Random thing of the day: U.S. Enterprise (Star Trek) vs Millennium Falcon (Star Wars) , who win this?
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U.S. Enterprise
Millennium Falcon
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Published: September 14, 2016
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Falcon, just because I dont like star trek
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DrChrismanHobbyist Traditional Artist
Han pulls an ep5 on the Enterprise
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StillWatersPonyHobbyist General Artist
Which Enterprise? I mean, it still wins, but... XD
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Rikirk69Hobbyist General Artist
Anyway I don't think Enterprise and falcon should be fighting one another in the first place.
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Rikirk69Hobbyist General Artist
Enterprise wins. Its a capital ship the size of an aircraft carrier. Oh yeah...it has shuttles that can double as fighters. Type 12 phasers that are more destructive than any turbo laser and guided photon torpedoes...which the explosive component is ....ANTIMATTER!

Go fig.
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Falcon off course. I know Is a old machine but I like it
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Allfather-VohasHobbyist Digital Artist
Pfft... The Ebon Hawk. OBVIOUSLY.
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I'm a Stars Wars fan but I'll have to say US Enterprise
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The Enterprise has more firepower and the Millennium Falcon has a hard time with TIE fighter and Han and Chewie always try to avoid Star Destroyers, which in terms of size is more comparable to the Enterprise
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personally the enterprise can take on the deathstar
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yet they get heavily damaged by one lame damn hit every time in every series rendition of the ship. for a so called advanced ship they are weak as frick. the falcon is to for what it is but at least its got mobility than a giant pizza cutter with neons.
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deadmeat888Hobbyist Writer
the reason is cause 1. the falcon is meant to be a smuggling ship than a fighting ship but 2. the enterprize is a research ship more than a combat ship. sure its heavilly armed but its more made for comfort than fighting
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In a straight up fight?
most likely enterprise 
got a lot more fire power
and a tractor beam

and transporters

just send a load of read shirts onto the falcon and gun solo and chewie down
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not sure if I am remembering wrong, but I think that their teleporter things cant go through shields and since star wars shields tend to actually work compared to star treks lame ass useless shields......you get the picture. I love star trek as well as star wars but the whole shields to maximum, get hit ONCE and suffer major damage every time is just lame.
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*Gives a cold dead stare* Depends on who's driving them.
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Rikirk69Hobbyist General Artist
Hmm...I do like that old theory, its not the machine...but the man.

But in this case....ehh..
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... what? I said this as a joke, not the theory. XD
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Rikirk69Hobbyist General Artist
Yes I know...

But Rebels and Feds should be allies...

My opinion.
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