Deaviant artists!!! :) this question is for all of you, be honest in your answer^^ What is being an artist in DA?
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Have fun in what i do!^^ and also entertain people!
Published: May 27, 2014
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NyinxDeLuneStudent Traditional Artist
Da artists are people who have a passion in posting things whatever they are. Anything can be art, you just have to look at it In a artistic way. To be bottom line, a condom can be a piece of art in the right direction. A DA artist is someone go has a passion in posting and writing on dA
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ArcCahlonHobbyist Traditional Artist
just enjoying what i do. the others are great but I have no concern over page views or watchers or how many fave's i get. most the pics i've done where done for me. if others enjoy it too then that's a bonus.
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meeting people who share my interest 
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VipeyDashieProfessional Digital Artist
When I first time using Photoshop, I always wished to make amazing Image like I did today and I make something very interesting wallpaper for fun and entertain my fans :D
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LazySStormHobbyist General Artist
It's all about doing what you love doing
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ShadowClipseAViHobbyist Traditional Artist
Yeah! :) Doesn't matter how good you are, just have fun!
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LazySStormHobbyist General Artist
True that :D
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WithinSoulsStudent Traditional Artist
MAKING ART OF YOUR ENJOYMENT SO THAT OTHERS MAY ENJOY THEM WITH YOU AND YOU ENJOY THEIRS IN ANY FORM THAT YOU OR THE PERSON CAN PROVIDE SO THE LOVE, ENJOYMENT, AND SHARING CONTINUES ONWARD TO MORE YEARS. And if it could get to one point or by others decision to sell their art and makes some moneys but that's optional. Basically the process of making arts of anything and looking at others. La la la la  
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DrChrismanHobbyist Traditional Artist
got to  have fun or it all pointless 
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xxDeadponyxxHobbyist Digital Artist
i really have to admit that i really do it for fun
over a long time ago i would love to draw all the time since i had nothing better to do i mean i can play games and stuff but i prefer to draw and people would be asking me to draw for them in school and all then i stop for about 2 years till i herd about my little ponies and then i got back on drawing
did a program for a hole summer
got 200$ then bought a tablet and really got more detail into my drawing and so on
i know i have fun with what i do cause i like to do better and entertain people on what i do
and means a alot to be a artist on DA :)
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I'd have to say, its having fun posting pics ,seeing other people's pics and hope
that people like your pics the same way you like their's.
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