What do you think about the ''Core'' membership thingy? ^^;
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Published: August 5, 2015
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It looks weird that way I'm not gonna lie lol XD
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I don't care either way; I never had premium.

Free membership is plenty enough for me, Sunglasses are good
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it's about the money. :/
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CranberrylanHobbyist General Artist
I think they may not be getting as much money as they expected, so they're rolling out this " AWESOME/WONDERFUL" new development.  I think they should have let the people with the old accounts choose whether to stay with their old memberships (if they wanted).  It may be a good thing though.
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Bass-JavelinStudent Digital Artist
they're jacking to our money again! 
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MasterofDigitalArtHobbyist Digital Artist
I FUCKING HATE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why did it go from like 4.96 $ a month to 15 $ WHAT THE FUUUUUUUCCCKCKCKKCKCK !!!!?????
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CranberrylanHobbyist General Artist
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LadyBelvaHobbyist Digital Artist
It sucks big huge oily black... well, you know :)
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I haz no monies, so I don't care.
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It just dont match the color with DA enviroment, its like a pacman in the windows cmd... I dont like it.
Yea yea, they may or need money for a new mansion but rising the price without new cool features is totally wrong IMO
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I would really prefer if they reverted to the non-flashy name and color. Can't help but to feel like I'm pushing my premium status up in people's faces. =/
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DeviantArts newest atempt to get money
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The-Dude-BroStudent General Artist
Down with core! 
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Doesn't affect me. I never had premium/core ever since I've been on DA. bunneh icon17 
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SonicLunaDash76Hobbyist General Artist
kept premium
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DeltashockOmnihornHobbyist General Artist
It sucks more than premium.
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DrChrismanHobbyist Traditional Artist
only 5 cents more, so not worth the peoples outrage
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I don't really care about it.
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BB-KHobbyist Digital Artist
When I look at it, it's still more like a DA subscription. Nothing else, no point spending money on things I don't need.
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LaszlVFXHobbyist Digital Artist
I liked the old one better, but I understand that the staff of DeviantArt needs a new way to get more paid.
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Flashier more obvious way of marking people as subscribers.  No big deal.
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LoveForLetty64Student Digital Artist
Yo todabia no he tenido la posibilidad de tener Premium o Core por el momento, y pienso que lo harè despues de un buen tiempo ahora que cuesta mas.... Algunos anos atras devianart era chevere... ahora han cambiado muchas cosas que ni a mi me gustan por ser sincero! :/
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It looks very cheesy.
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