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Photoshop Animation Tutorial

By Sitraxis

:dummy:Download .PSD file here!:dummy:

Final Result:

EDIT.2//M-M-MY GOODNESS?! A DAILY DEVIATION?!?!? Thanks so much :iconvampy-note: for suggesting and :iconfantasystock: for featuring! :hug: You guys really made day! :heart: /end edit


OHMYGOODNESS!!!:faint: HEY GUESS WHAT?! I just came from the Photoshop Battlefield! :dummy: AND this tutorial TOOK ME FOREVER!!!! :faint:

The UNGODLY number of hours/ DAYS that took me to finish this comprehensive tutorial were hellish for sure! :ohnoes: Don't get me started on how I did the desktop screenshots. @w@

When I was in the middle of doing the Tween part, I was like "No more, NO MORE!!!!!!" T_____________T

I wanna take a break but I have commissions and gifts to do. T____T However, I also have to attend my neglected messages. T____T My summer;s almost over.

I made sure everything I said there is straight to the point and I tried not to beat around the bush. D8 If you managed to stay awake throughout the whole tutorial, I congratulate you for that. :clap: It must have been too long for you to read. :ohnoes:

You know, what really entertained me about this tutorial is the Photoshop boxes, because some boxes are like "Desk..", "Desktop Scree...","Desktop Screensh..." ,"Desktop Screensho...", "Desktop" and so on. >u>

I dedicate this SUPER long tutorial to the following:
:iconibitecandy:-You got me started on it since 2009! :glomp: Oh and Happy Birthday~!!! :huggle: So, you finally got yourself a long stick that teaches you how to animate in Photoshop. (I kid, I better start on that gift for you *slapped for it* )
:icontajii-chan:- this is LITERALLY HOW LARGE I wanna thank you for making my days with your loving personality and awesome artwork. <3 NO, I think it's even larger than that; It spreads infinitely! :la: (BTW, I'm still working on that thing)
:iconalzrith:-I dare you to rival me! XD I'm kidding! :hug: and thanks for extending my sub TWICE! @w@ Seriously, I should get started on your commissions. ^^; I feel so bad for being so busy with life.
:iconkoneko-star:-You were there when this tutorial was in the making. @u@ I thank you for making my days perkier when you're around (especially when I was super irritated finishing this tutorial). I miss you. :huggle: Let's have a sleepover again when it's Sem Break! OuO

Also, this tutorial's a belated THANK YOU to EVERYONE who recently watched, commented, and faved my works (again) AND greeted me on my birthday ;u; ! :heart:

...Also Thanks for the awesome gifts I recently received. ;u;

from :iconkoneko-star:
from :iconrogue-of-the-night:

Here's what got me started on PS Animation:
by :iconquisik:
If it wasn't for this tutorial, I don't know where I'll be with my art. :huggle:

Pikachu (c) Nintendo
Tutorial (c) :iconkokueiyaki:

...Kay, Good night! I need to sleep! It's past 3 AM over here. @u@
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careas's avatar
Errgg thaaannnkkk yooouuuuu.................... I was literally dying with PS animation complexity..... ^^;
Nice Work!
Here is my work posted on
AF20cartoons's avatar
Hey, one question! Does Animation can work with Photoshop CC?

Because I searched there and there was no animation thing!
BillyNikoll's avatar
Thanks for the tutorial!
Shadoweses's avatar
It's extremely helpful! Thank you for sharing! You have a talent for taching, everything's clear and I had no problem with understanding what to do (and I usually have a problem) :heart:
RiaRiiRii's avatar
wow X3 how many layers you used to do it?
Affyre's avatar
What photoshop are you using? I'm using CC 2014 and I can't seem to find the animation window.
Moriturii's avatar
you should have a window called 'timeline' i am not sure but i think thats the window you need now. you can also change to frames from there.
Rudami's avatar
So should I probably have the frames drawn before trying this >3>?
Carullina's avatar
WoW *-* thanks !!
Sikhy's avatar
Amgg thank you so much for this!! Needed it ^u^ Lavs u
KandaHaruka's avatar
Would this work with Photoshop CS5?
Sitraxis's avatar
Yup, it would work with any Photoshop software above CS2
KandaHaruka's avatar
Ourshellves's avatar
Thank you! :la:
This really helped me a lot, especially the part about .psd --> .gif conversion. I've finally recognized where's the mistake in my work! 
Truly useful tutorial. Clap 
Sitraxis's avatar
No problem! I'm really glad this helped. :love: :heart:

Feel free to ask me questions anytime. :>
Jolin-chan's avatar
lol...a wild animation window appeard!!! xD
great tutorial ^^
can i add music to the animations ?
Sitraxis's avatar
It's been a while since I made this tutorial. :> I could never get over that joke. :giggle:

I don't think you can in Photoshop but I think you can in other softwares such as After Effect, I believe? :o
Werehorse89's avatar
Awesome tutorial, thank you!! :heart:
cerys16's avatar
help! i use cs6 and i cant find the animation thing on the first step!
Sitraxis's avatar
From what I saw in Google, the animation window can be activated by clicking Timeline. You can choose to use Frame animation from there. ^7^ (… )
Sitraxis's avatar
d-awesome's avatar
audio tutorial for photoshop?
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