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Patissiere Cafe App: Oriel Key

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New OC for :iconpatissiere-cafe: since my twinnie, Chi-Mite, is there! >u< :heart: I'll try being more active on dA by joining this RP group. :> If anyone wants me, applications are until January 1! :D //Youcanrushasketchyversionactually

Dishonor on my phone for converting it to .JPG. .u. Strangely, my computer rejects all other Wi-Fi connections other than the hotspot from my phone. I find it romantic between the two but this is saddening as the user. XD

Name: Key, Oriel
Nickname(s): Oreo-hime
Age: 18
Height: 170 cm
Weight: 60 kg
Faction: Cream
Dessert: Oreo Cheesecake
Personality: Oriel's very prideful and hard-headed. Even if she makes a mistake or rude remark, she thinks she's always right. Sometimes, it takes a while for her to realize it that she hides the feelings of remorse and does her best to be a better person. She only smiles when it's about oreos or oreo cheesecake which is why she's the only waitress who would serve oreo-flavored things (with a smile). Otherwise, she'll be your scowling waitress with any other dessert being served to you. She's pretty selective like that. Even with her (irritating) attitude, she's diligent and independent in her work and gets them done quickly (usually if it's about Oreos). She wouldn't let someone slack on sight when it comes to cleaning because of her pretty high standards for cleanliness. She doesn't show it but she's willing to clean the moment she sees dirty things. She wouldn't do it in her waitress attire because of her pride. Also, she's very conscious of germs.

+ Oreos (Anything and Everything about it)
+ Low-fat Milk (Because it's Low-fat and milk always goes with Oreos~)
+ Clean and Spotless Areas
+ Cookies and Cream flavored ice cream
- Dirty Things
- Germs
- Relying on other people
- Her "honest" pictures taken by her phone

Hobbies: Browsing
Habits: She has a habit of acting like a princess with her prideful personality and eating Oreos early in the morning (everyday)
Biography: Oriel was raised in a middle class family. She always loved to eat in high class restaurants or cafes when her family started to travel for vacations. She would always bring a snack with her. Because of that, she has grown saturated of macarons. (Something happened). She decided to work at Patissiere Cafe to earn money for things she likes since she's embarrassed to ask her parents what she wants for her. (I'll update later. .u.)

>Because of her fondness of oreos, she finds macarons overrated (and cheaper)
> She's conscious about her weight that she even studied how to pose in a camera to not make herself look fat.
> Her full name was supposed to be a pun for Cookie in a way (but I failed)
> I didn't mean it but she looks like a K-pop star with her design. :XD:
> She disguises herself for cleaning duties.
>When she really wants to clean, she quietly goes to the kitchen/locker room and transforms into a (magical) girl ...who cleans

•Family: Father, and Mother
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maricookieHobbyist General Artist
An intersting take on a desert I really like XD
What a lovely looking girl
Good luck on rping her~! She just oh-so tasty! 
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SitraxisHobbyist General Artist
Aww, thank you~ :love: :heart:
I really love Oreos and Cheesecake. :giggle:  She's gonna be fun to RP for me. :la:
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She has such a nice design! .O.
//In love with her design >u<
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SitraxisHobbyist General Artist
Awww, thanks! *v* <3 I'm happy you do. *v*
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ChixMiteHobbyist Digital Artist
AWWWW ORIEEELLL her personality and her design are both so cuute >u<  //squisheshercheekseventhoughshe'llgetmad 
LOL the second fact on miscellaneous xD THAT'S SOOO MEEEEE
Dont forget to fill out the name age etc stuff on the app xD (It's probably your wifi or you uploaded the wrong file xD DISHONOR ON YOU WIFI!)
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SitraxisHobbyist General Artist
I based that part of her on me. XD <3

Dishonor on my fingers for tapping the wrong file! ASDFGHJKL HOPE TO SEE YOU SOON IN PC! >7<
//Oriel: Don't you dare squish my cheeks! OnO#
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