Do you like Creepy Pastas? o.o
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Yes! c:
No!!! >-<
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Published: July 5, 2014
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Yes, however it depends on how good and creative the concept is. I admit there are some overrated, but good ones like Squidward's Suicide, The Russian Sleep Experiment, Ben Drowned, Smile Dog, etc., and some decent one like Don't Mind Me, 1999, The Holders, Liars, etc., and there are some that are badly done like Sonic EXE, Jeff the Killer, etc.
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Depends on how good it is.

I honestly find Jeff the Killer to be an over-rated piece of shit, but I really like Strangled Red for some reason
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LennyTribeHobbyist General Artist
I like them, but many creepy pastas are a bit too fantasy-like. I love creepy pastas that actually are able to sound realistic and be somewhat realistic. What not playing around with things that are actually possible. I see a bit too much average and simple horror-story pastas these days, and I don't even go to CP that much, like once a month at most :P

But I do enjoy watching videos about them, those I enjoy immensely
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ponysoldier12Student Artist
well nope
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srmkcs Traditional Artist
Oh por el amor a la humanidad, claro que si!
Si quieres te puedo recomendar una que son impresionantes. 
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VipeyDashieProfessional Digital Artist
I used to like it ^^; Now I more into more dark stuff than actually creepypasta =p
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FuninightmareHobbyist Traditional Artist
There's good ones like Candle cove, Pallet Town, Happiness for Sale, Russian Sleep experiment and Ben drowned, despite being overrated.

There's decent ones like  The Seedeaters, Mr widemouth and the Rake.

But there's always badly written ones like Sonic. exe, Jeff the killer and Eyeless Jack.

In terms of stories are very mixed with most bad ones. some decent or okay ones and rare goods ones.

So I feel like Creepypastas need better writers or at least people who don't just randomly post there stories soon as they finish their first draft. Also most are undeservingly popular.

I enjoy the stories of this monster and strange events occuring in a fealm of reality, but most need serious improvement.
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mlpGzillastarwarsfanProfessional General Artist
They are losing their charm fast. :/
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andrewtfStudent Filmographer
Fuck yeah! Love 'em!
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Dynasty-DawnStudent Writer

Not unless it has a happy ending, but then it wouldn't be a creepypasta then...
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I love creepypastas but there's a few that are really over used and aren't scary whatsoever. cough*Jeff the killer and slenderman*cough
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CrelyousStudent General Artist
Good ones, 'cause there are some that makes me laugh =9
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ShadowClipseAViHobbyist Traditional Artist
I love the Pastas, though some make me want to piss my pants.
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Only the really good written ones :3
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WinterDominusHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh yes! Some are really terrifying! :D I enjoy reading them in the middle of night with all lights off. 
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Quinty-ImaraStudent Digital Artist
omg YES i listen to them when i draw!
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PrivateDoomsdayStudent Digital Artist
It obviously depends.
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