DA is stupid some times, don\'t you think?
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Nuuu :dummy:
Published: February 27, 2015
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srmkcs| Traditional Artist
Cuando decide jugar bromas, como cambiar los avatar, la cara de trollface, anunciar membresias gratis
y entre otras cosas, pero eh, no esta tan mal.
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DA is certainly not the best place TwT
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Bass-Javelin|Student Digital Artist
i bet that your first mistake to be ever made in here is thinking that DA is somehow a professional art site
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I agree with some things, and there are other things that no matter how professional they are, you can't see the level of intransigence and internal disorders they have, my point is that often make mistakes such as accidentally deleting deviations by theirs hands! and they just make excuses for for ''THAT'' lil accident but OH!! YEAH.... its too late ^^ 

''Im sorry sir, can you upload that deviation again? we're sorry for that mistake''

That is something that you must to learn, But don't worry you will understand the dark side of that.

That is just an small example of ''deshorganixacion''^^
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sixpathsoffriendship|Hobbyist Digital Artist
No offense but, you are starting to be annoying.
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They can be, yes :/
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Tuxisthename|Hobbyist Digital Artist
dA is dumb because there's so many people who just color bases or edit vectors who get 2x as much attention as someone who draws their art by scratch.
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DaChosta|Student Artist
It annoys the living hell out of me that my shit doesn't get viewed and Favorited as much unless I submit it to art groups one at a time which takes over an hour to do 
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DA is idiotic.

How dare they not include a text editor.

other than that. Need more information, GIVE ME MORE INFORMATION DAMMIT!
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BlazedPony|Student Digital Artist
I don't know why... For me there's nothing wrong with dA... I really don't know why people keep saying that it's so screwed up after every update O.o
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DrChrisman|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I think there trying but much is left up to interpretation^^;
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MrMaclicious|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Everytime when their trying to do something to da. :|

There's even a small chance of me leaving da for good.
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Llama Emoji-15 (Sniff) [V1]  Tsitra360 is victim of those Shit Happens .
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I say so for they used to allow anything on here but now if something is bad they would not only take it off the site but would delete a who account and will never be allowed on again. Like what happen to freedom of expressing ones passion on art and stories. Like who cares if its super erotic on a Disney character or take a kids show and turn it into a action violent thing.
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