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Expanding doodle page YCH - Open

ych because I need money for something; not super emergent but still

-I will change species within reason. Basically any edit is usually okay with me, the only stipulation is that it must generally fit in the allocated space (eg: if i have to rearrange the whole file for your character i'll probably decline or ask you to choose someone else)
-Generally im pretty ok with complexity as long as its not too wild.
-I drew this defaulty feminine for anthros (As thats easier for me to draw) but i can change the body shape/gender
-Feel free to ask if you're unsure if a character will work!
-My sketches are very messy! see the examples for actual results.

This is an expanding ych which means at each of these intervals I will expand the canvas and add more sketches
50*, 100*, 150, 200 ....ect, as and if necessary.

Winner will receive ALL of these sketches, lined and colored with their character(s). Result will be flat/minimally shaded.

SB: 20$
MI: 5$
AB: none as of now

Will end 24 hours after last bid.

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wow wow wow wish I had the $ for this!

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$75, idk if we're supposed to bid in a chain or what since there doesn't seem to be one. ;v;

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Sorry on my delay! You've won this one; if you send me the character you'd like; and your paypal (to invoice) I'll get to work on it asap!

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30 :D ~ If Memo would be okay with you that is <3

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Starting bid (:

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