Do you like hugs? c::heart:
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Nope! *^*
Published: August 26, 2014
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GladiatorRomanusHobbyist General Artist
yep, only by females, never by males
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UltimateGameMasterHobbyist Writer
I don't get enough hugs... :(
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I'm just about the most huggable person At my school. If you walk up to me and randomly hug me I don't care I'll hug you back. But I'm shy so yeah...
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I like hugs, but I'm not a very hugable penguin as it turns out. :o
ponysoldier12's avatar
ponysoldier12Student Artist
i want to hug sleepy every day :3
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I have fairly long arms so i can hug 2-3 people at a time. Glomp! Tackling hug I love hugs.
aotorithebluebird's avatar
AMO los ABRAZOS >^w^<

Hug Hug Hug 
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As a matter of fact, yes! I do, but...I never get any...
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ponysoldier12Student Artist
awww don't worry she can hug u any time u want :3
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CrelyousStudent General Artist
I like hugs owo
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never liked hugs, they are warm yes but i don't like them.
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MetalRenamonHobbyist Digital Artist
Glomp Revamp Hug Huggle! Man Hug Tight Hug :hug: 5 seconds hug Frozen - HUG! Llama Emoji-60 (Snug or Hug) [V3] Taiga and Minori (I miss you hug) [V1] Chili Anime Emoji (Snuggy hug) [V2] Hug Yato and Hiyori (Snuggy) [V1] Komari hugs Rin [V5] Tohru hugs Kisa-chan [V1] Yayoi Takatsuki + Mami Futami Emote - Hug Kirito and Asuna hugs Yui [V1] Hug 2# 
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ArcCahlonHobbyist Traditional Artist
hugs are good but pampers and luv's are better hehe
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Do you need to ask? c; of course I do!
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I do, but nobody wants to hug me.
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depends on who hugs me.
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FuninightmareHobbyist Traditional Artist
Hug Huggle! Man Hug Tight Hug Llama Hug Tackling hug :hugs: :slipperyhug: Frozen - HUG! Lovely Shoujo Emoji (Huggy Hug) [V2] Chili Anime Emoji (Snuggy hug) [V2] Squish Hug 2 -  The Eye Poke 

Does that answer your question? xD
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LucarioLovesLopunnyHobbyist Writer
If wanted, then yes.

If someone would do it Pinkie style and hug just for the sake of hugging, I would push them away.
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ShadowClipseAViHobbyist Traditional Artist
If it gets me out of my depression....
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VipeyDashieProfessional Digital Artist
Who wouldn't? XD I do love huga!
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DarkGrimoire-VZeroHobbyist Writer
Hugs are great.

Especially are a hard day or when the day just seems to not get any better.
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