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theRapture part1 wip

click DOWNLOAD to see.

you can also download it from [link]

there's still stuff to fix (hair problems and bald spots and the explosion )and one shot is still unrendered : )) and pls watch it with sound on, thanks :)
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super excelente diseño y animacion
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You've rendered this animation noobie absolutely speechless!
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thank you very much :)
its ooold, you can check out the new and longer version on [link]
lovely drawings you have :aww:
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Oh! For sure I will!

Ah~ thanks so much, I appreciate it! ^^
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Bas fora :D, i muzkica pashe i sve :D muziku si sam radio ili?
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haha da bar! :D to je stara pjesma iz pedesetih šezdesetih :)
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a poznato mi bilo xD
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wow! that was wonderful, its as if pixar met up with john k. from ren and stimpy :D :D :D
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hehehe, something like that :popcorn: tnx!
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D:D :rofl: one of the best I have ever seen
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Very nice animation i loved it! How did you go about achieveing a toon look on your textures?
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i did a lot of vertex colors painting and mixing with few generic textures for the whole can check out the making of i did for 3d total here [link]
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I don't have words for this picture

Congratulations man o.O
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Downloaded this one already too ;)
Looking VERY good thus far.
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lol! have u seen rat ta to ee? or however its spelt?
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:) not yet, cant wait
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lol. same. cant wait to see the rest of the Rapture too :D
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thank you : )) i cant wait too, i just need to complete the other half but the end is nowhere near : )))
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seems like a classic case of procrastination and laziness to me :P
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: )) it is..but there is also a Zbrush 3 factor :D
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oh, isit not out yet?
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of course it is, its not letting me do anything else : ))
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