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A new approach to favourites
A rough outline of networked, similarity-of-taste based rating in the context of a deviantART-like site
This is a very long essay (8190 words), starting out from such philosophical concepts of what is art and what is taste, detailing (and I mean detail) a completely revolutionary approach to restructuring the concept of favourites in an art community such as dA, and finishing in a lot of technical details concerning this implementation.
All this was written with deviantART in mind; I intend to post it there, but I might publish it elsewhere as well. deviantART can be found at and is possibly the biggest art community on the world wide web right now.
More specifically, I come from literature. I am a prose writer, which makes me a minority within a minority. While it might be helpful to keep my perspective in mind to understand some of my statements, I believe that all I'm saying here can be applied to dA, or any dA-like community, g
:icondanielzklein:danielzklein 12 77
A Storm on the Horizon by pherexias A Storm on the Horizon :iconpherexias:pherexias 6 23
Untitled 2
Her hair is tentatively perched
on her shoulder, the tangle of strands
holding the mass in place.
She tilts to grasp the word,
an avalanche as hair after hair comes loose
a curtain closes between her face and mine.
:iconlfaulk11:lfaulk11 4 6
Forever? by StrangeChilde Forever? :iconstrangechilde:StrangeChilde 2 13
Dancing Maja
Dancing Maja
glows in the firelight
still shoes on polished wood
shy dress barely freeing tanned ankles
nude arms fearfully cupping round breasts
glossy curls captured in a severe lace net
eyelids bow to her craving audience
savagely they clap
striking sweaty palm to bended knee
tirelessly watching the swaying, slender figure
caught in their music
like a leaf twisted in storm
breathlessly twirling for futile escape
heavy dust startled by metal heels
clouding the graceful hem caught in her fingers
vibrant knees caressed by shameless sounds
that conquer the soft skin reaching through the pores
slowly kissing thighs, encircling waist
raising wild hands, painfully bending neck
disheveled dark hair awakened by motion
grave lids veiled by quivering fingers
untamed limbs yearning, beckoning, framing
lustful mouth opened by the tragic beat
body strung in blood music throbs
gracefully spinning ever faster in its axis
should she stop, earth would stand still in
:iconsiedhr:siedhr 3 30
Mature content
ugly :iconundulate:undulate 2 26
tips for writing poetry
Dramatic poetry
In this particular type of poetry the speaker is a persona. They use the word 'I', however this may not refer to the author, more a character the author has created and who is the voice of the poem. The speaker is a persona, a dramatised voice clearly distinct from the authors. The poem is thus dramatic, and is written for effect; it is a </i>dramatic monologue</i>.
Narrative poetry
The primary voice is not that of a persona (ie. the words 'i' 'me' 'mine' are not used). Rather, this is an impersonal narrator, who present events from the perspective of a third person.
Lyric poetry
The most prevalent genre of poetry is the lyric. This is what most people have in mind when they think of poetry. The term derives from Greek: the lyric was originally a song sung to the accompaniment of a lyre.
Tips for writing poetry
1) Avoid unimaginative personal vents (ie. I hate myself, i want to die, pain is filling my lungs, I
:iconlivingpoetsociety:livingpoetsociety 41 71
Long fields of frolicking stars
Quiet Melody and rhythm
A Slow random dance  
step and they part Shower steam
when they gather by the thousands
There is no distance
up they go to still stars
color is the only distinction
Brightest  white to  Blazing yellow
:iconbobjoesuckawits:Bobjoesuckawits 1 2



Posts courteously in the forum.
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United States
She said "I like long walks and sci-fi movies; you're six foot tall and east-coast bred. Some lonely night we can get together, and I'm gonna tie your wrists with leather... and drill a tiny hole into your head."
-Fake Palindromes by Andrew Bird

It's so hot in here that just breathing calls sweat to the surface of the skin.

Nightspeak continues quite solidly. I'm about to go and pack a bit more snow to its round little body.

Saw BanillaJoe and Xesodomy this weekend: a friend and a cousin/friend, respectively. Xesodomy and I were supposed to meet up with W to discuss some musical possibilities—where'd you go, friend, and did you get to your interview at 11?

I so badly want to finish a piece of prose—however bad or good it may be—and glut on comments that it hurts. I want it so badly that I may accomplish it this time.

Do you want to drill a hole into my head?


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