Do you like Overwatch?
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*-* yes
Not really
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Published: June 28, 2016
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AskQuickBulletStudent Digital Artist
Me gusta solo por Las chicas... xD
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Well, umm...I like Widowmaker :love:!

But no, not really into the game :/
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Dont like Blizzard in general... They tend to steal a lot of shit and pretend thats theirs because they changed its name... and some minor things... (Im looking at you starcraft)  But their cinematics are beautiful as fuck, the case is the same with overwatch. The gameplay is kinda good too... The characters that are actually original also fine as well, not to mention those asses...  Its a GOOD game overall.
Also Reaper:... DIE DIE DIE!
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ArcCahlonHobbyist Traditional Artist
not really. but that's because i've never played and chances probably never will (I've never even played halo) I don't get time to play many games so yeah not a big fan of it but it looks fun and the artwork is nice. so don't dislike it but yeah not really into it.
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While I'll never buy and play it (Not a multiplayer-liking person), I rather enjoy what the promoters and community come up with for it, as well as the lore.
Like with TF2 and League of Legends, it's brought up some very intriguing stuff from the sides of both the company and fandom.
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titanvicegrip101Hobbyist Writer
I love it! OwO
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ShatterPalmHobbyist Writer
Other than the fact that A) TF2 did it first and B) TF2 did it better, I just can't get my head around why anyone actually enjoys overwatch. It's fun, I'll admit that freely, but it just has no staying power. You go in, you place five matches, you get bored, you come out and say "Why the hell did I just spend $40 on that?"  I think my main problem is the fact that the characters are so arch as to be practically nothing more than cardboard cut outs. Tracer's the Scout, Widowmaker's the Assassin, Reaper's the image comics character from the nineties. They all feel so flat and generic that it's hard to enjoy what few funny voice lines you'll find. But other than that? I put my opinions down to mistrust of the source: Blizzard has well and truly fallen. Back during Wrath of the Lich King you couldn't have unseated Blizzard from that throne with an ICBM, but ever since Activision bought them out all their major decisions have been slowly destroying their games. I can't speak for WOW, but I know for a fact that Heart of the Scourge killed Starcraft 2 by breaking the games balance over its knee. As a result of that expansion, a ton of their highest tier players left in droves to go play Starcraft 1. When changes you have made to your game are so bad that you're actively pushing people to an older version, you know you've fucked up. Then there's Hearthstone, good lord. A promising start back at launch. Once they monkeyed with a few things and found a good balance of power for a few problem cards (looking at you, Buzzard) the game was actually nicely variable and fun. Then Naxxramus came out, and suddenly everything went midrange as opposed to control. So the game sped up a bit, can't be too bad right? Well, they followed it up with Goblins Vs. Gnomes, and HO-LY SHIT. Suddenly the only things worth Playing are Mech Mage and Face Hunter (read: Cunts) who can pull out a bullshit hand in the first two turns and get so much presence on the board that you just can't keep up and they inevitably kill you. Their solution to this was to nerf the ever loving fuck out of what few cards actually did well against either deck, then sequester the whole thing in a seperate format so they can convince people to buy more of their recent Whispers of the Old Gods set. All this and they never actually addressed the fact that the Mechwarper, Piloted Shredder, and Dr. Boom are so hilariously powerful for their mana cost that they caused the games power curve to spike! 

All of that ridiculous little diatribe is to say that I don't trust Blizzard as far as I can throw them anymore. Even if I did enjoy Overwatch, I wouldn't have played it for more than the time I've spent at a friends place with it because they will INEVITABLY fuck something up. Sooner or later, they're going to add more game modes, more heroes, possibly new weapons and abilities, and then what? Same thing that happened to Hearthstone, and Starcraft, and WOW: people will just stop because it's not fun anymore. 
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I really like Overwatch but I wish it had more offline play options or a Campaign mode like Battleborn.
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Me encantan los personajes y el concepto, mas lamentablemente no puedo jugarlo :'v
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sixpathsoffriendshipHobbyist Digital Artist
Estamos iguales :'3
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Never played it so I dunno. But I like the style and art.
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sixpathsoffriendshipHobbyist Digital Artist
the art and butts are gud
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mhhee too much hype ect
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RollsRockerHobbyist Artist
My body says YES...but my WALLET....MY WALLET'S TELLING ME NO ! :(
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Glitch-SketchHobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm currently in a love/hate relationship with Overwatch.
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sixpathsoffriendshipHobbyist Digital Artist
Really? how so? o:
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Glitch-SketchHobbyist Traditional Artist
This is all my opinion, so don't be offended.

-Some of the cosmetics actually look pretty cool.
-Has the same "Class balance" TF2 has (4 Torbjorns slapping Sentries on the cart)
-Some Heroes are OP (Bastion), yet they can also be easily countered (AKA I like their form of Hero balance)
-Some of the character backstories are downright hilarious. (D va's being my favorite cuz her story is literally the plot of Pacific Rim.)

-Lootboxes don't contain anything interesting to me (Sprays, voice lines, skins...Not interesting to me.)
-Who the hell would want to waste real-world money to buy 50 Lootboxes?!
-Sometimes you can't tell the difference between a teammate or an enemy until you see their health bar. The skins don't help much there either.

I have a few ideas for Overwatch that maybe Blizzard might be doing someday. I'm not quick to judge, so I'll give Overwatch some time.
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