Which you prefer to use to draw?
|67 votes
Digital Tablet
Paper and Pencil (traditional)
Published: September 10, 2014
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GladiatorRomanus|Hobbyist General Artist
paper and pencil for the sketches, and the tablet for inks and colors?
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MetalRenamon|Hobbyist Digital Artist
On early days, I draw on paper using pencil, scan and then digitize using mouse on Photoshop.
Now, I use tablet and do all the drawings and coloring on SAI. :)
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LoveForLetty64|Student Digital Artist
For now i'm drawing with paper and pencil, but i ordered a Tablet online so... i'll see which i prefer for my draws! :)
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I voted paper and pencil because that is how most my drawing start out, although i usually end up scanning it into my computer and turning it into digital art so you can out my vote as half analog and half digital. 
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srmkcs| Traditional Artist
Lo tradicional (estoy estancado en eso) 
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donkfur78|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Traditional, I find it to be easier and relaxing.
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ShadowClipseAVi|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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LennyTribe|Hobbyist General Artist
Hard question, I love to sketch and waste my boring time at school by drawing with pencil on the paper or whatever I can find, but whenever I get more serious, I whip out my tablet (not in school tho, except on art-classes, but even then mostly use traditional stuff) :P
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