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Compilation by SiverCat Compilation by SiverCat

Compilation of old, unused or unfinished Blender stuff. I just thought it might be fun to throw some of the stuff that will likely never see the light of day or never get finished together.

1. Deku Scrub. I'm not sure when I did this - a year or two ago. I never got it quite finished. It's lacking texture and just generally needs some cleanup.  

2. A model based off a desk I had. I'm not using that desk anymore but at the time I had the vague idea of modelling my work area. It never happened. 

3. I think I was bored one afternoon and started throwing furniture/house objects together. I never got far with that notion. The chair is based off our roommate's chair

4.  More recent - a goo mage. It never progressed into anything complete though. 

5. Ocarina and rupees. These have actually been used for things, but I had this render of just them kicking around so I threw it into this.  

6. This is old.  A couple of years old based on its file properties. I never finished it, but it was based off a prompt on dA. Basically mad scientist with a DUCKY OF DOOM being stopped by some sort of PI or some such. I can't actually remember what the prompt was, something about duckies.   

7. A teddy. With a mug. Self-explanatory.  I think I just threw that together one evening and then forgot about it. Poor thing.

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Okay, it's faved ;)
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June 13, 2014
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