Another random question -3- mmm...... what do you like most about Safesleep? and what do you dislike about her? o3o
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*comments plz* (but i will not answer o3o sowy)
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Published: April 28, 2014
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DrevisHobbyist Interface Designer
Then it is beautiful, athletic, tough, sexy, sexual, strong and with a indomitable character.
then his body is magnificent to make me want to stroke her hair as well.
and his yellow eyes are so sexy.
negative that is perhaps a bit 'arrogant is so sexual that they lose the same and also for the fact that it covers ancune female body parts where I like to see (tits and ass). XD
but this is only my opinion from a male. XD
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sixpathsoffriendshipHobbyist Digital Artist
xD aWWW thanks
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DrevisHobbyist Interface Designer
nothing XD
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WithinSoulsStudent Traditional Artist
Shes an all out OC if that makes sense >3> ... hm, yea well.. let me see. She is quite attractive in many ways from how she is and look and has the spirit of fighting, well from what Ive seen before. She is pretty sweet and cute but tough. Its a nice mix, ITS LIKE ADVENTURE OR SOMETHING... lost my train of thought .... ummmmmmm... idk im not good at describing or explaining but I dont see why anyone wouldnt like her. Got a nice name and her eyes along with her color... THEY MATCH... UH yes Idk ITS HER is all i gots to say as in.. shes great at being how she is.       
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Okamigirl2013 Traditional Artist
I love her cute personality and eyes and how she's just so sweet! X3
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Th3Ph0b1aP0n3Hobbyist General Artist
I'm going to should like the rest of these comments but its the truth, she is really cute! :D
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Allfather-VohasHobbyist Digital Artist
Very Cute and Sweet, but I don't know quite enough about Her...
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I love her cute appearance, and her eyes.

There is nothing I dislike about her.
At all.
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she is just soooooooo lovable :iconfluttershysmileplz:
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sixpathsoffriendshipHobbyist Digital Artist
but tell me what you dislike of her:) 

dunno.... Her Creepy eyes and horn? o.o
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:3 theres nothing to dislike about her, shes so cute
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sixpathsoffriendshipHobbyist Digital Artist
Doollaa c: you are my old friend, and that words means alot to me, i know that you have an honest heart that i envy.

keep being amazing and maybe i will kiss you next time!xD
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RykuBloodwingHobbyist Writer
I actually like the martial arts aspect of the character. She is yes a sensual buety but i have always had a love of female characters who can take care of themselves and crack someone's face in if needed. on top of that she looks good as she would do it.
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Brendon-BellettoStudent Digital Artist
Well... I really like her. She's pretty, sexy, and her eyes are just so majestic. I haven't got to RP with her yet, but she is just an amazing character. But some people think she looks a lot like Lyra. It doesn't bother me, but I really like Safesleep 

I rate her: 100/10 (she is one of my fave. Female OC's) :heart:
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ponysoldier12Student Artist
hmm... i like her eyes and her body(hey its not my fault tat u make her look hot) and hate well.... i can't think of anything to hate in her
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Mmm.. Well... i have no much to say about Sleepy :) in rps she is so kind and funny!xD her personality is like a fillie :p but... i think that is good!^-^ 

I will not discriminate against her for her eyes or horn, she is very good girl and I think I like a 10/10.:heart:

The only negavtive thing that i don't like about her is....mmmm........ -.-; she is more sexy and charistmatic than anyother female oc pony -_- and.... to be honest that makes me abit jelly!xD
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