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Photoshop Animation Tutorial

By Sitraxis
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:dummy:Download .PSD file here!:dummy:

Final Result:

EDIT.2//M-M-MY GOODNESS?! A DAILY DEVIATION?!?!? Thanks so much :iconvampy-note: for suggesting and :iconfantasystock: for featuring! :hug: You guys really made day! :heart: /end edit


OHMYGOODNESS!!!:faint: HEY GUESS WHAT?! I just came from the Photoshop Battlefield! :dummy: AND this tutorial TOOK ME FOREVER!!!! :faint:

The UNGODLY number of hours/ DAYS that took me to finish this comprehensive tutorial were hellish for sure! :ohnoes: Don't get me started on how I did the desktop screenshots. @w@

When I was in the middle of doing the Tween part, I was like "No more, NO MORE!!!!!!" T_____________T

I wanna take a break but I have commissions and gifts to do. T____T However, I also have to attend my neglected messages. T____T My summer;s almost over.

I made sure everything I said there is straight to the point and I tried not to beat around the bush. D8 If you managed to stay awake throughout the whole tutorial, I congratulate you for that. :clap: It must have been too long for you to read. :ohnoes:

You know, what really entertained me about this tutorial is the Photoshop boxes, because some boxes are like "Desk..", "Desktop Scree...","Desktop Screensh..." ,"Desktop Screensho...", "Desktop Screenshot.ps" and so on. >u>

I dedicate this SUPER long tutorial to the following:
:iconibitecandy:-You got me started on it since 2009! :glomp: Oh and Happy Birthday~!!! :huggle: So, you finally got yourself a long stick that teaches you how to animate in Photoshop. (I kid, I better start on that gift for you *slapped for it* )
:icontajii-chan:- this is LITERALLY HOW LARGE I wanna thank you for making my days with your loving personality and awesome artwork. <3 NO, I think it's even larger than that; It spreads infinitely! :la: (BTW, I'm still working on that thing)
:iconalzrith:-I dare you to rival me! XD I'm kidding! :hug: and thanks for extending my sub TWICE! @w@ Seriously, I should get started on your commissions. ^^; I feel so bad for being so busy with life.
:iconkoneko-star:-You were there when this tutorial was in the making. @u@ I thank you for making my days perkier when you're around (especially when I was super irritated finishing this tutorial). I miss you. :huggle: Let's have a sleepover again when it's Sem Break! OuO

Also, this tutorial's a belated THANK YOU to EVERYONE who recently watched, commented, and faved my works (again) AND greeted me on my birthday ;u; ! :heart:

...Also Thanks for the awesome gifts I recently received. ;u;

from :iconkoneko-star:
from :iconrogue-of-the-night:

Here's what got me started on PS Animation:
by :iconquisik:
If it wasn't for this tutorial, I don't know where I'll be with my art. :huggle:

Pikachu (c) Nintendo
Tutorial (c) :iconkokueiyaki:

...Kay, Good night! I need to sleep! It's past 3 AM over here. @u@
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Errgg thaaannnkkk yooouuuuu.................... I was literally dying with PS animation complexity..... ^^;
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Nice Work!
Here is my work posted on
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AF20cartoonsStudent Filmographer
Hey, one question! Does Animation can work with Photoshop CC?

Because I searched there and there was no animation thing!
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BillyNikollHobbyist Photographer
Thanks for the tutorial!
Shadoweses's avatar
ShadowesesHobbyist General Artist
It's extremely helpful! Thank you for sharing! You have a talent for taching, everything's clear and I had no problem with understanding what to do (and I usually have a problem) :heart:
RiaRiiRii's avatar
wow X3 how many layers you used to do it?
Affyre's avatar
What photoshop are you using? I'm using CC 2014 and I can't seem to find the animation window.
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you should have a window called 'timeline' i am not sure but i think thats the window you need now. you can also change to frames from there.
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RudamiHobbyist General Artist
So should I probably have the frames drawn before trying this >3>?
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CarullinaStudent Interface Designer
WoW *-* thanks !!
Sikhy's avatar
SikhyStudent General Artist
Amgg thank you so much for this!! Needed it ^u^ Lavs u
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KandaHarukaStudent General Artist
Would this work with Photoshop CS5?
Sitraxis's avatar
SitraxisHobbyist General Artist
Yup, it would work with any Photoshop software above CS2
KandaHaruka's avatar
KandaHarukaStudent General Artist
Thank you.
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OurshellvesHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you! :la:
This really helped me a lot, especially the part about .psd --> .gif conversion. I've finally recognized where's the mistake in my work! 
Truly useful tutorial. Clap 
Sitraxis's avatar
SitraxisHobbyist General Artist
No problem! I'm really glad this helped. :love: :heart:

Feel free to ask me questions anytime. :>
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lol...a wild animation window appeard!!! xD
great tutorial ^^
can i add music to the animations ?
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SitraxisHobbyist General Artist
It's been a while since I made this tutorial. :> I could never get over that joke. :giggle:

I don't think you can in Photoshop but I think you can in other softwares such as After Effect, I believe? :o
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Werehorse89Hobbyist General Artist
Awesome tutorial, thank you!! :heart:
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help! i use cs6 and i cant find the animation thing on the first step!
Sitraxis's avatar
SitraxisHobbyist General Artist
From what I saw in Google, the animation window can be activated by clicking Timeline. You can choose to use Frame animation from there. ^7^ ( forums.adobe.com/thread/100115… )
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SitraxisHobbyist General Artist
No problem. ;p
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d-awesomeHobbyist General Artist
audio tutorial for photoshop?
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