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The Narrative OC MEME 2
by SiverCat

I. Choose up to five (5) of your favorite original story characters that will embark in this role-play. If you don't have five (5) then leave them blank (or create a character on the spot!) Be sure to give a little description of them:

1. Cherek – Age unknown, but over 500 years.  He is a fairy but has some human blood.  He has black hair and blue eyes.  He is the brother of the King, but often argues with him and would rather he wasn't royalty.  Irritable, cranky, prefers to be alone and is broody.  Has a trap filled tower in the middle of nowhere where he lives and works on various projects magical and technological.  Has an interest in human technology. Enjoys reading and has a fairly scholarly aspect of his personality.  He was tricked into killing his beloved causing him to become revenge driven, obsessed, and cruel. Eventually he got passed it with aid from a very close friend and his brother.  

2. Tana – 18 year old human.  Long golden blond hair and blue eyes.  Sweet, optimistic and cheerful.  She dreams of knights and "fairy tale" settings, but is actually fairly happy in her farm girl turned adventurer life.  She uses healing magic, and is terrible in a fight.  She's very naïve and idealistic.  She very rarely gets angry, but when she does, it tends to be explosive.

3. Lenna – 21 year old human.  Longish red hair and green eyes.  Is an acrobat and takes great pride in her skills.  Cheerful but has a very competitive nature.  Generally gets along with everyone but there is the odd person she despises sometimes for a slight made against her.  Very daring and fearless.   She was raised in a travelling performing group for awhile before her adventuring career started. Has taken the alter ego of The Scarlet Tumbler for fun.  Has a fondness for charm bracelets and items that are fun in some way.

4. Ciara – 60 year old gnome.  Long, wild dark blue hair, blue eyes and pink skin.  3 feet tall.   Alchemist and bard.  Loves working with alchemy, and creating items of an alchemical nature, but also enjoys singing and dancing.  Doesn't always understand the other races very well and can get in trouble for it or at least odd looks.  Throws herself into things without much thought for the consequences.  Is very picky about how her potions and extracts are organised.

5. Darien – 23 year old human.  Longish black hair and blue eyes.  Can be perfectly described as the knight in shining armour.  Comes from the fairy tale like kingdom of Tredonia, but is on occasion a little embarrassed about that fact.  Honourable and chivalrous, kind, and takes his duties seriously.  His sense of honour sometimes gets him into trouble.  The ladies flock him, and while he is generally kind, he also never has much interest in them.  His horse, Gallivar, is quite intelligent and he and Darien share a close bond.

II. Asleep, Character Two or Character Four are dreaming of their most pleasant childhood memory. What is it about?

Tana snuggled up in her bedroll and shifted around until the rock was no longer digging into her back.  She enjoyed travelling – all the new places and people to see, but she was starting to miss home and she wasn't sure if she'd ever be comfortable sleeping outside like this…

Tana bounced on her bed happily as her father entered the room holding an old, battered looking book.  She flung herself against her pillow and her father pulled the blanket up to her chin.  He sat on the side of the bed and opened the book in front of eyes shining with eagerness.  Tana cherished this time of the night, when the world would go soft and her father's voice would wash over her carrying to other places.  This time he swept her away to a kingdom where a prince longed to find a woman who had been occupying his dreams.  Tana felt a thrill as the tale unfolded revealing prophecy and an evil dragon, a mysterious woman and the questing prince.  Soon she was snuggled against her father who had one arm around her while his other hand held the book.  Her eyes started to droop as the tale wound down.  She lay back against the pillow and her father tucked her in.

"Do you think I'll ever get to see a knight or prince?" she asked sleepily.
"Maybe.  You never know what will happen."
"I want a knight to come sweep me onto his horse…" she murmured.  She blinked at her father.  "But I don't want to leave home.  Maybe I could live here with a knight."  She cocked her head.  "But I'd like to see a palace too." She said with a yawn.  
Her father chuckled and ruffled her hair.  "Go to sleep."  He bent down to kiss her forehead.  "Sweet dreams."  

Tana awoke with a smile.  She was starting to feel a bit homesick, yes, but she still had her memories to comfort herself with.

III. However, Character Five continues to toss and turn, haunted by their childhood nightmare! What scared them as a child?

He huddled in the corner trying to curl into himself.  He could only see blackness as the darkness closed in around him.  He trembled as tendrils of darkness stretched out and wrapped around him.  There were…things, in the dark.  Things that would come for him, hurt him.  He shut his eyes tightly, but couldn't shut out the feeling that something evil was lurking in the dark ready to take him. He would be lost forever.  He felt cold and his breath was quickening.  He needed to get out! But, he couldn't move.  He couldn't risk attracting the attention of the dark.

"There's nothing to be afraid of, Darien.  There isn't anything that will harm you," his mother had told him.  Whenever he told her she was scared, she would tell him that there was nothing to fear.  There was nothing in the darkness, but he knew there was.  It couldn't be seen; the darkness concealed it, but there was always something there.  Something malicious watching him.  He wanted to fight, fight back the dark, so that he wouldn't have to be afraid anymore.  Every night he told himself this, but then the lights would go out and fear would take hold once more.  

He quivered as he thought he felt something pass by him.  He opened his eyes, but the room was pitch black.  He had no sense of where anything was.  He only knew that there were walls because he could feel them.  Beyond that, the darkness seemed to stretch on infinitely.  For all he knew, there was only the two walls joined in his corner of complete solitude.  There was nothing that could help him.  He was alone, isolated in the black.  He wanted to move, to find the door that would bring to him to the light, but his muscles were frozen with fear.  He whimpered as he thought he saw something move out of the corner of his eye.  A deeper shadow in the darkness shifting and sliding towards his frozen body.  It was coming for him…

Darien's eyes flew open and a chill ran through him.  There was no moon this night and the stars were hidden behind clouds leaving their camp blanketed in darkness.  He couldn't suppress the bubble of fear brought on by the fears of a child at the sight.  He murmured a small prayer and attempted to fall back into sleep's embrace.

IV. Character Two finds a diary with Character Four name on it. They eagerly read a random page to themselves. What does the entry say?

Tana chewed her lip beginning to think that maybe offering to clean up Ciara's lab wasn't such a good idea after all.  But, the gnome had been so busy lately and seemed pretty tired.  Tana knew that Ciara liked to keep her lab clean and organised when she wasn't using it.  She didn't seem to feel that way while working though.  The lab was a disaster – vials both full and empty were scattered about a table.  Something that Tana decided to leave alone was making strange gloopy noises in a cauldron in the corner.  She wasn't sure what was causing that.  There didn't seem to be any heat or anything to explain it.  Papers, books, and various ingredients lay on the floor and across the tables.  Tana wondered how Ciara found anything while she worked, yet she must for she always seemed to be producing potions and alchemical items.  

Tana's eyes fell on an open book lying on the table and she started to read the page.


2 spoons of crushed nettles ought to help.  

eye of newt
pinch of guano (ick)
skull with dribbly candle

Curses! This song is going terribly.  Singing is so much easier than writing.  And dancing!  At least my other projects are going better.  I wonder what's going to happen to that mixture.  I don't know what I did, but I'm definitely getting something happening!  I hope…Well, it's bubbling like it's being heated but there's no heat! I wonder if there's any use for bubbling glooping masses…assuming it doesn't turn into something that I know would be useful.  It might be sticky! Sticky is good.  Ugh, I really don't want to clean this all up, but I can't just leave my vials lying around! They have to be organised or it'll be a pain sorting through them.  What if something happens and I need one in a rush? It's going to be such a pain this time though.

Add more heat for next batch.

Don't forget to get more sap!

a + eon + s + dt = ???  Try soon!  add af?

Possible to do with acid??

Tana stared at the page of notes and lists and even a journal entry.  There were some doodles of what looked like a bomb and a vial and something that she couldn't figure out on the side of the page.  The page was confusing and she wondered what on earth the last few things meant and if she even wanted to know.  She suddenly realised that she was snooping in Ciara's diary and chided herself.  She wouldn't like it if someone read her diary and Ciara's was none of her business.  She went back to tidying the large room and ignored her curiosity.

V. Character Three is severely poisoned and is slowly dying. Explain how it happened and if they survive.

Lenna scowled at the corpse of the man now lying at her feet.  "Who the hell was that and how did he know we've been investigating these murders?" She exclaimed.  "We've been really quiet about it!"  

Ciara shrugged.  "Evil always finds a way!"  She looked at Lenna.  "You're wounded!"  

Lenna grimaced.  "He got lucky," she muttered.  Ciara fumbled in her one of her many pouches and produced a vial of liquid.

"Here.  This will cure you."

Lenna gave her an appreciative look as she took the vial.  "Who needs magic when you can make potions, eh?"  She drank the potion and made a face at the vile taste.  She passed the vile back to Ciara and frowned.  Was she imagining things or did Ciara's eyes have an odd gleam – expectant or eager? She shook herself.  Ciara was probably just waiting to see the potion work.

"Should we tell the militia here about this guy? We're technically not in town." Lenna asked.  "We probably should say something, but we don't want to alert whoever's behind these murders…" She looked at the dead man.  "Er, I guess it might be a little late for tha…" A lance of pain shot through her stomach and she bent double.  "Wh-what?"  She looked up, her vision swimming.   Ciara blurred and there was suddenly a tall man standing where the gnome had been.

"You really should have minded your own business," he said in a low voice.  "I will take my vengeance upon this town of fools."

"Wh-what have you done to Ciara?" Lenna gasped out while struggling to remain on her feet.   The man's lips curled into a smile that made Lenna want to punch him.  Though at this point what she really wanted was to stab him, demand he tell her where Ciara was, then finish the bastard off.

"She is being dealt with," he replied still smiling.  "And now I must take my leave of you.  Do enjoy the short time left to you," he added pleasantly.

Lenna fell to her knees.  She wrapped her arms around her burning stomach and tried to fight past the pain in her chest to breathe.  "D-damn you," she choked out as the man turned disdainfully away and strode towards the town.  She tried to rise to stop him, but could do nothing but glare venomously at his retreating back.  Sharp hot lances of pain tore through and she fell sideways.  She curled around her pain trembling.  An icy cold wrapped around her shaking body.  The fire in her stomach sent tendrils out to spread through the rest of her body.  The world spun sickeningly around her. All she could do was lay curled, her cheek pressed against the grass.  She was dying.  She had to be.  No one was meant to endure this much pain and the cold was getting worse.  Her vision darkened and she was falling away from the world…

Lenna opened her eyes to find herself staring into a pair of sky blue eyes framed by wild blue hair.  "C-Ciara?" she managed to croak out.  She felt weak, but the pain and cold was gone.  Ciara rocked back on her heels.  

"Phew. I was worried I didn't get to you in time!  That scum tried to have me captured, but I escaped."  She waved a vial enthusiastically.  "Looks like I made it just in time with an antidote!"

Lenna sat up.  "How?" she asked curiously and also trying to make it appear as though she was perfectly fine and was only sitting for conversation.

Ciara grinned.  "Oh just a few well-used bombs, some singing, a well placed grease spell. The usual."  She bounced up to her feet.  "What do you say we go hunt down that dirt bag?"

Lenna's expression became one of determination and she also rose to her feet, though somewhat shakily.  She'd be very happy when the effects of that blasted poison faded.

VI. A gang of bullies are picking on Character Four. Character Two or Character Five come to their aid but they both get beat up. Why is that?

Ciara cocked her head curiously at the approach of several thuggish men.  There were at least five that she could see.  She was in the middle of the village square and admittedly, there was no one else around, but weren't muggings and the like supposed to take place at night in dark alleys?  Humans always seemed to be changing the rules.   

The apparent leader looked down at her with a sneer.  "We don't like freaks in our village," he said menacingly while flexing his bulging muscles.

Ciara stared intently at him as though analysing an interesting specimen.  "Did you know that there are some toxins that cause one's muscles to inflate, growing larger and larger until they explode?" She asked conversationally.  "You seem to be suffering those effects."
The man stared at her blankly.  Ciara grinned until she noticed that the other four men were forming a ring around her.  This couldn't be good.  "Is there anything I can do for you er, gentlemen?" She asked lightly trying to keep things friendly. Well, friendly for her.  They certainly didn't look friendly, but it couldn't hurt to try right?  Wrong.  She felt something slam into her back and she was suddenly eating dirt.  She lifted her head off the ground at the sound of laughter.  She glared venomously at the man in front of her.  

"Hurr hurr hurr.  Lookit the little thing."  One of them chortled.  What was the point of this, Ciara wondered.  They didn't seem to want to kill her, or she'd have a sword or axe or something equally unpleasant sticking through her.  

"Heh, know your place, you foul little thing.  Know we're superior." The leader spat out.

Ciara stood and drew herself up to her full height of three foot nothing.  She'd show them who was superior.  "Superior at draining all your brains into muscle?" She asked while trying to figure out to get out of this.  She was bad enough in a one on one fight let alone five on one.  "If you're oh so superior," her voice dripped with sarcasm.  "How come you need five just to take care of one little inferior gnome?"  She saw the foot coming too late and landed back on the ground letting out an "oomph" as the kick connected with her stomach.

"Leave her alone!" Ciara looked up and felt her heart lift.  Darien stood, with the sun shining behind him, casting a golden glow over him.  A tall knight ready to come to another's aid.  It was a perfect moment straight from a bard's tale!  She'd have to remember this and see if she could somehow incorporate it into her next song.  And, of course it'd be nice if he could help her out.

The men turned to face the new arrival giving Ciara time to pick herself up off the ground, again.

"Looks like somebody's nose is getting' too big.  Get 'im, boys."  The leader sneered.  The men started to surround Darien.  Darien swung a punch and the leader staggered back clutching his nose.  Before Darien could do more one of the other men grabbed and pinned him.  Another punched him in the stomach.  Ciara lunged forward with a snarl and managed to kick the one who had punched Darien before she too was grabbed.  The thug who grabbed her flung her to the ground knocking the breath out of her.  Darien managed to break free of his captor and avenge Ciara by knocking her attacker flat on his back.  Unfortunately, Darien soon followed, tripped by the same man who had had him pinned.  Ciara winced as Darien was then kicked.  

Things would have gone very badly for the pair had the village guards not shown up to split them up.  The thugs were arrested and Darien and Ciara were left to themselves once assured that they were both alright.

Ciara glared at Darien who was shifting painfully.  "Why didn't you use your sword?" she demanded.

Darien looked aghast.  "Against civilians?  I didn't want to kill them or seriously injure them.  And, it would have been dishonourable," he protested.

Ciara flailed her arms.  "They were a bunch of nasty thugs!  They deserved a good beating."  She rubbed her sore stomach.  "You could have at least used it to threaten them," she grumbled.

"Are you going to be alright?" Darien asked, also looking pained though trying not to show it.  "Do you need anything?"

"I'll be fine," Ciara said waving a hand dismissively.  "Though, I wouldn't, ow, say no to some lunch and a drink."

The pair, both wincing, walked to the nearest inn to nurse their pains with good food, drink and company.  At least that's how Ciara put it.  Darien just wanted to forget that it had ever happened.

VII. A character of your choice is just learning how to control their powers/gifts.

The dark haired boy wavered slightly as he rose above the ground.  He focused his mind on lifting himself into the air and not what it would feel like being suspended in mid-air without any apparent support.  Flight was giving him trouble.  He wasn't entirely comfortable with the idea of flying wingless through the air.  He hovered, his toes just high enough to no longer brush against the grass.  He closed his eyes shutting out the image of standing on air and tried to gain more height.  He felt himself rise another inch before falling back to the ground.

Cherek scowled.  Everything else had come fairly easily to him.  Even manipulating fire, which was tricky, as the flames were not given to being controlled, didn't cause him a great deal of difficulty.  Flight was posing a challenge.  He heaved a sigh.  If he were meant to fly, he would have been a pixie.  The thought made him shudder.  Pixies were loud, flighty, and rarely made sense to him.

The young prince sighed.  As son of the King of the Fey, he was expected to master all that he was capable of.  His difficulty with flight was starting to become embarrassing and he hated failure.  He took a deep breath and prepared to try once more.

One, two, three…he was rising higher.  The ground was getting farther away.  He started to smile.  At last, at last he was making progress.  Suddenly the ground was rushing to meet him.  Curses!  He had lost control.  He plummeted through the air and managed to catch himself an inch above the ground.  He hung suspended, limbs spread, face down staring at the grass.  His heart was pounding.  He tried to steady himself and regain the lost height.  Instead he fell into the grass.  Its scent filled his nose, as he lay spread-eagled on the ground.  He rolled over and sat up heaving another sigh before getting back to his feet.

He smiled grimly.  He had gone higher than he had ever managed before.  He would keep trying to maintain control this day until he met with success or became so tired that it would be impossible to continue.

He would become the master.

VIII. In an alternate universe, there exists an opposite version of Character One, Character Three, and Character Five. Pick one and explain their looks and personality.

He gazed at himself in the gilt mirror admiring the richly cut clothing and how it accented his body.  The tailor had really outdone herself this time and the gold trim against the red was lovely.  He would have to grant her the rare honour of being thanked in person.  It would not do at all to let people think he wasn't gracious.   He moved around a bit and smiled.  The clothing fit him perfectly.  He ran a hand through his silky black hair, fluffing it up a bit and trying to create the appearance of just coming back, the hero, from a grand adventure.

There was a knock at the door and he turned, his expression becoming one of perfect charm.  "Come in, my dear," he called.  The door opened revealing a golden haired beauty.  

"Oh, Prince Cherek," she trilled as she entered the room.  Her large blue eyed gaze roamed around the room drinking in the elegant furniture, the richly coloured carpeting and the tapestries adorning the walls along with a portrait of the Prince himself wearing an expression of valiant heroism.  Cherek smiled enjoying the lady's obvious awe at such good tastes.

"This is your first time in my tower, is it not, my Lady Holly?" he asked as he approached her.  Holly's gaze came to rest on him and his smile widened at the desire that entered her eyes.

"It is, my Prince."  She curtseyed.  "Thank you ever so much for allowing me to come."

He ran a hand affectionately down her cheek earning him the satisfaction of feeling the little shiver that passed through her at his touch.  He then guided her to a soft seat by the fire where she sat before he turned away to bring them drinks.  As he poured wine into their glasses, he noted the disappointment in Holly's eyes that things hadn't progressed past his touch.  Good.  Her anticipation would make his victory all the sweeter.  He allowed his fingers to brush her hand as he passed her a wineglass causing another little shiver to run through her.  He took the seat opposite her and took a sip of the delicious red wine.  Oh how he loved to play, and Holly was making for an excellent game.  He leaned back enjoying her hungry gaze.

He sipped his wine musing on his progress.  They had met at the last Royal Ball, a grand affair and one of which had earned him several women desirous of his company.  Holly had been the one to catch his eye the most and in turn had seemed the most taken with him.  They spent several times together since in which he regaled her with tales of his heroics and impressed her with his wide array of talents and his prowess in battle.  His pleasure grew, as she became more and more infatuated with him.

He set his empty wineglass down with a small tink and rose gracefully to his feet.  He moved about the room putting out all the lights, so only the fire cast a red glow over the darkened room.  Holly practically quivered with anticipation as he softly walked towards her.  He gently took her hand helping her to her feet.  He kissed her passionately and she melted into his arms.  She trembled with pleasure as walked his fingers up her spine.  He kissed her once more and her arms wrapped around him.

"I've dreamed of this," she murmured.  He lowered his mouth to her neck planting soft kisses there as well.  "Oh Cherek," she moaned.  "There can be no other.  Take me."  His breath tickled her neck as his mouth moved to her ear.

"You are not worthy," Cherek whispered.  She pulled away.  The firelight glinted in her eyes revealing her stricken expression.  Cherek's lips curled up into a cruel smile.  "But you were an amusing diversion."

She brushed past him and fled the room, his low chuckle ringing in her ears.  

IX. Character Three tries to make Character Four their apprentice. They soon discover that teaching them ends with failure. Why is that?

Ciara balanced lightly on her toes, her arms spread out while she rocked from side to side.  She took a sudden lurch to the left and fell on her side.  Lenna sighed.  How was it that the gnome could dance so well, but couldn't perform a simple cartwheel?  Ciara grumpily got back to her feet, and walked over to Lenna and stood glaring at her with her hands on her hips.

"I'm an alchemist, not a circus performer!" she exclaimed.

"But you dance so well and gracefully," Lenna protested. "And, even dance for audiences."

"That's not the same," Ciara argued.  She flung her hands up.  "You've got me trying to walk tightropes and do flips and cartwheels and all sorts of weird stunts."

"I thought some acrobatics would be helpful for you to know! Don't underestimate the ability to tumble and balance on things while adventuring." Lenna replied with conviction. "I was trying to be helpful!" That and she was bored, but she'd never tell Ciara that.

Ciara folded her arms across her chest.  "I have lots of ways to get out of trouble.  I'm done.  I'm sick of falling on my butt all day."

Lenna heaved an explosive sigh.  "Fine.  Never say I didn't try to help you," she said before walking away.

Oy, thought Ciara.  Next time she'd be the one to do to the teaching and see how Lenna fared at mixing up a good potion.

X. In a cave or woods, Character Two or Character Five are passing the time by training. Give detail on their skills.

Gallivar's hooves lightly trod the forest path.  Darien took the time to relax and enjoy the ride.  They'd both be busy soon enough.  The path opened outwards into a huge clearing.  He smiled and mentally thanked his friend Gerald for leaving everything set up.  A dummy with a shield dangling from its outstretched arm stood in the centre while three archery targets stood on one side.  Darien chuckled at the sight of a single arrow protruding from the exact centre of the middle target.  It was a silent challenge from Gerald.  Darien dismounted and laid his equipment off to one side, all except his lance.  

"Are you ready, Gallivar?"  Gallivar gave an eager snort and one hoof pawed the ground.  Darien remounted and shifted the lance under his arm to its proper position.  He rode to one end of the clearing and faced the dummy.  A small gust of wind passed through the clearing causing the dummy to shake.  Darien spurred Gallivar on and soon they were one charging across the clearing.  There was a loud ringing sound as the tip of the lance smashed into the centre of the dummy's shield.  The pair came to a halt on the opposite side of the clearing.  They turned to face the dummy once more.

The dummy crashed to the ground at the sheer force of the lance's impact.  Darien dismounted at the end of the clearing and walked over, Gallivar following behind.  

"I suppose we just won," Darien commented.  Gallivar whinnied and bobbed his head in agreement.  Darien turned to face the archery targets.  "Hm, I guess it's time to take up Gerald's challenge."  He placed his lance carefully alongside the rest of his equipment and picked up his bow and quiver of arrows.  Gallivar wandered to another part of the clearing to nibble some grass and watch his companion.

Soon several arrows were embedded in the three targets and Darien was standing in front of the centre target.  "It seems Gerald has won this round," he said over his shoulder to Gallivar who was approaching from behind.  Darien touched his arrow, which stuck beside Gerald's.   "I was close, but Gerald is still the better archer," he said cheerfully.  He stretched and looked up at the sky.  "We still have a little time.  Enough to get in some sword practice."  He looked at Gallivar questioningly.  "Assuming you don't mind waiting?" he added.  Gallivar ambled off to poke at a promising clump of grass he'd found earlier in response to Darien's query.  Darien chuckled and proceeded to pull out his sword and start his training exercises.  

Left, right, downswing, uppercut, sweep around.  The sword flashed and danced about with deadly skill cutting down invisible foes.  His surroundings faded until his sword was all that held his attention.  He was wholly focused on the movements of his blade until an impatient sounding whinny caught his attention.  Darien stopped and looked at Gallivar who gestured upwards with his head.  It was starting to dim, and Darien realised that he had lost track of time.  He gathered up his equipment, righted the dummy and gathered his arrows, but left the arrow beside Gerald's to let him know that he had been the victor.

The pair took their time going along the path, both enjoying the cooling evening air and both satisfied with the afternoon's activities.

XI. All of the Characters decide to either sit at the beach or take a long drive in a jeep. Does this little trip go smoothly? Give details.
The weather was warm, the sun was shining and the water was pleasantly cool.  It was a perfect day for a trip to the beach.  

Lenna swam in the waters diving down and coming up several feet away and just generally enjoying the water.  Darien relaxed drying in the sun after his own little swim in the lake.  He watched as Tana carefully worked the sand into her second tower for her sandcastle.  Her attention was completely focused on the task.  Ciara had dashed off saying something about some water weeds being potentially useful for her next experiment.  Cherek sat under a beach umbrella reading a book ignoring everyone else and refusing Lenna's attempts at getting him to go swimming.  

Ciara came strolling back carrying a wet bulging pouch.  She approached Darien, but was eyeing Cherek.  She nodded to herself and with an air of determination, placed the pouch beside Darien.  "Watch that, would you?" she asked.  "Make sure nothing happens to it! It took some effort to collect all that."

"What are you…?" Darien started.  "Where are you going?" he called as Ciara set off at a sprint across the beach kicking up sand behind her.  Darien watched her go apprehensively.  He wasn't sure he liked that look in Ciara's eyes.  She was up to something.

Lenna waded back to the beach and sat with a happy sigh beside Tana.  She looked appreciatively at the sandcastle that was now nearing completion.  "Straight out of a fairy tale," Lenna commented.

Tana smiled.  "Thanks, Lenna! That's what I was trying to do."

Lenna grinned at Darien.  "Either that or Tredonia's castle."  Darien flushed slightly and Lenna chuckled.  A gasp from Tana caused her to turn back to her.  Tana had her hand over mouth and she was staring with wide eyes in Cherek's direction.  Darien and Lenna looked to see what Tana was staring at and froze.  

Ciara stood behind Cherek poised with a bucket of water over Cherek's head.  The trio stared at the scene wondering how this was going to turn out.

"I would advise thinking very carefully about the consequences of your actions," Cherek stated calmly, still reading his book.

Ciara paused and they all wondered if anything would happen after all.  Then a grin spread across her face and the next thing they knew, Cherek was dripping wet and Ciara was hanging suspended in mid-air upside down.

Cherek looked up at her with annoyance that was quickly replaced with amusement as she shook her tiny fist and glared at him.  "I did warn you," he said raising an eyebrow.

Ciara scowled, but her grin slowly slid back into place.  It wasn't actually bad hanging like this.  It was even kind of fun.  She could hang around here all day….oooh, her head was starting to feel funny though.  Cherek flipped his hand and Ciara shot forward, hung over the lake for a moment and was dropped into it with a loud splash.  Ciara bobbed back up to the surface spluttering.  There was silence until she burst out laughing.  

"That was great!" Ciara exclaimed as she swam back to shore.  Tana blinked then giggled while Lenna laughed.  Darien shook his head with a mixture of amusement and exasperation.  Cherek leaned back rolling his eyes at the insatiable gnome and went back to reading his book.  At least he'd managed to save it from the water.  Weren't beaches supposed to be restful?  He glanced over at Lenna and Ciara who were laughing uproariously about something.  Not likely with this bunch.

XII. Character Two is finally dead and is sent to either heaven or hell. Where do they end up? Why?

She felt…young again.  The last thing she remembered before the darkness took her was her family gathered around her, and then peace.  Perfect peace.  Now she stood in a lush green meadow, flowers blew in a soft breeze.  The air was the freshest she'd ever tasted.  

"Tana…" a soft melodious voice spoke.  The form of…someone stood in the centre of the meadow glowing in a golden light.  The light softened and faded revealing a beautiful winged figure with golden hair, a fair face and warm eyes.  The being was genderless.  "You are welcome here."   A hand was offered and she took it.  She was guided into a brilliant light and felt a thrill of happiness.  "You have done well, a saviour of the good.  Now it is time for you to rest and meet your final peace," it told her gently.

Tana smiled, but a flicker of worry passed through her.  "What about my family? I don't…I don't wish to leave them."

"They are cared for and will be safe. You've created good lives for them.  Your work is done. It is time to let go."

"I…" She smiled.  "You're right.  I'm ready."

She followed him into the light.  For the first time, she truly knew peace.

XIII. Character Five decides to make breakfast for Character One. What did they make? Is Character One satisfied?

Cherek awoke to the unfamiliar smell of cooking.  He seldom bothered with breakfast and as he was also used to being alone, the sensation was strange.  He'd nearly forgotten the events of the previous night.  Darien, exhausted, had come to his tower claiming that he didn't know how he had come this world and had spent a great deal of time travelling.  He'd been attacked by an angry troll while travelling through the seemingly endless plains, but had managed to defeat it.  After a great deal of travel he'd come across Cherek's tower.  Cherek, sighing and wondering how it was that anyone who got brought to the fairy world always ended up coming to his tower, offered to let Darien stay the night.  Then he would him bring to the palace where he could be sent back.

Cherek walked into his small kitchen and dining room to see a table set with dishes and food.  Darien was placing a small platter of bacon on the table.  Cherek blinked.

"What is this?"

"I know it's not much, but I wanted to do something to thank you," Darien replied as he placed a steaming mug on each side.

Cherek sat down uncertainly not very used to having company or such a large breakfast.  Pancakes were stacked on a plate in the centre of the table.  The platter of bacon steamed beside them.  Another plate of fried eggs sat near by and a bowl of fruit rested on one side.  

Cherek had to admit the breakfast was good, certainly better than anything he cooked anyway.  The eggs seemed overcooked, but otherwise the meal was a welcome change to his usual routine.  The coffee was particularly good.  Cherek looked questioningly at Darien over the rim of the mug. "I've never had coffee quite like this."

"There are few special ingredients," Darien answered. "And, I carry my own blend. It's not something I drink often, but it's good to have sometimes."

They spent a part of the morning lingering over the table and also talking, Darien curious to know more about the world.   Afterwards, Cherek helped him get to his own world.

XIV. Character Three and Character Four decide to become bandits and rob people as they head into the forest. They happen to rob Character One. Do they succeed?

Cherek strode towards the Great Forest, on the alert for any danger.  Apparently two strange women had been causing trouble in the area and he didn't want any…accidents.  He approached the edge of the woods and two people jumped out from trees.  One landing from a branch, the other coming out from a tree.  Surely the universe jested.  He cocked an eyebrow at the short red haired women in leathers and the wild blue haired gnome now blocking the road.

"Give us all your money and anything of worth!" the gnome demanded striking a dramatic pose.  Cherek tried to keep his amusement in check.

"You'd better listen.  You really don't want to mess with either of us," the woman said.  She was right, he didn't want to "mess with them".  He had far more important things to attend to than dealing with these two and their games.  

"I have little of interest to you and even less time than that." Cherek said calmly, though there was a threatening undercurrent in his tone.  

The woman stepped forward in front as the gnome started to sing.  Cherek felt a tingle of magic as the melody washed over him, but no more than that.   He shook his head.  She should have known better than to try enchanting him.  The woman darted forward, but Cherek stepped neatly to the side avoiding her.  He murmured a small incantation and the now scowling gnome was launched into the high branches of a tree where she landed awkwardly.  Cherek whirled around to face the woman who was cartwheeling towards him with a short sword.  He blinked and she was straightening, brandishing her sword threateningly.  

"That was a threat.  Next time I will hit.  Give us everything you have of worth."

Cherek glanced up at the gnome who struggling to find a way down then back to the woman.  "I told you.  I have nothing of worth to you. Now go before you meet a fate worse than that of your companion."  He fingered the hilt of his sword and eyed the woman coolly.  Suddenly a small bomb hit the ground and exploded.  Cherek winced as tendrils of the bomb's fire washed over him.  The woman grinned up at her companion who was now dangling awkwardly from the branch.  

"Well?" The woman asked him.

Cherek's eyes narrowed.  Enough was enough - no more games.  He flipped a hand and a rock rose off the ground and hurtled towards the woman, but she ducked and rolled to the side.  She sped towards him and his sword flashed out to meet the woman's blade.  Their blades locked and Cherek smiled grimly.  The woman's eyes widened as she suddenly realised her mistake, but before she could do anything she was hurtling through the air.  She slammed into a tree and slumped to the ground dazedly.  She looked blearily up to see Cherek standing over her.  

"I'd advise you two stop whatever it is you're up to."  He sheathed his sword.  "Before you really get hurt."  He turned away and strode into the forest leaving the glowering pair to reorganise themselves.  

XV. All of the Characters have fallen into the past and are now children once again. They are playing hide-and-go-seek. What child is doing the seeking? Where are the children hiding? Why can't they find the last child?

"3…2…1! Ready or not, here I come!"  Lenna raised her head from her arms and spun away from the tree with a grin.  She'd find them really fast and be the best at hide and seek!  She glanced around trying to decide where to go first.  Her eyes fell on the gardens.  Someone was probably there.  She started running towards them then stopped suddenly and whirled around to face a tree that she had just passed.  Ciara stood leaning on the tree.  Lenna ran up to her.  

"Found you!"  Lenna tilted her in confusion.  "What kind of hiding place was that?  You weren't even hidden."

Ciara crossed her arms over her chest.  "I've heard people say that the best hiding place in plain sight."

"That's dumb," Lenna replied with a finality that clearly stated she was right and that there would be no argument.

"But it almost worked!" Ciara nearly wailed.  "What's the point of saying that if it's wrong?" She said with a pout.

Lenna shrugged and pointed to the tree where she had waited.  "You gotta go there now."  She turned and started running towards the gardens without bothering to see if Ciara had listened or not.  

She was a ninja!  She sneaked around the darkened gardens seeking her prey.  She rolled behind a stone bench and rose cautiously turning her head left and right.  Sneak sneak sneak, nothing could spot her.  She crept around a fountain and her eyes lit with glee.  Her next target!  She crawled towards the hedge and parted some of the branches.  

"Found you, Tana!" Lenna exclaimed triumphantly.  Tana sighed and stood up dusting herself off.

"Okay.  We have to go to the tree, right?"  Tana asked.  

"Uh huh!"  Lenna watched her walk away while deciding where to go next.  She decided the stable were a possible target and dashed to start her hunt there.  

The stables were useless, but there was still the surrounding area.  Lenna flopped onto a hay bale and looked around.  She just needed to find Darien and Cherek.  Maybe neither of them had come here, unless…her roving gaze fell upon a several hay bales separate from her own.  She jumped to her feet.

"Found you!"  Darien was tucked into a corner of the ring of hay bales.  He was sitting with his knees drawn up to his chin seeming as though he was trying to get as small as possible.  He shook his long bangs out of his face and looked up.

"I thought you left," he said.  

"Ha!  I wasn't gonna give up yet! I knew you'd be around here."

"Oh…" Darien looked down disappointedly.  "Really?"

"Yep.  I'm off to find Cherek now."  Lenna sprinted away from the hay  "You better go to the tree!" She yelled over her shoulder.

Where was he?  She looked all over the grounds.  The tree, the gardens again, the stables again.  She'd gone around to the other side of the manor.  He was nowhere to be found.  She walked dejectedly back to the tree.  

"What's wrong, Lenna?"  Tana asked.

"I can't find Cherek anywhere."  Lenna nudged the grass with her toe.  "I've looked everywhere."  She stared around, looking for inspiration.  She suddenly perked up.  "Maybe the pond!" she exclaimed before dashing away to confirm her new-found idea.

Cherek snuggled deeper into the large armchair.  The smell of books wafted around him and mixed with the material of the chair.  The library was the best place to be.  He hated hide and seek.  Let them give up on him and continue their games without him.  He reopened his book once he had shifted into his more comfortable position.  He was happy here.

XVI. In an alternate universe, Character One happens to be the servant of A character of your choice. What must they do?

Cherek grimaced at the amount of blood on the floor.  Whoever the Lady Tana had last tended hadn't been in good shape.  He wondered if the person had survived.  Tana never told him anything, just politely ordered him to clean up the messes.  He plunged the mop into his bucket of soapy water and set to work.  Then he would have to prepare the Lady's dinner.  He smiled grimly at the discrepancy in the manner of the tasks.  Soon the water had reddened and the floor was clean.  He lifted the bucket as the door opened.

"Oh, good.  I wasn't sure you'd be able to get all that." Tana stood with her hands were clasped in front of her.  "Will you be making dinner now?  I don't mean to be a bother, but I'm starting to feel rather hungry.

"Yes, Milady."  Cherek bowed his head in respect.

Tana smiled.  "I'll be in the gardens," she said before leaving.

Cherek shook his head.  She blithely ordered him around yet, didn't "mean to be a bother".  The nobility were a strange lot and she was definitely among the strangest.  He hefted the bucket and left to clean himself up to prepare dinner.

XVII. It's almost valentines day, A random character gives a gift to A character of your choice. What did they give them? Are they grateful?

Darien gratefully entered his room.  Why did he never hide in his rooms during Valentine's Day.  He always forgot how many ladies there were and how many of them sought his attentions.  While many of them were nice of them and some not so much, he really wasn't seeking any sort of romantic relationship with any of them.  Maybe eventually, but not now.    He sank onto his bed for only a moment before rising.  There was a wrapped box on his dresser standing in front of a gilt and somewhat ugly statuette that had been one of many gifts given to him.

He pulled away the wrapping and opened the box.  He pulled out a dark chocolate horse that was bordering on being sickeningly cute.  Who…?  He noticed a note dangling from the chocolate horsey confection.  

Happy Valentines Day, Darien!  
I figured you'd probably be showered with gifts from all your adoring ladies, so I thought I'd get you something refreshing!  A token of friendship – nothing more, nothing less.  It was little hard to find something just right.  Do you know just how many chocolates are things of perfection?

Darien glanced at his pile of chocolate gifts.  He'd certainly been given a taste of that fact.  He went back to reading the note.

I mean how does anyone eat them?  All that carving and shaping gone to waste as the chocolate is eaten.  SO, I got you something that nobody would feel guilty about eating.  Because, let's face it.  It is possible to be too cute.

Darien smiled. "Thank you, Lenna," he murmured. This was something he would truly enjoy.

XVIII. Before we go, all of your characters want to take a moment to give you (their creator) some "light" criticism on the stories that feature them.
1.  Cherek:  You really should solidify my powers and background.  It's a problem when even I'm not sure of what I can do and *looks disdainful* I don't want to become a Mary Sue.
      SiverCat: We-ell…in my defence, you are one of my early characters.  And, you've been through several incarnations…but I tried to solidify things a little better here.  If I ever actually write a story with you, I'll make sure you're more solid.

2.    Tana:  Um…oooh, I'm not good at criticism…but maybe you should do more with your planning phase?  You're not very organised…I mean, there haven't been any major problems yet, but it might be easier for you in the long run.
       SiverCat: Maybe, but it's been working out so far.  I'll keep it in mind along with all my plans.  *grins*

3.  Lenna:  Uhhh…How about you actually write something with me?  
     SiverCat:  How about you give me some ideas?

4.  Ciara:  I feel kind of human.  I'm supposed to be different and weird to others.  *hijacks my mouse to scroll up.*  Look!  You even pretty much said so here.  I'm a gnome.  We're descended from fey.  Make me feel like it!
     SiverCat:  I know…I'm trying!  You're still a new character.  I'll improve, promise.

5.  Darien:  If you planned more for me, I'd be able to have more characteristic responses to the situations you put me in.  
     SiverCat: Your group is full of spontaneous events.  How do I plan for that?  Besides you wouldn't even exist if weren't for that.  You do have a point though...
Meme created by :iconmeasthenarrator:

After doing the first one, I wanted to try the second as well with all the same characters in the same order, (though I added just a bit to each of their descriptions). I really enjoyed this a bit out of hand length-wise...hehheh.
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Seconds-Design Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2010  Professional Interface Designer
:lol: A bit longer lengthwise indeed, although that wasn't a bad thing at all. Can tell you enjoyed writing all these, a lot of fun and variety. I think the characters all have more depth to them now. Poor Holly, glad she got out of there and didn't stay as a play thing anways for just the pleasure.

Still a few mistakes here and there :P but compared to all that writing, most could be passed by without much notice, except for "Gallivar wandered off the another part of the clearing to nibble some grass and watch his companion."
SiverCat Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2010  Hobbyist
I think I had more to work with here. Although there are some things there that would...probably never happen like Lenna and Ciara becoming bandits. But, what if situations are fun. The alternate universe Cherek with Holly there was different. I've never really written anything quite like that, so it was interesting.

I always make and miss mistakes...I should have caught that Gallivar one though ^^;. *dashes off to fix*
Seconds-Design Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2010  Professional Interface Designer
That's true, these questions did seem to have more leeway and room to respond. lol, aww, no more playing bandits for them eh? they could be good at it... if they weren't going after someone like Cherek. The one with Holly was quite different from your other writings, I guess it was more... romancy rather than fantasy.

We all make our own mistakes and its harder for the writers to spot their own after looking at a piece for so long. Often I find mistakes in books that authors and their editors miss... lol
SiverCat Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2010  Hobbyist
Well, room's never an issue. You can take as much room as you want. Unless I just misunderstood you...Whatever, I know what you basically mean lol.
Yeah, Cherek's really not a good target for Yeah, more until it went bad...

I find mistakes in published books too, more so in newer books too I think.
Seconds-Design Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2010  Professional Interface Designer
I think you understood me, I think... lol.

Indeed, unless you have powers of your own or a way to neutralize them of which those two did not. A... dark romance type.

Yeah, newer ones seem to have more. Hmm, does this mean the editors aren't as good at their jobs then or they just get lost in the story being less subjective?
SiverCat Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2010  Hobbyist
Well, if my response made sense, I guess I understood.

Neither of them have much in the way of magic and while Lenna is pretty skilled, you don't want to mess with an irritated, have other goals to get to, Cherek lol.

I don't know...It wouldn't surprise me if editors just weren't as good...
Seconds-Design Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2010  Professional Interface Designer
Definately not enough to take on Cherek. Although, it was surprising that Cherek didn't deal with them more harshly, guess he was pretty distracted by his goal.

Yeah, that's what I'm leaning towards. Sometimes I think I should've gone and became an editor.
SiverCat Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2010  Hobbyist
Well, Cherek's not the most pleasant of people, but he's not a bad sort, just irritable, broody and kind of unforgiving...Besides that, he was also a little amused by the first.

Never too late to try something different. Maybe editing is your calling ;)
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