel about it.
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sixpathsoffriendshipHobbyist Digital Artist
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