This is an random question for all of you^^ Who is your favorite OC Pony and why?:)
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*comment and links plz*^^:heart:
Published: October 27, 2014
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Milkey Way and Button's mom.

Buttons mom is just awesome and I really wish I could see more of her.
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Applejack, she reminds me of Helena.
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Flufflepuff. Because Flufflepuff.
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ArcCahlon|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
my fave would be milky way. she is so adorable. I could see her working along side nurse redheart taking care of and feeding the foals. 
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Love seeing a shoutout to the milkmare.
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Allfather-Vohas|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Safesleep. Oh, Discounting my 'Waifu.'
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I :iconbigheartplz: Ash & Caine! Ash & Caine Sweet Embrace by ThePeacefulPrincess  Come on! What's not to love about them!? They're super cute together as a Pony Couple! They can't stand being apart from each other and their love for each other is as strong as Shining Armor & Cadence's love for each other! :love:
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I've faved many OC's, but out of all of them, I'd say these two made by the ever so talented SilverRomance are my favorite of all:

Silver Romance-
Ulyssa the Longzhu-
White Knight-

Ms. Silver is such a talented artist and story teller, I strongly believe that an OC should always have a personality or at least a backstory, and Ms. Silver has done such a magnificent with these three. Out of all her amazing creations, these three shine the brightest to me. :aww:
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For me it's sortof a tie between Silver Quill (because he makes me laugh) and Dr. Wolf (because he makes me think), I know neither of them are actually ponies (Though Silver Quill kinda counts as he's a hippogriff) but they're still my faves ^>^
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ehh im gonna say my own oc because I actually do have a backstory( a rough idea) for him but I just don't want to post it ( im lazy:P (Lick) ) plus I have grown rather attached to him so yeah...
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Funinightmare|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
OCs that are sexy and or funny :) Safesleep is on the list :) :hear:
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Pitch sucks for the Ego thing.
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VipeyDashie|Professional Digital Artist
Pitch , Safesleep , Safewake , Etc ^^
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My Favorite OC ponies are definetely your dinamic duo of Sleepy and Wakey

Not to mention other great ones like Pitch >^w^<
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Evowizard|Hobbyist Writer…
"Written Delights"
Yeah, he's my oc, but eh. I've really grown attached to him.

If we're not including that one then Anthea…
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Well, Nyx is the definitive great OC, but I'm still totally in love with Zeneila, the Immortal King. (Mentioned her on your last poll)
But I also love my OC Mystic Zeal, pictured here (…. I made him a challenge to myself to make a GOOD Red and Black Allicorn OC. I like to think I succeeded.
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Gaming239|Student Artisan Crafter
Uhm.....I have one.
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Mine cause she is ma bby and I am a sad person
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I have a lot of favorite OCs. Most of them being futa.
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well i got a few some here is one :3 sixpathoffriendship.deviantart… reasons well she is just hot and so cute +favlove Blush 
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srmkcs| Traditional Artist
Ehm, nunca me detuve a preguntármelo. 
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Mithandir730|Hobbyist Digital Artist
FlufflePuff because fluff.
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GladiatorRomanus|Hobbyist General Artist
never liked OCs 
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OC that belongs to you or...? 
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