Which is the best combination of colors for you?:)
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Published: July 13, 2014
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Crad-Rin-VahHobbyist General Artist
blue/ green or the majority of colors with black
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KingSpiderLord77Hobbyist Writer
black and almost every other color. has to be in a stripe pattern tho
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purple and gold/ red and black ;P
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I think neon green and pink, or light blue and light pink make awesome combos. Also a deeper purple, and a slightly dark blue looks awesome. I've seen pics of ponies wearing socks of all those color combos, and the socks are very cute in those colors.
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SoulDragonWithFlowHobbyist Writer
black n orange! epic
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Argos90Student Digital Artist
Negro y dorado son mis favoritos, pero tambien bordo metalico con gris metalico XD
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xMaxine10xHobbyist Traditional Artist
Red, black, and small accents of gold
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Negro/azul, negro/rojo, negro/gris, Negro/amarillo, Blanco/azul, Blanco/negro... Hay varias que uso, pero siempre dependerá para que y donde lo tenga que usar. 
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I like Red/Blue with Black. Those are my favorite colors.
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Black and White,
for some reason I just absolutely love this color combo :nod:
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White and Blue, with black and gold accents.

A lot of my main MMO characters have had that kind of color scheme. 
White and blue armor with gold accents over a black bodysuit/joints makes for a heroic look no matter the setting.
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RaiwellSkyStudent Digital Artist
Black and light magenta.
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Dark red + poison bright green.
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I really like red + black  the classic "evil" thing, but also works great with sexy clothes ^^
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WinterDominusHobbyist Digital Artist
Definitely: black + emerald green + aquamarine! Love All used to create an embodiment of beauty and allure also known as Queen Chrysalis! 
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ShadowClipseAViHobbyist Traditional Artist
All chocolate colors in order: orange, darkish brown, black, and maybe yellow.
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NoxidamXVProfessional Digital Artist
For what?
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