Okay... o_o I really need your opinion about this selection below. so.... Whats your favorite category and why? :) (i will not reply ;-; )
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Spandex, Leggings, Latex things etc.
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Published: May 28, 2014
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ShadowClipseAViHobbyist Traditional Artist
Anything! It all looks beautiful!
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ankh-anubisHobbyist Photographer
Nude is because natural is beautiful and shouldn't be covered up
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I'm actually not really a fan of nude. I don't know, seeing the female body be naked just puts me off. That said, I much prefer lingerie or such cause it feels more right for me.
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Nudes because i find beauty of nature body :3
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Normally I would've gone w/ nude
but lately I've been liking lingerie b/c
of how beautiful designs are placed on beautiful
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Quinty-ImaraStudent Digital Artist
I like cute drawings
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All 3 categories
reason is that I like them and I think they look really good on if you're doing t right and also all of them are hot in their own way, if you ask me! :3
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donkfur78Hobbyist Traditional Artist
If I had to pick, I'd say lingerie, because it does look sexy and leaves something to the imagination. You also wouldn't have to worry about restricting viewership of the piece. :)
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joeyh3Hobbyist Digital Artist
Lingerie, especially panties, because it's incredibly sexy
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Here in Paraguay... and you know veeeeeeeeeeery good that we have enormeous fetishes with the Lycras, Leggings and all that sexy extra skin on that pretty legs of the girls- -w-
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DJPON3VYNILHobbyist Traditional Artist
Ive gotta go with lingerie, because its super sexy! ^^ And really fits the moment that they are needed in!
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I love Leggings and tight things:) but lingeries is just super hot^w^

Im with the Lingerie stuff this time!;)
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LazySStormHobbyist General Artist
Lingeries because it just bumps up the level of sexiness, nude is nude but with lingeries, it just feels... good.
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ponysoldier12Student Artist
Lingeries because the look hot
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