Random question for you! :) what is your native language? ^^:heart:
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*comments please :hug: )
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Published: December 10, 2014
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CranberrylanHobbyist General Artist
The Eengrish!
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Wookie, nah, I'm kidding, English.
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LoveForLetty64Student Digital Artist
Spanish! even if i born and grown in Italy
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English and Castellano.
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Valtorgun-le-GrandHobbyist Digital Artist
I am French. ^^
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GuyKaratHobbyist Digital Artist
Italian! Mamma mia!!! XDD
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im the only Lithuanian here :iconrainbowdashwhatplz:
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ArcCahlonHobbyist Traditional Artist
engrish. it's like english but more butchered and misspelled a lot. ^^
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CranberrylanHobbyist General Artist
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Epañol latino, pero también domino muy bien el ingles :D
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English *American* for me mate, but I was born and raised twelve years in Germany, have worked alongside Spanish speaking friends for eight years.... and, have allways wanted to learn how to speak Nipponese *Japanese for those who don't know*
so I know a little bit of those three languages too.
aside from that, i'm currently fine tuning two languages I've made up for use in my collective works:
Draggish and Drakonian
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AstroanimationsHobbyist General Artist
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Bass-JavelinStudent Digital Artist
EMPERADO-RFELOZOStudent Digital Artist
Español mexicano... castellano para ser exactos.
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LR-StudiosHobbyist General Artist
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andrewtfStudent Filmographer
I'm Italian but I love English! :-D
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Guarani, ingles y español :3
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sixpathsoffriendshipHobbyist Digital Artist
Arriba Paraguay y el Terere xD
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